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Brilliant for a "Children's Film"
Agent004225 November 2004
"Franklin and the Green Knight," is the best children's movie of all time and one of the best movies ever. This is no small claim, but this also no small movie. "Green Knight" hits all the right notes when it comes writing, directing, soundtrack and original songs, characters and more. This is a touching tale that has an important lesson to tell, but is never ridiculously saccharine or forceful in its message.

"Franklin and the Green Knight" is about Franklin expecting a new sibling. Those who are regular watchers of the series are probably already quite familiar with Franklin's new sibling, but even if you are, this is well-worth watching anyway. The movie contains four original lyrical songs. Two of them are pretty high-energy, exciting songs, but the other two are more touching and introspective songs.

This movie contains a lot of great humor, but also many greatly personal moments. One of the best involves a special bonding between Franklin and a close friend of his. The ending is also pure magic.
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