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Danny Trejo: El Jefe


  • Xander Cage : [after El Jefe slaps Xander across the face]  You slap me again, I'm going to throw you a beating.

    [El Jefe slaps him again] 

    Xander Cage : Boy, I hope they're paying you extra for this.

    El Jefe : [points machete in his face]  You know what, funny guy? Maybe I'll cut off your nose first, huh? Funny guy.

    Xander Cage : What's funny is, this actually smells like real blood.

    El Jefe : I hope you like it, because it's the last thing you're going to smell.

  • El Jefe : Okay, funny guys. I'll show you what we do when funny guys get in our business.

    Xander Cage : What? Hog-tie us and force us to listen to your bad accent?

    El Jefe : No. Cut off their Achilles tendon and watch them flop around like a marionette. Unless you have something to tell me, something I need to know? Huh?

    Xander Cage : Uh, okay. You're short.

    [TJ and Virg start to laugh] 

    Xander Cage : And my friend over there says you could use a haircut to update your style. Get off me.

    El Jefe : [kicks Virg]  Shut up!

    Xander Cage : Just two seconds ago, you told us to talk. Now it's "Shut up?" I mean, I don't mean to nit-pick, but you're the worst at this torture thing.

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