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MPAA Rated PG-13 for crude and sex-related humor, drug content and language

Sex & Nudity

  • There are several sexual references.
  • The movie seems very inappropriate if you have no sense of humor and are living in the Victorian Era
  • A man finds a briefcase, then when talking to a girl, he opens it to reveal a gay magazine.
  • A man's boss tells him he has to shove a pill up the owl's rectum.
  • A old man is married to a young girl who wears little clothing.
  • A man reaches into a bag to get a mouse, but he grabs a girl's panties and forgets to drop them. When he stands up, the mouse is in his shirt and pants. So he takes off his pants (no nudity) and tries to shake it away. The girl walks in and to her, it looks like he is mastubating to her panties.
  • A girl has a few paintings including nudity. Breasts are seen briefly and the side of her butt is also.
  • A girl who falls into a pool, gets up and her breasts are partially visible through her shirt, no nipples, just her breasts.
  • A man does a split and you hear a cracking sound. He gets up ok though.
  • A girl does a strip tease, no nudity. She makes it down to her lingerie.
  • A man and woman kiss for about 4 seconds.
  • A man tells another man how he cheated on his girlfriend.
  • A man talks about viagara.
  • A man unzips his pants and pees all over the place, no nudity. Another man does the same. Later on, another man does this. But when he forgets to put his penis away, a woman tells him to "put it away".
  • A butt is shown onscreen, then another butt is shown all red.

Violence & Gore

  • A man gets his briefcase stuck in a subway door and he starts to run with it as it drives away and then he gets hit by a pole in the way. It is for comical reasons though.
  • A man has a bear trap in his yard and claims that he has it to keep the neighborhood kids away.
  • A man slaps a girl(off-screen).
  • In one scene, a couple scream and yell at eachother.
  • A man holds a severed ear in a plastic bag. Used for comical reasons, not gorey.
  • A man puts a owl in the toilet so it can have water, and the toilet seat falls on its head.
  • A man holds a gun at another man. No shooting.
  • A man has a knife.
  • A girl has a bloody wound on the back of her head.
  • A man gets burried then comes back out of the grave. The same man threatens to shoot a girl and he gets hit in the head with a shovel.
  • A man accidently shoots a person, offscreen. The woman is seen later with a bullet wound in her head.
  • A man tries to hang himself and when he does he falls having his crotch land on another man's face.
  • An owl attacks a man.
  • A car drives through a wall.
  • An owl gets hit by a car, offscreen. It makes out ok though.
  • A man falls from a tree landing on a branch in between his legs and then gutter water pours all over his face.


  • Piss(4) Jesus(1) Retarded(6) Godamn(4) Ass(12) Hell(4) Tramp(1) Skank(1) Whore(2) Bastard(2) Slut(1) Shit(3) Fuck(2) Bitch(2) Asshole(1) Balls(1)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A group of people drink beer and smoke cigarettes.
  • A man and woman drink wine responsibly.
  • A man puts a sleeping pill in another man's whiskey.
  • A man drinks window cleaner and smiles.
  • A man is a drug dealer.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a cage filled with mice. Then, a man picks it up and they spill all over the place. So the man chases the mice around the house.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A man has to feel a woman's breast to see if she has cancer, and then the other woman puts his hand on her breast. So now, he is feeling both of their breasts. The man's girlfriend walks in on him doing this and she is misunderstood.

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