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Celebrities Who Died Before Their Final Films Were Released

Celebrities Who Died Before Their Final Films Were Released
Though Marilyn Monroe's legacy lives on long after her death, even she wasn't able to see her star power at work to the end.

Twentieth Century Fox's 1962 baby, "Something's Got to Give," never saw the light of day after Monroe's August 5 death that year. Not until 2001 did a TV documentary, "Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days," show footage of the original film, which co-starred Dean Martin.

But Monroe isn't the only star who took their final bow before their last film was released. Legends like James Dean, Jean Harlow, Natalie Wood, Bruce Lee and Heath Ledger all passed away before their final films hit theaters.

Check out those gone too soon below:
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Megan Fox explains tattoo removal; Marilyn Monroe 'was a negative person'

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Goodbye Norma Jean.

After years on starlet Megan Fox's arm, the tattoo of Marilyn Monroe is fading into nothingness, with a little help from laser surgery. Fox has finally explained why the ink of the icon is going away.

"She was a negative person, she was mentally unstable, bipolar," Fox tells the Italian fashion magazine Amica. "I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life."

Monroe was known to have bouts of severe depression. Her former physician, Hyman Engelberg, said in the documentary "Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days" Monroe "was a manic depressive." The screen legend died of a drug overdose in 1962 at age 36.

Earlier this year, photos surfaced of Fox showing a distinctly lighter version of the tattoo, prompting speculation that the 25-year-old actress was having Marilyn zapped off her arm. The former "Transformers" star has now confirmed it.

Fox didn't dismiss the
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Exclusive: Update on 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' Movie

Three or four years ago, you may recall, there was some chatter online about a new Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea feature film, based upon the classic '60s motion picture and television series created & produced by the late Irwin Allen. While there was apparently some movement towards fashioning a big screen epic, the whole thing seemed to fizzle shortly after it was announced. The runaway success of last summer's rebooted Star Trek — and the recent news about director Matthew Gratzner's forthcoming re-imagination of Gerry Anderson's UFO, not to mention the whole Hollywood trend towards remakes — got us thinking once again about those other classic mid-to-late-'60s science fiction properties—which led us back to wondering what's happening with Voyage, if anything. Might there be renewed interest in it?

As it turns out, a new Voyage feature film is still simmering. In an exclusive interview with writer/director/producer Kevin Burns,
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