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Step Into the Light, Fam, Because Harry Styles Is Back and Better Than Ever

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After waiting what feels like forever, Harry Styles came storming back into our lives with his newest single, "Lights Up." He released the dark and trippy track on Oct. 11 to more than 100,000 waiting fans on his YouTube live stream. In the video, a bunch of ridiculously attractive humans paw at a topless Styles while he sings lyrics like "Lights up and they know who you are / Know who you are / Do you know who you are?" It goes along with the quick marketing Styles and co. put together to promote the song - posters that said "Do you know who you are?" went up in cities around the world, followed by a site that gives you a personalized note from Styles himself.

Image Source: Hedy Phillips

Now we just need to know when we'll get the yet-unnamed second album that fans have lovingly dubbed HS
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Everything You Need to Know About Oscar-Nominated Roma Actress Marina de Tavira

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Taking place in the early 1970s in Mexico City, Netflix's Roma is a semibiographical take on the life of Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuarón, following a formative year in the life of a middle-class family and their live-in housekeeper. The film allowed Netflix to score its first-ever Oscar nomination for best picture.

Yalitza Aparicio, who makes her debut in the film as Cleodegaria "Cleo" Gutiérrez, one of the family's maids, also became the first Indigenous woman (and only the second Mexican woman) to get an Oscar nomination for best actress. Another exciting individual honor for the film: a best supporting actress nomination for Marina de Tavira, who plays Sra. Sofía, the secretive mother of four and matriarch of the family.

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De Tavira's nomination is one of the biggest surprises of this year's Oscar nominations.
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Feature Debut of Ileana Vasquez Set to Roll (Exclusive)

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Feature Debut of Ileana Vasquez Set to Roll (Exclusive)
A new international thriller toplined by Colombian star Carolina Gaitan (“Celia”) opposite Chile’s Alfredo Castro (“From Afar”) is slated to shoot on location in New York, Malta and Slovakia in October.

Titled “Perfidious,” and with an estimated $13 million budget, the feature debut of Dominican Republic-born Ileana Vasquez boasts an international cast that includes American thesp of Cuban, Mexican and Spanish descent Omar Chagall (“Frida”), Greek “Bond” girl Tonia Sotiropoulou (“Skyfall”), Greek star Alexis Georgoulis, Spain’s Peter Vives (“Velvet”) and British Mma Champion Lee Shone. Dutch actor Rutger Hauer (“Blade Runner”) is circling the project.

The English-language thriller turns on a U.S. Latina political writer whose wealthy Czech fiancé (Vives) is assassinated. In her efforts to investigate the truth behind her beau’s murder, she is caught up in a high-profile political scandal. Castro plays the concierge in her apartment building.

“She is somewhat a cross between Nancy Drew and Jason Bourne,
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Kathy Bates Settles Out of Court

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Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates has settled a breach of contract lawsuit against film producer Martin Bregman. The Misery star was seeking at least $1.25 million in damages against allegations that Bregman reneged on a deal for her to star in a film tentatively titled of Carolina Torn Asunder - now known as Carolina. According to the August 2001 lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Bates had a "pay-or-play" agreement with Bregman and his production company that guaranteed $1.25 million whether or not the flick was made or she was in it. The About Schmidt star alleges she participated in a week of rehearsals and a week of pre-production but didn't get the role of Grandma Mirabeau - which later went to Shirley MacLaine.

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