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Absolutely Adorable
ActJef10777 October 2002
The 2nd in a series of adventure videos starring the Trenchcoat Twins made me wish I was a little kid again. As hard as I tried not to, there were a few times when I caught myself thinking `That's so juvenile.' But, I mean, of course it was juvenile. After all, Mary-Kate and Ashley were 8 when this came out. I imagined myself being 8 years old and watching this video on Saturday morning over a plate of pancakes, and I realized how perfect it was. It was 30 minutes of pure fun. There were several times when I actually laughed. The singing, while not worthy of a Grammy, was more than enough to keep children entertained. And that's the goal of all this. To everyone who complains that these movies are terrible because they have no plot or the acting isn't straight from Juliard or whatever, you've completely missed the point. These movies weren't made for you. They were made for 2 reasons. 1, they are to entertain young children. 2, they are something that Mary-Kate and Ashley enjoyed doing. And they succeeded at both tremendously.
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Couldn't help but like it
jfgibson7313 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I played this video for a group of preschoolers without ever having seen it before. I didn't expect them to like it, let alone enjoy any of it myself. It won us both over, big time.

The video is a 30 minute short starring Mary-Kate and Ashley as detectives. They look like they were about five years old at the time. Three cowboys hire them to investigate strange things going on at their ranch. It turns out that the Logical I ranch is actually a geological site (there were some letters missing on the map), and the strange goings on were caused by geothermal activity.

Probably the most memorable parts of the show were the songs. "Nothing To Do," "It's Not Logical," and whatever that cowboys song was called were all memorable and catchy, in the sort of way that they are songs you really don't like but find yourself singing.

Something that I notice when I watch this back, which I have been doing about once a week lately, is that no one in this movie really has any talent. Pretty much everything you see on screen, you could reproduce in your back yard. During one musical sequence, the camera cuts back and forth between closeups of the twins singing and the other characters doing silly dances that consist of basically just waving their arms around. That's it. Yet, despite the cheapness of the writing and performances, it has a charm and likability. I know I look forward to watching it again, and some of the preschool boys are absolutely in love with the twins.
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Good for kids 3 and under, but I find it hilarious.
TOMNEL21 January 2007
I absolutely hated the Olsen twins on Full House, but for some reason these mystery videos are much more tolerable. I think it's because, where Full House was set in reality, these were set in an alternate reality where these dumb, clueless adults call in two 9 year old girls. The acting in this one, I remember, was worse and more over acted than in any of the other videos. This one deals with the girls trying to figure out the case of a monster making it snow. It's really stupid, good for toddlers, but most importantly, any one else will enjoy how corny and stupid and bad the acting is (purposely bad acting).

My rating: *** out of ****.
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Definitely not their best
l_barnes8730 March 2002
This was one of the first Mary-Kate and Ashley shorts I saw, and I kind of liked it. Of course, I was about six or seven, so my taste wasn't that great. This movie shows how cute the twins are and how they can so not sing. Their acting is okay, keeping in mind that they were only eight years old. If you are not a Mary-Kate and Ashley fan or under the age of ten, definitely don't see this. This is not one of the best movies that they made. But of course, an Olsen twins fan should see it to see how twins acted around the end of Full House.
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