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a city seen through different eyes
val.f7 January 2001
I was first hesitant whether to go or not to see this new movie by Aldo Giovanni & Giacomo. Their first one was a funny patchwork of their cabaret bits, but most lines weren't brand new for those who already knew their theatre shows. The second one was a strangely surreal story which clearly revealed the intention to do something different and unattended, but, after the end, it didn't quite convince me. But this time, Aldo Giovanni & Giacomo do all their best to speak a new language: the language of cinema, not tv's. And they do a good job: this story, about the power and the value of friendship, is funny and poetic too. Aldo's voice-over is a good idea, and the sound-track is well harmonized with the sweet-sour atmosphere. The final is surprising scenery-machine which, with a coup de theatre, brings the three friends back to where they separated, like a time machine that finally unites past and present. But, most of all, I've been struck by the way they see Milan. They materialize a place that doesn't really exist, except in the hearts and the eyes of those who really love this city. They create a place where, in a warm summer night, you go back home by bicycle, and the street is like a stage, with skyscrapers as backdrop and old buildings as wings. No cars, no hurry at all. Reality is different but, sometimes, when I'm in very good mood, I deceive myself that the city I love is actually such a quiet place. You will surely love this movie, as I did.
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One very good comedy
nfr9819 August 2002
If you like to see a comedy really different from the one´s made in Hollywood, please go and see this one, you will laugh for the all movie. 100 minutes of good film. And in the movie you will learn how to put woman at your feet (you will understand it, when you see it). Try it, i loved it.
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Saoul3 February 2003
As Italian I feel a bit offended by the "SO ITALIAN SO SILLY" comment. Fact: anyone has the right to express freely! Fact: respect must be at the basis of any comment! I enjoyed Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo in this movie, and in many others, but a lot of friends of mine (so silly and so Italian, too) did not.

I wonder how's it possible? They are Italian so genetically they must like it! Or at least this is how "Mister or Miss X from Sydney Australia" thinks! it's a comedy! I found it funny, entertaining, the soundtrack fantastic (soooo Italian!), but anyway you can love it, enjoy it, hate it, ignore it... it's not a problem, but please comment the movie, not the people. Generalization is synonym for ignorance, as far as I see! I really hope you read this! RESPECT! ALWAYS! IN ANY CASE! Tks
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one of the best comedy on the last 20 years
Moraldo25 March 2006
Finally Adult and intelligent comedy, sweet and intelligent, that also show a Milan very different from all the stereotype of fashion, work and "Berlusconism". Someone in other comments said "So Silly, So Italian".. I am living in Sydney as the Autor of the comments... If someday I'll direct a movie about Australia probably I'll focus on the maximum expression on the local culture as Barbies, footy, drunken riot, and strong racism against all Mediterranean cultures... probably all the European audience will find "so silly so Australian"... Actually something very similar to what they think watching film as "He Died with a Felafel In His Hand".... if watched in a superficial way is very easy think that is just about "adult misbehaving like five years old"
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pleasant surprise
sapochnik19 August 2002
chiedimi se sono felici has been a very pleasant surprise to me. it's a very good comedy, of a very smart humor, reviewing a dramatic situation that maybe everyone has been through. it's very funny without being silly or stupid, and without loosing the dramatic and sad part of live. even in that, it's very diferent from "la vitta e bella".
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Three friends separate, but...
Saoul27 December 2000
A sweet comedy, different from every other movie by Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo. They've abandoned their funny but a bit old gags, and they succeeded in making a movie. The story is quite simple. Three friends come to fight about a girl. They're all actors or "something similar"... and their fight destroys also their first chance of playing in a piece. But what happens if one of them is meant to have only a few days left to live? Well done, well played, great laughs, some tears...
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Another travel with Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo
Il_Koreano22 October 2001
Well, this movie is good and bad. Is good because Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo are really "magic", and they confirm of being able behind the cinema camera. But this film is bad because they use the same plot of the last two movies: three man, a woman, the love, a travel. Now A., G. & G. are the best italian comedians on the big screen, but if they continue to use the same idea, with some modification, they risk truly a lot, they risk the place of "kings of the Christmas italian comedy", stolen to Massimo Boldi and Christian De Sica.

FINAL VOTE: 6 (For the "magic")
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Very silly, very Italian
ghp195418 October 2001
If you enjoyed "Life is Beautiful" last year, I suppose you might like this, but it's really aimed at Italian audiences who seem to like contrived so-called comedies about innocents and incompetents. I found this story of three male actors, and their inability to get anything together in their lives, infantile and (worse) boring, but the Italians in the audience lapped it up. Be warned: if your idea of entertainment doesn't include adults behaving like five year olds, stay away from this movie!
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