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Season 3

6 Jun. 2004
Finding Rachel: Part 1
As Johnny continues investigating his future visions and debating with himself if Greg Stillson is behind the inevitable Apocylapse, he receives a vision from Christopher Wey, 40 years in the future, about a young woman, named Rachel Caldwell, whom is a volunteer on Stillson's campaign crew, going missing. He goes to meet her, but finds himself two hours later with no memory of the meeting. Johnny attempts to piece together his visions to fill in the large gap of missing time in his memory in order to figure out what happened, but soon finds circumstantial evidence ...
13 Jun. 2004
Finding Rachel: Part 2
Arrested for the murder of Rachel Caldwell, Johnny seeks the assistance of her sister, Rebecca (who believes that he is guilty) and his friends to prove his innocence and help figure out what really happened to her. Although both Walt and Sarah want to believe Johnny's innocence, they sense another angle to the mystery. Meanwhile, Stillson continues his nefarious quest to be elected congressman of Maine though rigged voting machines. When he hears about Johnny's arrest, he decides that he needs the psychic to help him win, so he fixes things behind the scenes so ...
20 Jun. 2004
A mother is devastated as her daughter has disappeared. John's visions of her collide with visions from his own accident nine years ago.
27 Jun. 2004
The Cold Hard Truth
A radio talk show host upsets John so much that he enters the radio station to tell him to behave. As it's in vain, John visualizes the radio host fall from a high roof.
4 Jul. 2004
Total Awareness
Johnny and a young woman who can "see" numbers are on the run from defense contractor agents out to protect an information gathering program which could mean an end to all privacy.
18 Jul. 2004
No Questions Asked
Sarah fears Walt is seeing another woman and asks John to talk to him. He sees Walt hug the widow of a cop that died ten years ago. On top of that Walt has lost his police gun to an ex-convict.
25 Jul. 2004
Looking Glass
Two law students fear Johnny's powers are the ultimate invasion of privacy and decide to prove that his visions can be wrong. But Johnny discovers he might have been right after all.
1 Aug. 2004
Speak Now
John gets problematic visions about a wedding soon to be.
8 Aug. 2004
Cycle of Violence
John visualizes a shooting drama at a local school.
15 Aug. 2004
A mysterious tiny sound drive animals so mad that they attack people.
22 Aug. 2004
While out fishing with J.J. and Bruce, Johnny must unravel a series of visions he gets. They involve him killing a man in revenge for the upcoming murder of someone that's close to him, who turns out to be Bruce. Johnny must put the pieces of the puzzle together to prevent the murder from happening, and to prevent himself from killing a person and setting on his own dark path.
22 Aug. 2004
Tipping Point
In a vision Christopher Wey urges John to make Reverend Purdy tell the truth about Mike Kennedy's death. The following blackout makes John seek advice on brain surgery.

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