Big Fat Liar (2002) Poster


Frankie Muniz: Jason Shepherd



  • Kaylee : What's with the Cokes?

    Jason Sheperd : The machine! It's rigged! They're free! Haha, they're free!

  • Jason Sheperd : As much as I wanted to write my paper, I mean I really really wanted to write my paper I couldn't and it's because I spent all last night in Greenbury General Emergancy room. See, my mom made Swedish meatballs for dinner. It'd my dad's favorite and he was so excited he accidently swallowed one whole. It was awful. He started choking, his face turned purple.The meatball was litterly bulging out of his neck. We rushed to the ER. I kept trying to write my paper in the waiting room but it was too hard. I needed to be by my father's side. After all he's the only dad I got.

    Mrs. Phyllis Caldwell : You are lying through your teeth, you little demon.

  • Jason Sheperd : Remember me? I wrote "Big Fat Liar".

  • Jason Sheperd : Mrs. Caldwell... Can I call you Phyllis?

    Mrs. Phyllis Caldwell : No.

  • Jason Sheperd : Wouldn't it be a problem since the headset is superglued to your ear!

  • Harry Shepherd : Jason, you awake?

    Jason Sheperd : Yeah, Dad, been up for hours. Just getting dressed.

    Harry Shepherd : Did you finish that paper for English class?

    Jason Sheperd : Yeah, Dad, did it last night.

    Carol Shepherd : Jas, did you eat your oatmeal.

    Jason Sheperd : Yeah, thanks Mom, it was delicious.

    [takes the plate and gives it to his dog under the table] 

    Jason Sheperd : Here you go, Trooper.

  • Jason Sheperd : My name's Jason.

    Marty Wolf : And it always will be.

  • Jason Sheperd : [writing his story]  Kenny Trooper was the world's biggest liar. / They say a little lie can grow bigger and bigger. / One man will pay the price. / People everywhere stopped and stared at the big fat liar.

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