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‘Homecoming’ Podcast Review: Oscar Isaac and Catherine Keener Earn The Gasps In This Conspiracy Thriller

‘Homecoming’ Podcast Review: Oscar Isaac and Catherine Keener Earn The Gasps In This Conspiracy Thriller
As the looming specter of a Trump presidency casts its long shadow over the new year, thrillers that hinge on secret government conspiracies are more apt than ever, and “Homecoming,” the first scripted podcast from Gimlet Media, is just the tonic for those who wish to bask in unpatriotic feelings (without doing anything drastic like moving to Canada.)

Scripted podcasts, while not the medium’s bread and butter, represent a significant sub-set of the trend that saved radio. The most prominent of which is “Welcome to Night Vale,” a bi-monthly cult hit that traverses all sorts of conspiracy theories and heightened realities. While one might wish the reality in “Homecoming” were heightened, the shocks in this tense mystery are far too plausible for comfort, especially in the brave new world of 2017.

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Boasting a roster of A-list talent that includes Catherine Keener,
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The Lrm Interview: Chilean Filmmaker Pablo Larrain on Jackie & Neruda

Chances are that you don’t know the name Pablo Larrain right now, unless you’re an avid follower of world cinema, as the Chilean filmmaker has made a number of festival favorite films in his home country before 2013’s No, starring Gael Garcia Bernal, which was nominated for an Oscar.

Larrain followed that a few years later with the lower key The Club, but this month, he’s going to have two movies released that will certainly put him closer to the spotlight here in the States.

The movie that’s likely to get the most attention is Jackie, a film that looks at the days before and after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November 1963, as seen by his wife and widow Jackie Kennedy, as played by Natalie Portman. She’s surrounded by an amazing ensemble cast that includes Peter Sarsgaard, Billy Crudup, John Hurt, Greta Gerwig,
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Too Late for Tears

Noir if I can help it! Sultry Lizabeth Scott out-'fatals' every femme we know in this wickedly ruthless tale of unadulterated female venality. Rough creep Dan Duryea meets his match, as do other unfortunate males that get between Liz and a plump bag of blackmail loot. The Film Noir Foundation's restoration is a valiant rescue job, for a worthy 'annihilating melodrama.' Too Late for Tears Blu-ray + DVD Flicker Alley / FIlm Noir Foundation 1949 / B&W / 1:37 Academy / 102 min. / Street Date May 17, 2016 / 39.95 Starring Lizabeth Scott, Don DeFore, Dan Duryea, Arthur Kennedy, Kristine Miller, Barry Kelley Cinematography William Mellor Art Direction James Sullivan Film Editor Harry Keller Original Music Dale Butts Written by Roy Huggins from his story Produced by Hunt Stromberg Directed by Byron Haskin

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

Who's doing good work for film preservation? The Film Noir Foundation has racked up some impressive rescues and restorations in the last fifteen years or so,
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Nikkatsu Diamond Guys Volume 1 | Blu-ray Review

In celebration of Japan’s oldest film studio, Nikkatsu, Arrow Video assembles its first collection of titles reflecting the late 1950s inauguration of a star system contracted for their ‘Diamond Line.’ This trio of features reflects the rising popularity of extravagant genre narratives in the evolving system, and includes obscure titles from master auteurs such as Seijun Suzuki, Toshio Masuda, and Buichi Saito (early titles from Suzuki and Masuda were also part of a notable 2009 Eclipse series set, Nikkatsu Noir).

The pearl of the collection is Suzuki’s Voice without a Shadow, a rare gem from the master director’s early period. One of four films he made in 1958 (another being the early classic Underworld Beauty), it feels rather heavily modeled after various American film noir tropes, but in true Suzuki fashion, much more complicated. If “Beauty” felt like a generous Sam Fuller riff, then “Voice” seems a recalibration of something like Sorry,
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10 Controversial Video Games Everybody Totally Misunderstood


Not even the most gasoline-aided wildfire will spread like a good ol’ media controversy. Those behind the actual information are purportedly fighting for a specific cause, whilst whoever’s on the opposing side are curious and seeking information – all while anyone in between just wants it to be over. Regardless of where you sit, either way, you’re receiving updates as to what’s going on at all times.

So, take a newsworthy angle that always guarantees traction, add in the most passionate and loyal bunch of fans this side of a wrestling pay-per-view, and you’ve got a hearty recipe for guaranteed headline-grabbing attention.

That said though, in the pursuit of creating said headlines, too many – far too many – outlets don’t arm themselves with all the facts before kickstarting the most controversial angle possible. It’s always far easier to scream “Hey, look at this!” than it
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Thomas' Popular TV Costar, Mother of Oscar-Nominated Actress Dead at 97

Marjorie Lord actress ca. early 1950s. Actress Marjorie Lord dead at 97: Best remembered for TV series 'Make Room for Daddy' Stage, film, and television actress Marjorie Lord, best remembered as Danny Thomas' second wife in Make Room for Daddy, died Nov. 28, '15, at her home in Beverly Hills. Lord (born Marjorie Wollenberg on July 26, 1918, in San Francisco) was 97. Marjorie Lord movies After moving with her family to New York, Marjorie Lord made her Broadway debut at age 17 in Zoe Akins' Pulitzer Prize-winning adaptation of Edith Wharton's novel The Old Maid (1935). Lord replaced Margaret Anderson in the role of Tina, played by Jane Bryan – as Bette Davis' out-of-wedlock daughter – in Warner Bros.' 1939 movie version directed by Edmund Goulding. Hollywood offers ensued, resulting in film appearances in a string of low-budget movies in the late 1930s and throughout much of the 1940s, initially (and
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Day of the Dead List: Top 10 Most Piercingly Horrific Movie Screams

Top Ten Scream Queens: Barbara Steele, who both emitted screams and made others do same, is in a category of her own. Top Ten Scream Queens Halloween is over until next year, but the equally bewitching Day of the Dead is just around the corner. So, dead or alive, here's my revised and expanded list of cinema's Top Ten Scream Queens. This highly personal compilation is based on how memorable – as opposed to how loud or how frequent – were the screams. That's the key reason you won't find listed below actresses featured in gory slasher films. After all, the screams – and just about everything else in such movies – are as meaningless as their plots. You also won't find any screaming guys (i.e., Scream Kings) on the list below even though I've got absolutely nothing against guys who scream in horror, whether in movies or in life. There are
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Round-Up: Tribeca Shortlist’s Fright Fest, The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams Foreword, Apparition and Intrusion Blu-rays, Kill Game, Minutes To Midnight

Tribeca Shortlist is treating us to five nights of free content which starts today and will continue until the big day, Halloween, October 31st. Also: information on the Foreword to Stephen King's The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, Apparition and Intrusion Blu-ray details, a trailer for Kill Game, and a new Minutes to Midnight poster.

Tribeca's Fright Fest: Press Release: "Oh, the horror! Tribeca Shortlist, the new curated streaming movie service from Lionsgate and Tribeca Enterprises, has great films in every genre and is now giving us a Halloween treat filled with five nights of free, expertly handpicked movies including macabre masterpieces, suspenseful thrillers and plenty of chills with Fright Fest: http://outtake.tribecashortlist.com/frightfest

Fright Fest will live on Tribeca Shortlist's free editorial site, Outtake, starting today at 6 pm Et/ 3 pm Pt running through October 31st. One new terrifying movie will be added each day at the same time,
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The Best Games of 2015 (So Far…)

With the year posed at its tempestuous halfway mark, we here at Sound on Sight must contend with the difficult task of laying out a list of the best games from the first six months of 2015.

There are a ton of exciting games still set for a 2015 release, from Metal Gear Solid V, to Final Fantasy Xv, to Xenoblade Chronicles X, to Mario Maker, but as of this particular check point, these are the top games of the year as voted by the Sound on Sight Games department.

10) BoxBoy!

Developed by Hal Laboratory

Published by Nintendo

Available on 3Ds

Boxboy is the excellent puzzle platform game from Japanese giant Hal Laboratory (Kirby, Earthbound, Super Smash Bros.) which puts you in control of Qbby – a cute little square with two dots, for eyes and a pair of stick legs. The goal is to guide Qbby through different worlds in order to
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2015 Stanley Film Festival Lineup Includes The Final Girls, Deathgasm, Stung, The Invitation

Earlier this week, we gave you details on first wave of special experiences and events taking place at the 2015 Stanley Film Festival. We now have details on their impressive slate of features, short films, and additional special events, including screenings of The Final Girls, Deathgasm, Stung, The Invitation, and We Are Still Here.

We're teaming up with the festival for live coverage and special opportunities for Daily Dead readers, so be sure to check back all month for contests, features, and more.

"April 2, 2014 (Denver, Co) - The Stanley Film Festival (Sff) produced by the Denver Film Society (Dfs) and presented by Chiller, announced today its Closing Night film, Festival lineup and the 2015 Master of Horror. The Festival will close out with The Final Girls. The film, directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson, is the story of a young woman grieving the loss of her mother, a famous scream queen from the 1980s,
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‘Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number’ plays great but flounders narratively

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Dennaton Games

Devolver Digital

PS3, PS4, Ps Vita, PC, Mac

When an indie title hits on the kind of success that Dennaton Games’ Hotline Miami (a top-down murder simulator, and yes, that’s as deliberately vile as it sounds) found upon its initial release, expectations are bound to be high for its successor. Unfortunately Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number has a bit of a tall order to deliver upon from the get-go in this regard, and, in some ways, is unable to make the grade on the years of hype and fanfare that followed the original .

While the first game cast you primarily as a murderous thug receiving phone calls from a nameless source, a source that subtly directs you to commit one atrocity after another, the second game has cast you as over a dozen characters effected by the events of Hotline Miami. While
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Video Game Review – Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Martin Burgoyne reviews Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

So for anybody that played the original Hotline Miami game, you’ll know what to expect already… That’s right, absolute carnage. For those that didn’t… Why didn’t you play one of the most original games of 2013 huh?! Well it’s now currently at the pocket friendly price of £3.99 so there’s no excuse. A quick re-cap then, HM1 was an extremely violent top down shooter with a heavy 1980s visual style and soundtrack. Sound good? Think Drive meets GTA, but without cars. or Ryan Gosling. There you go, now onto the sequel…

Wrong number does a lot of things right, for one thing there’s more of a story here. I mean yeah it’s a bonkers one involving mafia bosses, vague Russian wars and an obese man who wears snake masks. We’ve all been there right? The
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PlayStation Spring Fever Sale Returns For 2015 With Deals On Several Anticipated Titles

It’s that time of the year again, as Sony is spotlighting several anticipated new digital titles as part of their annual Spring Fever sale, which will run for a massive 8 weeks, which is double the length of the Spring Fever sale from last year.

Starting next week with the release of Helldivers, each week, until the end of April, Sony will be highlighting some of the more unique digital titles set for release over the next few weeks. These include the likes of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Axiom Verge, Shovel Knight and more. PlayStation Plus members will even receive an additional 10% discount on each title during their respective launch weeks, so all the more reason to check them out.

In addition to the discounts offered on each new release, Sony will also be discounting several popular video game and film franchises each week during the Spring Fever sale.
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Hotline Miami 2 is out in March

Dennaton's ultra-violent sequel Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is out in March, it's been announced...

The original Hotline Miami was a nightmarishly violent top-down shooter - fast-paced, bloody, and as 80s as a pair of flecked trousers.

We've known for some time that indie developer Dennaton has been working on a sequel, Hotline: Miami 2: Wrong Number, which the studio says is the concluding chapter in the story. Originally scheduled for release last year, the game now has an official release date - and there's not long to wait.

Hotline Miami 2 comes out on the 10th March for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac and Linux. The game will come in two flavours - a regular edition, priced at £10.99, and a special edition, which includes the Hotline Miami 2: Remix Ep ("featuring six select music tracks remixed by Moon, Scattle and Carpenter Brut" a press release enigmatically suggests). The latter will
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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Dated For March; Payday 2 Theme Pack Incoming

Publisher Devolver Digital has finally announced a release date for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, which will bring its intoxicating brand of hyper-violence and psychedelic gameplay to Linux, Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, PS4 and Vita on March 10.

In tandem with today’s announcement, Payday 2 dev Starbreeze confirmed a new-fangled collaboration with Dennaton Games to bring about a Hotline Miami-themed slice of Dlc, ushering in two all-new character packs for the studio’s popular co-op based shooter. It’s understood this expansion will become available alongside Hotline Miami 2 when it releases in a few weeks time.

As for what fans can expect in Dennaton’s hotly-anticipated sequel, the studio has hinted that players will be able to follow in the footpaths of several different factions, and that the blood-drenched story from the original release will have ramifications for the events of Wrong Number. In fact, Dennaton even went so far as to
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Sony Announces Every PS4 Game For 2015

One of the most frequent complaints that has been lobbed against the PlayStation 4 in the past year or so has been the lack of games, especially exclusives. Last fall in particular it was a visible problem as the rival Xbox One had several well-regarded exclusives hit such as "Sunset Overdrive," "Halo: The Master Chief Collection" and "Forza Horizon 2" on top of the cross-platform Aaa titles that both consoles share.

In early 2015 though the tables have turned to some degree with the imminent release of Ps exclusive titles like "The Order 1886" and "Bloodborne". With Sony now seemingly fighting back, they've done something unexpected - publishing a complete list of all their upcoming 2015 game releases.

Many still don't have specific dates yet, dates which aren't expected to be announced until around the time of the big conventions closer to mid-year, but here's the list as it stands now.

Confirmed Release Dates

Dead or Alive
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Witness to Murder | Blu-ray Review

Available for the first time on Blu-ray or DVD and remastered in high definition is forgotten film noir Witness to Murder, a 1954 Barbara Stanwyck potboiler also starring George Sanders and Gary Merrill. As written by Chester Erskine (The Egg and I, 1947), the film feels like plenty of other narratives, though its frustrating contrivance of hysteria as dramatic tension places it squarely within a particular male dominated paradigm. In particular, the film feels eerily reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, which actually opened a month after this Roy Rowland directed venture, doomed to be overshadowed and quickly forgotten. But, magnificently photographed by John Alton, it’s a shadowy and angular motion picture, enjoyable for its considerable melodrama as a portrait of misinformed and misogynistic gender politics.

Cheryl Draper (Barbara Stanwyck) witnesses a young woman being murdered in the apartment complex adjacent to her own. She calls the police to report what she sees.
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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Phones In Sick, Will Release By Early 2015

While the hyper-violent sequel was due to release by fall 2014, Dennaton Games has announced that Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number will either be released before the year’s end or in the early stages of 2015.

News comes via the game’s official Twitter page, stating that the anticipated follow-up has been delayed to further polish and refine all of the intricate, head-smashing systems.

“Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is still getting some final tweaks and polish, expected to be ready for late 2014 or early 2015. Your patience is appreciated and will ultimately be rewarded with everything you hoped for and nothing like what you expected. This is the last game; it’s the finale for Hotline Miami. We’re gonna work with how you cope with things ending.”

Leaving behind the neon lights and crazy hairstyles of the original’s 80s setting, Hotline Miami 2 is poised to take the action and
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Board of Governors Bias: Bacall, Garbo Among Rare Female Winners of Academy's Honorary Award

Honorary Oscars have bypassed women: Angela Lansbury, Lauren Bacall among rare exceptions (photo: 2013 Honorary Oscar winner Angela Lansbury and Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award winner Angelina Jolie) September 4, 2014, Introduction: This four-part article on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Honorary Awards and the dearth of female Honorary Oscar winners was originally posted in February 2007. The article was updated in February 2012 and fully revised before its republication today. All outdated figures regarding the Honorary Oscars and the Academy's other Special Awards have been "scratched out," with the updated numbers and related information inserted below each affected paragraph or text section. See also "Honorary Oscars 2014 addendum" at the bottom of this post. At the 1936 Academy Awards ceremony, groundbreaking film pioneer D.W. Griffith, by then a veteran with more than 500 shorts and features to his credit — among them the epoch-making The Birth of a Nation and Intolerance — became the first individual to
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Sony’s Gamescom 2014 Line-Up Leaks; Outs PS4 Journey Port

It seems that Sony’s planned gamescom 2014 surprises have been let out of the bag early, now that the Internet has gotten hold of a list that briefly appeared on the tech giant’s event page. What’s so notable about this leak doesn’t have anything to do with a previously unannounced triple-a title or anything like that, though; instead, fuss is being made over the fact that indie darling Journey is being ported over to the PlayStation 4, along with other notable PlayStation 3 downloadables.

Not only will Journey make the jump from last-gen to current-gen, but ports of Pix the Cat, Hustle Kings and The Unfinished Swan also seem to be in the works. They’ll be joined by a multitude of other games at the convention, including big guns like The Order: 1886, Destiny and Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, as well as Pixeljunk-related Nom Nom Galaxy and Ps Move spook show,
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