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Good effects, bad details
trazom2825 July 2001
This movie provided a bit of entertainment, but was fairly predictable. I found it fascinating that every time a scene was shown from the ground level, you'd hear sirens and air horns from the rigs en-route. Seems to me that at a certain point, all the necessary equipment would be there, and you'd not have any more en-route. Also, the effects and explosions were ok - some appeared to have no rhyme or reason as to why an explosion occurred. For example, glass is broken in a window you can see thru. There is no fire behind the window, however suddenly the window shatters, and the room explodes. No ignition source was shown, and although spontaneous combustion is a possibility, I've only seen a similar situation with an already pre-existing flame. The smoke effects were nice, but if you really wanted to go for realism, the smoke shouldn't be gray or white, it should be black and thick. Outside shots of the hotel showed black smoke, inside shots showed gray and white smoke. Outside shots of the hotel also showed smoke rising straight up, when in fact, the story claimed 50mph winds.

I also found it interesting that although you had a major incident at a high-rise hotel in Las Vegas, I didn't see many, if any, police officers. Crowd control was non-existent, which allowed the reporters to trample thru the fireground, and somehow, ordinary citizens were allowed into the incident commander's area, to hear everything that was going on. This was obviously done for dramatic effect, and would NEVER happen in real life.

A few notes about the firefighters as well. The main shots of the firefighters in action were showing them running around on stairs with a charged line. I do find it hard to believe that they took a single charged line up 30 floors... hoses just aren't that long. If in fact they were using the standpipes to connect to, they would have a length of hose to connect up to the standpipe, and be bringing with them an uncharged line. Most of the firefighting it seemed was being done with CO2 extinguishers. Also, it seemed like most of the time, they were running past a free burning fire, stopping once in a while to spray a little water. For as much water that was supposively coming off the building onto the press reporter, I didn't see any firefighting happening.

Overall, the movie was ok... the effects were pretty, if not well placed, and the factual items of the firefighting were a little scarce on the details. I'd say watch it if nothing else is on.
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It's a T.V movie folks... simple as that...
Eyeliner2 November 2002
Basic. That's what this film is... basic. The film title is the general gist of the whole film but what more can be said about this little ditty of a movie?

Well, it's a T.V Movie so don't expect it to be utterly brilliant to box office standards, but... there is a but, can it surpass the time to keeping peoples butts to their seats? Quiet simply (yet again) yes. Okay it's not a brilliant film but it can hold enough suspense for you to stay and watch what happens to these unfortunates who are "trapped" in a burning building, in Las Vegas no doubt which I thought was a nice little twist. Some flaws of course, but the general acting wasn't too bad either. Respected Canadian actor Callum Keith Rennie co-stars along Meat Loaf and William Mcnamara.

Callum Keith Rennie (who has an astounding cult fan club, which really I have to admit I'm starting to sink in to) is an astounding actor, so why these odd choice of films? Well, it's not too bad, it's just a basic (there's that word again) film, so don't expect too much, and he has a bit of screen time and is quirky and appealing to keep you entertained. His on screen wife, played by unknown Suki Kaiser, I thought was brilliant. I really loved her take on her character and was generally miffed by the ending with her character. They don't necessary bounce off each others characters in a great jaw dropping way, but there's enough there to keep you wanting more.

The plot is simple and how they actually get out is easy to figure out if you pick up on enough clues in the opening scenes, but overall this T.V movie isn't half bad and it will keep you on your seats to the end. Some nice shots and acting parts (mainly from Rennie and Kaiser)and the end I was generally surprised of a little twist, but saying that, don't go buy it (like I did, mainly for the C.K.R action) if you're not a fan of any actors starring, the movie plot itself isn't really that fantastic. Over all out of a 100 I'd give this movie probably 56/100 - :)
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A Mixed Bag
comquest25 July 2001
This made-for-TV (USA Network) film follows a group of Las Vegas hotel guests trying to escape a raging fire on the floors below. Among them is a TV cameraman who broadcasts a live feed to his station, as bar patrons around town watch the action -- cheering as though it's just the latest episode of a 'reality' TV series.

This movie is a mixed bag. At its best, you'll see some amazingly realistic footage of what it's like to be trapped in a fire. Especially gripping are the scenes captured by the cameraman (in a jumpy 'Blair Witch' hand-held style). Other scenes are intense to the extreme and downright scary -- with convincing special effects.

Unfortunately, though, the plot has major flaws and often reverts to a storyline that's typical of the average run-of-the-mill 'disaster film'. Credibility is frequently lost, and the ending is a joke.
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Nifty Nailbiter
rps-219 June 2002
Hey. This ain't Hamlet so we can overlook some of its shortcomings. So they haven't yet invented a TV camera that works without a cable and has batteries that run forever. So people couldn't possibly survive with flames like that so close (the heat and the lack of oxygen would have done them in long before the movie spools itself out.) And of course we all just know a)they're going to get out (well, most of them) and b)how they'll get out. Then theres the cast of characters who are just a little too contrived. So as serious drama it rates a zilch. But as a nifty little nailbiter for an otherwise unnotable night, it's not bad. The effects are well done. The editing and production are excellent. And theres lots of scary suspense.
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ymous_annon24 October 2002
If your into or not into disaster movies, you would probably like Trapped then. I think all who read this would know what the plot was about. Decent effects, very good acting, I feel, a good story over all. Of course, if you see a movie with high expectations, your always going to be disappointed. If you have the time, you should see trapped.
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Don't Be "Trapped" By This Movie
sddavis633 May 2003
I suppose I should have known right from the start. I mean, how much can you really expect from a movie that stars (he's the star, remember, not a supporting actor or bit player, but the star) Parker Stevenson? Surely, that's a dead giveaway.

What we have here in this movie about a group of people trapped in the upper floors of a burning building is an unoriginal story (kind of a poor man's version of "The Towering Inferno") with uninspired acting. It's ridiculous. There's absolutely no attempt at character development (mind you, from what we see there's not really any of the characters you'd want to know better anyway) and the plot contains so many outrageous holes in it that the only part of the movie that was any fun was waiting to identify the next inconsistency. Then there's the news reporter and camera man who just happened by happy coincidence to be trapped with everyone else. They, of course, insist on beaming out live pictures because "it's the only way anyone will know where we are" (except for Parker's cell phone!) So, the whole thing gets broadcast live on TV so that folks in a bar can watch it like it's a reality TV show and cheer as if it were a football game when Parker punches out one of his trapped companions whose name I mercifully forget. (And then there's the old lady at the bar continually talking about how hunky some of the men in the building are.)

I said that I saw nothing good about this movie. Actually there was one thing - it was only 89 minutes long, although it seemed a lot more than that.

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good film
johnckeplik21 May 2019
This underrated ghst of a film cant be found ANYWHERE and is never shown on tv, nor was it ever even on vhs to begine with anyway. Good effects, good cast, likeable and nonlikeable characters as well. well shot too even though I saw itand had to stair up..
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Las Vegas meets "The Towering Inferno," "Fire! Trapped on the 37th Floor," "The High and the Mighty," and...CLICK!
8-Foot25 July 2001
Stir together (a) a bunch of people, each with their own trite story, forced together when their escape routes are cut off in a burning high-rise Las Vegas hotel; (b) everything going wrong; (c) lots of smoke and fireballs; (d) lots of screaming, crying, and fear; (e) the obligatory true confessions; (f) confrontations and recriminations; (g) elevators; and (h) lots and lots of pulse-pounding music, and you've got "Trapped" --- or any of numerous slapped-together potboilers that you've already seen.

Did someone say "plot"? Who needs a plot when you've got pervasive bedlam? The few original touches make minimal difference in the end result. Also, with your powers of recall, you can be first on your block to know how these people will escape, Las Vegas style!

Competently put together, with lots of effort spent on special effects, stunts, firemen, and the score, but not much on a good story.
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natasja callum13 February 2002
i am watching trapped right now on dutch tv and i just want to say that the movie is really great. i really love this movie. it's so realistic and the filming is also good. i am a really big fan off callum keith rennie and he is yet again great in this movie. for the people how haven't seen it yet if you have the uppertunnetie to see it then you really have to see it>
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