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Sex & Nudity

  • At about 53 minutes a naked man is seen long a river
  • Edward can be seen kissing Kim his wife and they lie down and sleep together in bed.

Violence & Gore

  • In the opening scene in the 1780s, a mob in Massachusetts can be seen breaking into the house and arresting the man and taking his wife Elizabeth Stewart to be hanged on a tree.
  • Kim gets attacked by her cat who scratches her arm.
  • There are scenes with blood dropping on Edward and Kim in the bedroom.
  • There are fist fights, strangling, car chase scenes and vandalism in the movie.
  • Edward becomes a drug addict and beats up a man and later kills a wolf. He also vandalizes a car by first scratching it and then later on breaking the window of the car.
  • Edward hits his wife but comes to his senses.
  • Bobby can be seen beating up a man at the bar and later on he and a woman named Gloria start road rage and knock a truck off the road and also a car off the road killing the person in the car. Later at the lab he attacks Gloria and hits her head and kills her before hanging her in the closet.
  • A woman can be seen hung in the lab.
  • Edward goes on a car chase after Bobby. Bobby and Edward gets out of the car and fires his gun at the police helicopter and threatens to shoot Edward.
  • Kim and the insane lab woman get into a fight and locks Kim in the closet. Later Kim locks the insane woman in the closet before she is taken to a hospital.
  • Edward punches Bobby and they fight and the fire starts in the basement and they both get burned to death before the house collapses.
  • Bobby can be seen murdering people in cold blood.


  • Words like "Oh my god", "Dammit", "Hell", "Ass" and one use of the word "Bitch" is used in the movie.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man at the restaurant table smokes a cigar.
  • The people in the bars and restaurants can be seen drinking wine and beer.
  • The drugs are used in the movie as science research as Edward is trying to discover a cure for healing the brain and making peoples lives better. Edward experiments by taking the drug and it makes him mentally insane and he commits crime and becomes violent and angry without realizing the damage he is causing and the side effects of the drug.
  • Later on his 3 lab research team try out the drugs which make them mentally insane and also commit crime by killing people.
  • Later on the drugs used on the rats kill them and Edward decides to destroy the drug formula while Bobby is desperate to save the formula.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are many frightening, intense scenes though out the movie.
  • A woman getting hung on a tree may be too disturbing for children and sensitive for people.
  • A dead body of a skeleton can be seen.
  • Kim can be heard screaming or getting scared.
  • There are victims in the movie that can be seen murdered in cold blood.
  • Edward becomes angry and yells at his wife Kim and gets into fist fights and vandalizes the car and breaks the window.
  • Bobby also becomes angry and yells at Edward and Kim and threatens to kill them with a gun.
  • The house can be seen on fire burning Edward and Bobby and collapsing to the ground.
  • The scene with the effect on drugs on Edward and his friends turning mentally insane and becoming murderers may be too scary for children and sensitive people.

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