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30 Mar. 2010
Loyalty: Part 1
Captain Ross is shot while working undercover with the Feds to bring down an arms dealer. Detective Nichols then joins Goren and Eames to find the shooter, but the Feds don't want him to compromise their investigation.
6 Apr. 2010
Loyalty: Part 2
Nichols and Eames continue their efforts to bring Captain Ross's killer to justice without the help of Goren, whose reckless actions threaten to get him fired from Major Cases.
13 Apr. 2010
Broad Channel
Detective Nichols matches wits with an Irish crime boss from his past when a police officer is killed on the island community of Broad Channel.
20 Apr. 2010
The death of a talented but mean-spirited dance student leads the Major Case Squad to a mentally unstable classmate who is in an obsessive relationship with one of the victim's rivals.
27 Apr. 2010
Gods & Insects
A disgraced Iraq War veteran working as a bank manager is accused of killing an escort's boyfriend bent on extortion, but is he really taking the fall to protect his CEO and old war buddy?
4 May 2010
Abel & Willing
A tormented social scientist haunted by his family's Holocaust past performs twisted social experiments on couples to test the limits of goodness in human nature.
11 May 2010
Love Sick
The Major Case Squad discovers that a nurse's aide and her firefighter boyfriend may be attacking and killing unassuming young women, but which of the two is the real predator?
18 May 2010
Love on Ice
A former baseball star is beaten to death with a baseball bat. Was he killed to cover up a secret about a death of a classmate at a prep school 22 years earlier?
25 May 2010
Nichols and Stevens discover that the murder of a magazine editor could be related to the Russian mob, but later uncover evidence of a relationship between the victim and the daughter of the editor who replaced him.
1 Jun. 2010
A confessed killer claims he is innocent of the murder he is about to be executed for, and more doubt is soon cast on the situation when a copycat killer begins to strike.
8 Jun. 2010
Lost Children of the Blood
When the dead body of a college student is found in her dorm room completely drained of blood, Nichols and Stevens are forced to turn to the dark side of "vampire" culture for answers.
15 Jun. 2010
True Legacy
While investigating the murder of a catering business owner, Nichols and Stevens uncover evidence of an affair and a possible larger scandal involving a New York senator.
22 Jun. 2010
The Mobster Will See You Now
A Health and Human Resources employee trying to shake down the owners of a hospital dies under suspicious circumstances, and the investigation leads to a notorious mobster's son, who is trying to become a legitimate businessman.
29 Jun. 2010
Nichols investigates the death of an old family friend, which may be related to a fabled manuscript that dates back to the time of Christ. But his investigation is complicated by his past relationship with the victim's daughter.
6 Jul. 2010
Inhumane Society
A promising young boxer who was just released from prison after participating in a dog-fighting ring is put back under the microscope when a member of his old crew is found dead.
6 Jul. 2010
Detective Nichols reluctantly turns to his father for help as they race against time to find the potential next victim of a killer with three personalities.

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