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Coralie Revel: Nathalie



  • Sandrine : What do you feel dancing naked with all those people watching?

    Nathalie : Nothing.

    Sandrine : But you excite them.

    Nathalie : Usually it's routine.

    Sandrine : Usually?

    Nathalie : On stage once, I came the hardest I ever had.

    Sandrine : Even with a guy?

    Nathalie : That night I came the hardest I ever had.

    Sandrine : Why?

    Nathalie : Because people were watching.

    Sandrine : Men were watching?

    Nathalie : People were watching. It really got me off and I came. It's happened several times.

    Sandrine : So that's it?

    Nathalie : What?

    Sandrine : What makes you so exciting. Did it happen tonight?

    Nathalie : No such luck.

    [Sandrine laughs with convulsive delight] 

    Nathalie : Did what I say shock you?

    Sandrine : No. I'm a little jealous. Ii figure I'd never dare.

    Nathalie : Never dare what? Show yourself naked? Get off by exciting them? Or just get off?

    Sandrine : All that together. And I'm not pretty enough.

    Nathalie : All us girls say that. I was afraid, too.

  • Nathalie : [guiding Sandrine in a game of 'Dare']  Close your eyes. Let yourself go. Every time you hesitate, make that little effort to keep going. Dare yourself to feel good. Stroke your body slowly. Try to explore it without shame. Run your hands over your body. Find the spots where you feel the most pleasure.

  • Nathalie : Next chapter: Men, a user's manual. First pick a good one. But don't fall all over him. Play the good, innocent little girl. Let him play protector.

    Sandrine : We can all do that. Guys just want to get laid and move on.

    Nathalie : That's why you don't fuck 'em. At least not just like that. Without letting on, study them, get them talking. Discover their weak spots and passions: money, cars, I dunno... success, work. When you find out, you flatter them. Then, once you've chosen your man, you yield to him. Never on the first date. He'll think you're easy. Don't wait too long, either. After 3 or 4 dinners, then give him the works. Give him pleasure, make him think only he can make you climax, play the happy, docile woman, but not for too long. Soon in bed, you stop faking. Not seeing you climax will get him all worked up. Then without warning, drop him and start fooling around. Overtly. One night stands. If possible, with another woman. It'll humiliate him, drive him nuts. He'll come crawling back.

    Sandrine : It works every time?

    Nathalie : Just about. That's the mystery of human nature... we want what resists or escapes us.

    Sandrine : Who taught you that?

    Nathalie : Life. My mother. But she and I were poor. I also read a lot. I had schooling like you. It didn't keep us from enduing in the same strip club. We women lack confidence and daring. Someone always has to be behind us, egging us on. We're a bit like the working class. My mother said they'd stay that way for one reason: they didn't dare move up. "Dare!" That's what she'd always say. She knew about human nature.

    Sandrine : Meanwhile, no guy ever made me come.

    Nathalie : I know. And that's just fine!

    Sandrine : If you say so.

    Nathalie : You'll soon understand. What'd you do with your guy?

    Sandrine : I faked it.

    Nathalie : Why?

    Sandrine : I wanted to make him happy.

    Nathalie : No, you felt guilty, thinking it was your fault. You were wrong. Lesson 3: femmes fatales are usually narcissists or lesbians. They're frigid with men. They come when they want to, which isn't often. It's their strength. With famous courtesans...

    Sandrine : Want to make me a call girl?

    Nathalie : No, I'm teaching you about life. Now, with famous courtesans each guy wanted to succeed where others had failed. Pride will make a man spend a fortune to be seen with them. Frigidity helps with men. Sex enslaves you. The slave must be the other. Now you can come on your own, you're free. Get it?

    Sandrine : What about love?

    Nathalie : Our Enemy Number One. The real risk. In war, if you stop to think, you die. If we fall in love, we're done for. Has your life been such a thrill until now? Be realistic: no one'll help you change your life. True love can wait. Now show me how you fake it.

  • Nathalie : What's stopping you?

    Sandrine : You're nuts, I'd never dare.

    Nathalie : Are you drunk?

    Sandrine : No.


    Sandrine : No, I feel fine.

    Nathalie : Then let's play a little game.

    Sandrine : What game.

    Nathalie : Daring. Daring to cross that forbidden think line that your friends will never cross. That will get you off.

    Sandrine : [narrating]  I wanted to get out of there fast.

    [to Nathalie] 

    Sandrine : No.

    Nathalie : Sit down. I won't jump you. First it has to happen in your head. Okay. Now close your eyes and let me guide you. The rest will come naturally. Go to the bed.

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