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Would be worth finding
daodao9 February 2002
I watched this TV series around 10-12 years ago on TV in Australia, and would really like to watch it again. It was an excellent drama about a small firm of lawyers or barristers in London. It showed up the dark side of British justice and highlighted it's shortcomings - judges indifferent to mercy, political interference and the extent to which people can get as good a defence as they're willing to pay for. There were two episodes which stick in the memory - one was about a man dealing with guilt of his child molestation. This wasn't overly smypathetic to him - it simply told it how it was - that he was incredibly ashamed of himself for the terrible thing he had done. The other was an episode where a group of Irish republicans are basically framed on a charge of conspiracy to blow up a government building. Their leader put it the right way - he was getting imprisoned for thinking something in his head. It's a shame this doesn't appear to be available on video or DVD.
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It's an injustice this fine series only got one season
safenoe27 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Unfortunately IMDb only allows the highest vote to be 10, otherwise I'd vote Blind Justice 10+ and then some. Shame that such an impressive and insightful series only got one season! I mean really, if Benny Hill could go on for who knows how many seasons, then it's an indictment that Blind Justice, which dealt with genuine and thorny issues, got only one season (and only five episodes in that).

Jane Lapotaire excels as a barrister of a left-leaning chambers full of idealistic barristers (they even debate whether Frank Cartwright (Jack Shepherd) should apply for silk (QC) given such a title represents the Establishment.

Blind Justice is real and in a world of reality TV, this show puts any "reality TV" to shame, as it seeks to shine a light on corruption (where the vulnerable are usually the victims) in the world of justice.

Blind Justice needs to be rebooted sooner rather than later.
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