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Something Is Missing To Be a Great Horror Movie
claudio_carvalho29 September 2004
Jeff (Aidan Gillen) is a simple man, mechanic as a hobby and working as a cook in a restaurant. His family is composed of the beautiful Marla (Nina Siemaszko) and their daughter Casey (Skye McCole Bartusiak). One day, Jeff meets the wealthy Rubin (F. Murray Abraham) and is invited to a party at his mansion. Jeff and Marla go to the place, and Jeff envies the quality of Rubin's life. In his way back home, Rubin lends a powerful car to Jeff, he suffers an accident and Marla dies. A couple of months later, Rubin invites Jeff to work as a mechanic for him with a large salary and shows to Jeff a weird acquisition he made in Hong Kong called 'The Darkling'. Jeff sees a fiend, living in a cage under the form of a baby, and needing human companion. Jeff accepts the invitation of Rubin, and from this moment on starts his journey to hell. Yesterday I saw this movie and although not being a masterpiece or the eighth wonder of the world, it is not so bad as mentioned in other reviews. Indeed something is missing in the story to be a great horror movie, but in the end, it is a good entertainment. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): 'Inferno dos Desejos' ('Hell of the Desires')
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Pretty Scary
Sky-3520 August 2000
I started watching this movie late at night on USA Network not knowing what to expect and I was very pleasantly surprised. This movie was pretty scary for a TV movie - especially at night. Just the voice of the Darkling made me a little uncomfortable. Aiden Gillen was a very good actor and played a good man gone insane very well. If you want a pretty good scare, watch this movie. The twists are very good and so is the spooky ending.
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if you like twilight zone creep show, then you'll like this
jpdhadfield12 May 2013
if you like twilight zone or creep show then you'll like this, it has the same type of acting, and story, its made for television, which is good as the concentrate on the story. It scary and intriguing, makes you wonder what will happen.i was hooked from five minutes in. like a Roald Dahl story. i would recommend it to anybody who prefers a scary story over blood and gore. Its much deeper with twists and turns, the young girl is a fabulous actress.Also if you like classic American muscle cars, well it will be treat, I cant explain exactly why it is so good, as it would spoil the film for you, i felt it was like watching a film form the 80's ,which is a film time i enjoyed.
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DrtyBlvd18 March 2002
Comments pretty much cover it - although it did 'catch' me and keep me to the end, I wasn't impressed with the ending - it lacked focus really - sort of lost it in the last quarter to be fair - but, and this is the point, it had enough to catch my attention in the beginning. Shame it lost it at the end though.

If you pay for it, you will not receive value for money. If it's on TV it might be worth a background watch.
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Time Well Spent
jillrc26 August 2000
I enjoyed this movie! Very scary and plenty of unexpected twists and turns. The characters were interesting and well developed. A Saturday afternoon well spent.
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It may require more sophistication than many of today's viewers possess
lesterxx22 October 2000
This film certainly has its faults but nothing is good except by comparison. And comparing this film to many of the popular scaries today indicates superiorities to most. It builds on authentic information in the auto restoration area and the nature of expensive collectables. Its horror has a much more legitimate base than most of the currrent horror offerings. It also is very effectively nuanced in many ways.The acting is surprisingly good. People who gave this a low ranking either don't like the genre (fair enough) or are too dense to respond to a genuinely good film.
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I can't believe I actually rented this garbage.
deem13 December 2003
I have nothing positive to say about this "film". Don't see it! The acting is so bad I could smell "the bold and the beautiful". What happened to F.M. Abraham. This fine actor has lowered himself into the pits of "the story" in a porn. The darkling a fallen baby angel. Give me a break. aaargh!!!!!
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very poor
stemccann9 July 2001
I heard this was a real good horror, and although its not a bad film and I can see the more clever aspects of this movie I was not impressed at all. I agree with a comment that it seems like an episode of the twilight zone....I think it may be a T.V. pilot that never got accepted as series. As for the comment that a real fan would not find the film to be the trash that it is....well i am a fan and have been for a long while!!!!
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You and your car
marina_falcon26 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
On the surface, this movie would appear to deal with the psychological process called individuation, that is how to become a true self by embracing the so-called 'dark' side of human nature. Thus, we have the Darkling, a classic shadowy devilish creature desperately seeking the company (that is, recognition) of men, and the story revolves around the various ways in which this need is handled, more or less successfully.

However, if we dig a little deeper, we find that what this movie is actually about is how you should relate to your car like you would to any other person: - in the opening scene, the main character (male car mechanic fallen from grace)is collecting bits and pieces from car wrecks with his daughter, when a car wreck nearly smashes the little girl. Lesson #1: Cars are persons embodied with immortal souls, and stealing from car wrecks is identical with grave robbery. The wicked have disturbed the dead and must be punished. - just after that, another character (Rubin) buys a car wreck intending to repair it and sell it as a once-lost-now-found famous race-car and is warned by the salesman. Lesson #2: Just like any other person, a car has a unique identity that cannot be altered nor replaced. In addition, there is the twist that Rubin actually sees a hidden quality in what most people would just think of as junk, but eventually that quality turns out to be a projection of Rubin's own personal greed for more profit. Lesson #3: Thou shalt never treat thy car as a means only, but always as an end in itself. - then we have the scene where the main character is introduced to Rubin and, more importantly, Rubin's car: The main character's assessment of the car's qualities is not just based on its outer appearance, but also by a thorough look inside the engine room. Lesson #4: A car is not just to be judged by its looks, it is what is inside that really counts. There is punishment in store for those who do not keep this lesson in mind, as we see in the scene where another man tries to sell Rubin a fake collector's car. This scene by the way also underlines the importance of lesson #3.

There are numerous other examples in the movie of the 'car=person'-theme, and I am too tired now to bother citing all of them, but the point remains (and I guess this is what I'm really trying to say) that this movie is fun to watch if you have absolutely nothing else to do - or, if you're a car devotee.
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An attempted reworking of a classic story.
cheathamg28 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
First of all I thought it was naughty of them to say in the credits that the story and screenplay were by Preston Sturges. Sturges was one of the better Hollywood screenwriters until his talent faded and he retired. However, it wasn't the Preston Sturges, it was Preston Sturges, Jr. The story was essentially based on Robert Louis Stevenson's short story "The Bottle Imp". A good man comes into possession of an evil object that will grant him any wish but which will ultimately doom him to hell. That's fine. Nobody said screenwriters had to be original. The actors are generally pretty competent given the mediocre writing that they had to translate onto the screen. My biggest complaint comes with the ending. The hero thinks he has discovered a way out of his dilemma but tries to solve the problem in a somewhat different way in an attempt to save an innocent person. At first this seems to have worked but true to the code of the modern horror film, they feel they have to provide one last dollop of horror at the very end of the film. This is a stupid convention. The older horror films got along just fine with allowing the hero to win out at the end. There is nothing wrong with good triumphing over evil no matter what the current crop of film makers seems to think. You can give the audience a good healthy scare and still make them feel happy at the end. In fact, I think it's preferable.
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The Ugliest Faust I Have Ever Seen !
elshikh44 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I have a question, and it's pretty much easy: What is wonderful here? My answer: Fairly totally NOTHING! Maybe the idea of having, for the first time for me, a devil in a form of a baby. Before watching it, one of my friends deluded me that the talented voice of (Barry White) was being used in here. So I was thinking while observing the movie's condition something like "I CAN Get Enough of Your Love, Babe"!

The acting was between naive and frigid. I hated to see (F. Murray Abraham) in a role that maybe he would've done better with another script or directing. The art direction was pathetic; as it seemed that the entire movie was done in one, very small, studio. The production is the lowest element; it's not a TV work, it's a TV very poor work. All in all, it's extremely exotic and I don't mean the movie, but the way of making it like that. Undoubtedly, it's the worst (Faust) I have ever seen; it wasn't as great as the original story, or even close.

Why didn't they make it a comedy where the lead sings to the devil "I'll Do For You Anything You Want Me To", so the devil sings back "I've Got So Much To Give", and the lead replays "You're The First, The Last, My Everything", to have Mr. Lucifer saying "I'm Qualified To Satisfy You"! It would've been one diabolic musical comic horror in the honor of (Barry White) too! However, they preferred to make this piece of work which would be unforgettable indeed, however, for its scanty level, so.. "See The Trouble With Me"!

Maybe the movie's makers were possessed by more powerful devils to do what they did. Actually during the end's sequence, I found myself living the climax of the darkling literally. So while being that sick of it, I discovered how I sold my soul to a very silly devil for a 95 minutes of my life!
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worst film...EVER!
Delzante23 April 2005
...Ok I have read about this film somewhere in the internet, and many criticized on how bad and sucks this film was. And I couldn't have been more agree about it. Then after that I saw this film on DVD, I was thinking twice about this and then came commercial of this film on TV. Luckily I spared my money for this pieces of crap. I was sacrificed my sleeps for this film and soon it turned out that this film couldn't make me satisfy. So I can't be judging on how the film was made, but anyway... it still sucks. As for those who liked this film, I would apologize for flaming this film and telling on how sucks this film is. I don't know what do YOU think about this film?
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Worse than usual USA tripe
davemed24 October 2000
I checked this movie out based on a favorable review on this page. It is slow moving and the payoff is a four star dud..The only mystery here is how Oscar® winner F. Murray Abraham got involved with such a lousy script!
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