24 Hour Party People (2002) Poster

Paddy Considine: Rob Gretton



  • [last lines] 

    [Tony Wilson has just had a vision of God - who looked exactly like Tony Wilson] 

    Tony Wilson : Well, it's written in the Bible, isn't it? 'God made man in His own image'.

    Rob Gretton : Yeah, but not a specific man.

    Tony Wilson : No, but if you'd have spoken to Him, He would have looked like you. But you didn't, I did. And he looked like me.

    Rob Gretton : [smoking a joint]  Fucking top gear, man.

  • Ian Curtis : [shouting across the bar]  Wilson, ya fucking cunt!

    Tony Wilson : That's original.

    [to Rob] 

    Tony Wilson : Your drink's coming. Is he a friend of yours?

    Rob Gretton : Yeah, he's our singer.

    Ian Curtis : [crossing the bar to approach Tony]  Out of the way, Steve.

    Tony Wilson : Hi, Tony Wilson, pleased to meet you.

    [Ian just glowers at him wordlessly] 

    Tony Wilson : ... Is he gonna hit me? You're quite close to me there.

    Ian Curtis : Yeah, I know, I wanna be.

    Tony Wilson : Why?

    Ian Curtis : 'Cos you're a cunt, mate.

    Tony Wilson : I know, I heard you the first time.

  • Tony Wilson : What's wrong with London Records?

    Rob Gretton : The name, for a start.

  • Tony Wilson : Can I get you half a lager?

    Rob Gretton : You can get me a pint.

  • Rob Gretton : You know your trouble, Tony? You don't know what you are. I fucking know what you are, but you don't know what you are.

    Tony Wilson : Well, my curiosity's got the better of me, Rob, tell me, what am I?

    Rob Gretton : You're a cunt.

    Tony Wilson : Well, you see I knew that, you see, that was something I did know.

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