Peter Pan 2: Return to Never Land (2002) Poster

Harriet Owen: Jane, Young Wendy



  • Jane : You promised no one would get hurt. You gave your word.

    Captain Hook : And Captain Hook always keeps his word. I promised I would not harm a hair on Peter Pan's head.

    [Plucks a hair from Peter's head] 

    Captain Hook : And this is the one I won't harm. Here, you keep it.

    [Gives it to Jane] 

    Captain Hook : The rest of him is mine.

  • Jane : She tried to kill me!

    Peter Pan : She's just jealous. All girls get like that around me.

    Jane : Oh, how very nice for you.

  • Jane : And I especially don't believe in fairies!

  • Peter Pan : How come you want to go home so bad?

    Jane : I have to get back to my family.

    Peter Pan : Why?

    Jane : I don't want to talk about it.

    Peter Pan : Why not?

    Jane : If you must know we had a fight.

    Peter Pan : Why?

    Jane : I... told my little brother you weren't real.

    Peter Pan : *What*?


    Peter Pan : Why?

    Jane : I don't know. But I've got to go back and set things right.

    Peter Pan : Why?

    Jane : Because! That's why!

  • Jane : Maybe you're full of hot air.

  • Danny : Come on, Jane, we've beat old Captain Hook together!

    Jane : Daniel, please! I have no time for fun and games

    Danny : You use to, you were going to be the very first lost girl ever!

    Jane : That was a long time ago

    Danny : Yeah, back when you were fun!

  • Jane : Not so fast, you old codfish! Or you'll have to answer to me!

    Peter Pan : Jane...?

    Captain Hook : Good heavens! Run! Run for your lives! It's... A little girl.


  • Jane : Don't you see, Hook? You will never win. Not as long as there's faith, trust, and pixie dust.

  • Nibs : Yeah, all it takes is faith.

    Slightly : Trust.

    Cubby : And uh, something else.

    Jane : Pixie dust?

    Cubby : [bumps into Nibs]  That's it, ow.

  • Peter Pan : If you're not Wendy, then who are you?

    Jane : I'm her daughter, Jane.

    Peter Pan : Then if you're Wendy's daughter, you're gonna love it here.

  • Jane : Look, who's in charge here?

    Nanatwo (the dog) : Woof?

    Jane : Don't be silly, I am. Now come on!

  • Edward : I need you here to take care of your mom and Danny. Can you do that for me?

    Jane : Mm-hmm.

    Edward : That's my big girl.

  • Wendy Darling : Jane, dear, will you promise me something? Promise you'll watch over Danny whatever might happen.

    Jane : What?

    Wendy Darling : You and your brother are going away for a while.

    Jane : Away? Where?

    Wendy Darling : All the children are being evacuated into the country. It's so dangerous here. But you'll be safe there, both of you.

    Jane : I'm not going. I'm staying here.

    Wendy Darling : But dear, an order has been issued. Every child must go.

    Jane : But daddy said that I'm supposed...

    Wendy Darling : I know, dear, but you can take care of Danny. Tell him Peter Pan stories. He needs them, Jane, and so do you. Please, dear, promise me.

    Jane : No! I will not promise!

  • Wendy Darling : Oh, Jane. We'll be together again. You must have faith.

    Jane : Faith?

    [kicks stuffed monkey and throws pillow to the floor] 

    Jane : Trust? Pixie Dust? Mother, those are just words from your stories. They don't mean anything.

    Danny : Yes they do.

    [Jane turns around] 

    Danny : Peter Pan says they'll make you fly.

  • Jane : Daniel, story time is over.

    [Pulls curtains open] 

    Jane : Look, it's a war. Peter Pan isn't real and people don't fly.

    Danny : They do, too.

    Jane : Oh, come on, Daniel. Grow up.

    Wendy Darling : Jane.

    Jane : It's just a little childish nonsense.

    Danny : You're lying!

  • Jane : [when jane prevents captain hook from stealing the treasure and capture peter when they got caught]  STOP IT! Please!

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