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Téa Leoni: Ellie



  • Ellie : We didn't communicate.

    Val : We had sex!

    Ellie : Yes, we had sex. But we never talked.

    Val : Sex is better than talk. Ask anybody in this bar. Talk is what you suffer through so you can get to sex.

  • Ellie : Our marriage wasn't going anywhere.

    Val : Where do you want it to go? Where do marriages go? After a while they just lay there. That's the thing about marriages.

  • Ed : Look, I love Val. I love him. But with all due respect... he's a raving, incompetent psychotic.

    Ellie : He's not incompetent.

  • [Ellie has called Lori a wind-up doll] 

    Val : That wind-up doll happens to have a Ph.D.

    Ellie : In what? The history of gym?

  • Ellie : You had all the symptoms but not the disease.

    Val : You used to think I was creative and original.

    Ellie : I still do, as a filmmaker. Its when you became creative as a hypochondriac - that was it.

    Val : Hey, all those attacks were for real.

    Ellie : Oh yeah?

    Val : Yes!

    Ellie : The Black Plague, Val? An allergy to oxygen? Elm blight? Only trees get elm blight - elm trees.

  • Ellie : You were on the cutting edge of everything.

    Val : So, how did I go from the cutting edge to the buttering edge?

  • Ellie : I hear that she's all sugar and sweetness and gets into your good graces and then - Wham! You know, she kept telling Sean Madigan how she loved all of his films and she was a big fan and how he was a great, I don't know, unique American artist. And then in the profile she did, she disemboweled him.

    Val : If you happen to fall for that kind of flattery, you know, I can handle it, though.

    Ellie : Please! You couldn't handle Shirley Temple.

  • Ellie : What are you going to do? Are you, are you going to edit it blind, too? Put in the music blind? Go to the premiere blind? At least you won't be able to read the reviews.

  • Val : It's funny, because, my - unfulfilled life dream is that you and I would live in Paris together.

    Ellie : You know, I was willing and you where the one that always lost your nerve.

    Val : Well, it's funny, that seems like so long ago now. Its amazing how things change, isn't it?

  • Hal : Its not easy sitting through three hours of pure adulation.

    Ellie : Frankly, I'll tell you, I don't, I don't know how you can do it.

    Hal : Why? You don't want to rob them the opportunity of, you know, demonstrating their gratitude.

    Ellie : Yeah, no wonder we both have to drink so much at these affairs.

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