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Season 2

15 Feb. 2003
A New Beginning: Part 1
Alex begins his Medjai training with Ardeth Bay and later learns that Imhotep is not only alive but is also planning to resurrect his long-lost love, an evil high priestess named Anck Su Namun.
22 Feb. 2003
A New Beginning: Part 2
A mortally injured Evy is brought back to life, but in the process the soul of Princess Nefertiti begins to overtake her.
1 Mar. 2003
The Dark Medjai
The legendary "Dark Medjai" kidnaps Ardeth, and Alex and Yanit - another initiate at the Medjai Academy - race to save the day.
8 Mar. 2003
Like Father, Like Son
Alex's new friendship with an archeological mercenary leads to tension in the O'Connell home and the discovery of family secrets.
15 Mar. 2003
A Fair to Remember
The Eye of Shiva, a prismatic egg that can turn the skives to, goes missing from a temple in Sri Lanka, and the heroes track it to the Chifgo International Fair.
22 Mar. 2003
The Enemy of My Enemy
Imhotep and the O'Connells hunt for the powerful Cloak of Isis, and Weasler summons two half-bird/half-woman creatures to help with the quest.
29 Mar. 2003
The Cold
Weasler gets a taste of power and turns it against Imhotep, hoping to beat everyone to a powerful and coveted artifact called the Trident of Voth.
12 Apr. 2003
Time Before Time
The Mummy uses a mystical time machine to change history and become the possessor of the Manacle of Osiris - and the ruler of the world.
26 Apr. 2003
Spring of Evil
Imhotep joins with Nizam Toth to crush Ardeth Bay and change Alex into their apprentice.
10 May 2003
Old Friends
Jonathan and the O'Connells travel to Thailand to search for a missing friend and discover that Anck Su Namun has used the Ring of Sukothai to drain the life out of the woman.
17 May 2003
Alex, Yanit and a Medjai initiate search for Imhotep, who has merged with an ancient spider creature known as Nihansan.
31 May 2003
Just Another Piece of Jewelry
Ardeth Bay and the O'Connells are attacked by Imhotep's all Scarab, who renders Alex's manacle powerless and helps the Mummy escape into Duat, the underworld of spirits.
7 Jun. 2003
The Reckoning
Having traveled to Duat, the heroes must overcome the invisible Devourer of Spirits, a giant fire scorpion and the River of Doubt to face their final challenge. Series finale.

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