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Sex & Nudity

  • Sydney is shown in a variety of skimpy outfits throughout the episodes.
  • Sydney is in an evening dress, her black bra and pushed up breasts are slightly visible.
  • Sydney takes off her robe to reveal a skin tight latex dress, exposing some cleavage.
  • Sydney is wearing a red bikini top and later bends over and shows some cleavage.
  • Sydney is in a black bikini, resting on an armchair. Her leg is raised, revealing her thigh and and the bottom of her ass. She gets up and walks toward a guy and lays down on the armchair next to him. She is showing a lot of cleavage. She flirts with the guy, and suggests she is horny to get the guy's room number. She gets up to leave, giving us a close up view of her buttocks in the black bikini.
  • Sydney is in the same bikini, walking down a hallway. She bends down to check some records on a computer, showing ample cleavage. A few more shots of her in the black bikini.
  • Sydney is shown in a bustier with her breasts pushed up.She is in a club, singing. She shows a tremendous amount of cleavage in this scene.
  • Sydney is in a low cut red dress, showing cleavage.
  • Sydney is shown running in a catholic school girl outfit. She is wearing a mini skirt and an unbuttoned white shirt, revealing her black bra. She is running in slow motion, with her breasts bouncing.
  • A guy takes off Sydney's shirt and makes out with Sydney in her bra and jeans, as her runs his hands over her body.
  • Sydney is completely nude and is cupping her bare breasts with her hands.she still shows an ample lot of her breasts.
  • Sydney tries to open a locked door, revealing a red thong sticking out of her pants. We see a little bit of the top of her ass.
  • Sydney takes off her jacket to reveal a leather bra while going through a metal detector at the airport. She then bends over to pick up her luggage, showing some cleavage.
  • One episode has Sydney pretending to be a prostitute in order to get close to a guy. A door opens to reveal Sydney standing in black lingerie and holding a riding crop. She is wearing black stockings tightly attached to her thong over her thighs. She is also wearing a semi transparent lingerie jacket. The jacket is very short and barely even touches her thong. The jacket has no buttons and Sydney is holding both ends of the jacket together with her fingers. She lets go, giving the audience a clear view of her naked body. The camera slowly pans up from her feet to her head, giving the audience a close up of Sydney in sexy black stockings, thong and bra, holding a riding crop. She then slowly struts down the hallway, cris crossing her legs and sways her ass in her thong, while gently gently stroking the adjacent wall with her riding crop.She then presents herself to a guy. Seeing that he is unimpressed, Sydney spanks the palm of her other hand with her riding crop.The guy tells her to put on another one. There is a close up shot of Sydney showing a lot of cleavage in her black bra as she slides the crop out of her tight fist. The door in the hallway opens again to show Sydney standing in red lingerie wearing a semi transparent jacket. This time she is wearing only a bra and panties underneath with no stockings, thus revealing her legs completely. She walks toward the camera as she takes off the jacket. She suggestively leans against the door as the guy checks her out. She moves toward the window and bends over, giving us a look at her ass. The guy turns around to see Sydney on the bed in a suggestive pose. Sydney gets on top of the guy, sits on his crotch, and prepares to ride him.
  • Sydney is walking down a hall in a white transparent night gown, showing ample cleavage. She presents herself to a guy and flashes her crotch. She bends over to lie on a bed, revealing her ass in white panties. A few more shots of her rolling on the bed and later getting up, showing cleavage.
  • Sydney is shown in a club in a dominatrix oufit with pushed up breasts, short skirt showing a little bit of her ass and fishnet stockings. She is also carrying a whip. She walks up to a guy, seduces him, and takes him to a private room. She ties him up and takes off his clothes, leaving him in his underwear. She spanks him and rubs herself against him. A guy takes pictures as Sydney poses in various sexual positions with the guy.
  • Sydney is walking out of a pool in slow motion. Her wet, body is in a blue bikini, showing cleavage and the outline of her breasts. She comes to the poolside and starts to wear her high heeled shoe as they camera slowly pans up, giving us a close up of her wet naked body in the tight bikini. She strokes her hair, as a guy checks her out. She bends over to reach for a towel, giving a close up of her breasts. She walks away in slow-motion, giving us a view of her butt as she wraps a semi transparent cloth over it. She slowly starts undoing her bra as the guy watches. Still in slow motion, she takes off her bra and looks behind seductively and we see the side of her breasts.
  • Sydney gets on top of a guy, straddling him as he takes off her shirt, runs his hands all over her naked body and feels her up.
  • Sydney seductively rides a mechanical bull and later says she likes a rough ride.
  • Sydney is in a vehicle as a guard pulls her over. She gets down, unzips her jacket in front of him, revealing her breasts in a tight tank top. She is wearing very tight jeans as she bends over on purpose, distracting the guy as he stares at her ass in tight jeans.
  • Sydney walks into a bank in a very low cut dress revealing a lot of her breasts. She later squeezes them together.
  • Sydney is in a shower. She is seen through the shower curtain as wee see the shape of her breasts.
  • Sydney's panties are visible through a robe.
  • Sydney shows ample cleavage of her breasts in a black bra as she puts on a jumpsuit in slow motion.
  • Sydney is seen in her bra and panties as she changes
  • A guy takes off her shirt and makes out with her. Later, they are nude, making out in the shower.
  • Sydney takes off her clothes to reveal lingerie. She checks herself out in the mirror.
  • A guy starts making out with Sydney and proceeds to take off her mini skirt and shirt.the next morning they are too tired to go to work because of the sex they had.
  • Sydney walks off a beach and takes off her shirt to reveal a white bra, showing lots of cleavage as she attempts to distract two guys. Some more scenes of Sydney walking around in this outfit.
  • Melissa George is shown undressing to sexy black lingerie after which she and a guy proceed to have sex which is shown.
  • Another woman is wearing a trench coat, below which is a sexy dress, revealing most of her breasts. She takes a guys to private room and takes off her coat. Her dress is very short revealing her thighs almost all the way to her crotch. She ties him to a bed and moves around him, stroking the bed, during this we see ample cleavage. As she begins to seduce him her breasts are shown coming out of her dress and the dress rides up revealing part of her actual buttocks. The camera zooms in on her buttocks while she bends over on a table.
  • Sydney is hosed down in a shower by hazmat people. She covers herself.

Violence & Gore


  • Bitch and damn are used at times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Action scenes, i.e. hand-to-hand fighting, gun battles, explosions, car chases, etc.

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