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Marton Csokas: Yorgi



  • Yorgi : There is an old punk song, it says America stands for freedom...

    Xander Cage : But if you think you're free try walking into a deli...

    Yorgi , Xander Cage : And urinating on the cheese!

  • [Yorgi is getting away on a motorboat. Xander shoots at him, but misses] 

    Yorgi : Learn how to shoot, you piece of shit!

    [Xander shoots at Yorgi, this time hitting and killing him] 

  • Xander Cage : You're okay, Yorgi

    Yorgi : Everything's okay... with enough vodka.

  • [after Xander shoots Milan Sova] 

    Yorgi : Most people talk a lot, few are up for the moment. Welcome to Anarchy Ninety-nine.

  • Yorgi : Now that business is over, we party.

    Kolya : Bitches, come!

  • [first lines] 

    Henchman : [in Czech]  He stole the chip, he's inside.

    Yorgi : I see him.

    Yorgi : Kirill! Time to work.

  • Yorgi : [about to gas his scientists with Silent Night]  Looks like little white mouse. Bye-bye little mouse!

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