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Apparently, Too Tough An Act To Follow
ccthemovieman-13 May 2007
This "sequel" to "Meet The Raisins" was a big bust musically but still fun visually and dialog- wise. It all adds up to being "fair," and certainly not equal to the first 30-minute California Raisins movie, which was fantastic. I admit, that was a tough act to follow.

THE BAD - The main problem with this one is they abandoned the kind of songs that made this claymation rock group so much fun to watch and listen to.This sequel features seven songs, but two of them are repeats from the first movie (video) and the other five are all short versions of tunes that were not what the Raisins do best.

THE GOOD - You gotta love the visuals and the dialog in here. There are many things to see that are funny, too much to catch on one viewing. I loved all the puns delivered here with the fruits and vegetables.

OVERALL - Not bad but get all the pluses in here plus better music in the first Raisins special.
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Still fairly enjoyable even though the story isn't new
I actually did not know there was a sequel to the TV hit Meet the Raisins! (1988) until just recently. Once I knew for sure that there was, I obtained the footage as quickly as possible and sat down and watched it. Its running time is about equal to the first but there are some key components missing to this that don't make it equal in quality to the first.

I think I can honestly say that no one likes backtracking. Does anyone like moving forward by first going backward (if that makes any sense)? I don't think so and I know I don't. But that's what happens in the second story of the energetic California Raisins. Screenwriter Rowby Goren seemed to be the only person who thought the story was a good one. In short terms, a corrupt talent agent, Leonard Limabean, tries to break up the California Raisins through deception.

The reason why this doesn't work is because this ends up having the California Raisins perform really wacky songs. Disco-polka? Country- rap?...It's not like it isn't funny or creative because it is, but that's not why I wanted to view this movie. I wanted to see the California Raisins come out with more of their own music! I mean, isn't that what made the first one so popular? The only song that it retained from the first film is "Heard it through the grapevine".

Plus, this film isn't a parody/documentary like the first one. This is more like an episode if it were a running TV Show (which they did have at one point by the way). But to call this a sequel,...eh...it really isn't. I will give credit though for keeping most of the voice acting consistent and sticking with the claymation. I will always give props for that because it is not an easy skill. Other than that, there's not much else. If you're a California Raisins fan looking for fun, then it will satisfy. If you're a fan wanting a new album release of these characters, you're going to be disappointed.

Will Vinton's California Raisins sequel doesn't hit the high mark like the first output because there aren't any new music numbers. It's still fun though, if that's all you're looking for.
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The Sequel/Follow-Up to the Documentary-Film "Meet the Raisins [1988]"
re_zuleta5 October 2003
I remember vividly one day, finding this film -for the first time- at a local video store, circa 1990. Until this time I thought the "California Raisins" were almost forgotten [defunct] from the Will Vinton 'Claymation' commercial adds and mass marketing campaigns of the mid-late 1980's.

And I also remember that following the success of Documentary-Short Film: "Meet the Raisins," the film-spinned off a cartoon series continuing the adventures of the Raisin characters from the film.

Then a year or two later, the Second-Short Film: "Raisins Sold-Out: The California Raisins II" debuted. The film picks-up "almost" exactly where "Meet the Raisins" leaves off. It tries to fill in the time-gap between the 'Ed Suquatash Show'- at the ending [conclusion] of the "Meet the Raisins" and the over the top success -skyrocketing fame -the Raisins achieved following their phenomenal performance.

Before appearing in all the magazine covers, front-pages of multiple newspapers, top-album sales. Before releasing hit after hit records.

I highly recommend this film to all the hard-core 'Raisins' Fans out there; and encourage viewing of this short-film for what it is. "One of those great" cherished Will Vinton 'Claymation' films, similar to the ones most of us grew up watching during the Holidays.

One of the things I enjoyed the most out this film and its predeccesor was watching the Motown sounds the "California Raisins" performed on-stage. I wish they'd bring them back one of these days.
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