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6 Jan. 2003
Ockham's Razor
After his wife is killed, a forensics expert whom Macy dislikes becomes the most likely suspect; Jordan gets closer to solving her mother's case
13 Jan. 2003
Family Ties
Jordan discovers a live baby at a crime scene; a Briton from Nigel's hometown tries to lean his son's whereabouts
27 Jan. 2003
Perfect Storm
Working at the morgue for the first time, Dr. Peter Winslow falls victim to a mysterious illness that soon claims two lives.
3 Feb. 2003
Max recalls a 40-year-old murder case on the annual evening when Jordan and friends gather at the bar to take a fresh look at unsolved crimes.
10 Feb. 2003
Wild Card
Jordan tries to find out who killed a teen informant; Dr. Winslow discovers a link connecting 6 corpses of homeless men
24 Feb. 2003
John Doe
While Jordan and Bug try to solve the killing of an unidentified man, Macy works on a detective's murder.
17 Mar. 2003
A man asks Jordan to help find a friend who's in danger; an old friend of Macy's asks him to oversee the details concerning her husband's death.
31 Mar. 2003
Cruel & Unusual
Lily tries to be supportive to a mother who has lost her son through aids from an infected tattoo needle but Lily's tattoos cause the mother to shut down. Jordan meets with Dr. Stiles to discuss her past relationship with Tom Crane who's estranged wife has been found dead. Macy and D.A. Wolcott are called to examine the body of Roland Winton, a prisoner who was executed on death row. His parents believe his execution was cruel and want it investigated.
7 Apr. 2003
Fire and Ice
A young girl is seriously burned when a methamphetamine lab explodes. She later dies from her burns but it is then discovered that she had been shot and her actual cause of death is internal bleeding. Her mother blames her boyfriend Connor and vows revenge. Meanwhile, D.A. Wolcott informs the lab that Connor is an informant helping her to try and take down Freddie Paxton.
14 Apr. 2003
Dead Wives' Club
A missing woman's body washes up in the ocean after a decade. Meanwhile, Dr. Winslow's estranged wife ends up in the morgue after a fatal drug overdose.
21 Apr. 2003
Sunset Division
On a trip home to Kewaunee, Wisconsin a body falls from the undercarriage of a plane and lands beside Woody. It turns out to be the body of his former mentor - Sheriff Cody. He follows the evidence to Los Angeles but finds that he's not the only one that wants to solve the case.
28 Apr. 2003
Pandora's Trunk: Part 1
Detective Hoyt investigates a triple homicide involving victims with no connections to each other. A mysterious call from a private investigator sends Jordan delving back into her mother's murder - leading to another chance meeting with her brother.
5 May 2003
Pandora's Trunk: Part 2
Jordan investigates her new evidence seeking her mother's killer, leading to an abandoned vehicle trunk with a 23-year-old skeleton who turns out to be a missing cop who disappeared in 1979. Macy bans Jordan from having anything to do with the investigation so she enlists Peter to help her get information on a gun she found in the trunk and which she removed before the investigation started - which he later turns over to the D.A. as the gun is found to belong to Jordan's father Max.

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