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Macarena Gómez: Uxía Cambarro



  • Uxía Cambarro : Before you came, there had been no sacrifices for a year. Dagon needs her.

    Paul Marsh : Fuck Dagon!

    Uxía Cambarro : Yes, and their child will be immortal!

    Paul Marsh : Yeah, but there's a catch. It has to live the rest of its life as some kind of half-ass fish of the sea.

    Uxía Cambarro : [agreeing]  In joy, with Dagon!

  • [last lines] 

    Uxía Cambarro : Pablo, it is your destiny.

    Paul Marsh : You stay away! I'll kill you all! I'll burn this fucking town to the ground!

    Uxía Cambarro : We had different mothers, but the same father. We are children of Dagon.

    Paul Marsh : You're a bunch of freaks. A bunch of fucking freaks!

    Uxía Cambarro : Your dreams. Remember your dreams, Pablo. They brought you here.

    Paul Marsh : No. They were nightmares. They weren't real.

    Uxía Cambarro : Every dream is a wish.

    Paul Marsh : [Paul collapses]  Somebody help me! What's happening to me?

    Uxía Cambarro : You are my brother. You will be my lover - forever.

    Paul Marsh : [setting himself on fire]  No possibilities.

    Uxía Cambarro : Pablo! No! No! No!

    [she drags him down into the sea where the flames are extinguished, and they swim away into the depths together] 

    Intertitle : "We shall dive down through black abysses... and in that lair of the Deep Ones we shall dwell amidst wonder and glory forever." - H.P. Lovecraft

  • Uxía Cambarro : You cannot care for her. You do not dream of her! You will go soon to a beautiful place. You will forget your world and your friends. There will be no time, no end, no today, no yesterday, no tomorrow - only the forever and forever, and forever without end. It is your fate. It is your destiny.

  • Uxía Cambarro : I still have human feelings.

  • Uxía Cambarro : Once he was young, and rich, and handsome - for a man. He brought women to Imboca. Outsiders. Your mother.

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