House of 1000 Corpses (2003) Poster

Chris Hardwick: Jerry Goldsmith



  • Jerry Goldsmith : Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!

  • Otis : Hey, happy boy, step your ass up here.

    Baby : Take his gag out. It's more fun with the screaming.

    Mother : I like that too. That screaming is much more exciting that way.

    [They remove Jerry's gag] 

    Jerry Goldsmith : Please don't kill us, please don't kill us.

    Baby : [imitating Jerry]  Please don't kill us... nah... please don't kill us.

    Otis : Shut your mouth and get your shit in the box. Get in now.

    Mother : Wait, wait, wait... I wanna say goodbye.

    [Mama Firefly grabs Jerry by the collar and gives him a big kiss] 

    Mother : Goodbye, sweetie. We could've been great.

    Otis : Ain't we just having a fucking hoot?

    Jerry Goldsmith : Just let us go, I swear to God we won't tell anyone. I swear...

    Mother : Honey, you know I can't do that.

    Otis : Ain't we just having a fucking hoot?

    Rufus 'R.J.' Firefly Jr. : Get your fucking ass up, boy.

    Otis : Come on, we ain't got all night.

    [Rufus grabs Jerry and body slams him into the coffin while Mary breaks free and runs off] 

    Otis : Where does she think she's gonna run to? She gonna run all the way home?

    Baby : No, let me get her.

    Otis : All right, go get her.

  • Jerry Goldsmith : That was so badass! Dr. Satan! Ahhh! Dr. Satan!

  • Baby : Hey wanna play a guessing game? Guess what number I'm thinking of.

    Jerry Goldsmith : Eat shit and die.

    [Baby starts cutting Jerry's hair with the scissors] 

    Jerry Goldsmith : No, wait, please, come on, stop it! What do you want? What do you want from me? What do you want from us?

    Baby : Please be quiet, I don't wanna slip. OK, one more. You get this right, I'll let ya go. If you get it wrong you are fucked! OK, who's my favourite movie star?

    Jerry Goldsmith : I don't know... M... Marilyn Monroe!

    Baby : Hmmm... no, Bette Davis! Sorry, you lose!

    [Baby scalps Jerry] 

  • Jerry Goldsmith : Come on, babe. Me and Bill found a kick ass place.

    Denise Willis : Huh?

    Jerry Goldsmith : Grab Mary and come inside.

    Denise Willis : [Denise shakes a lump of jackets and sweaters lying next to her. She removes a sweater form the top of the pile to reveal the face of Mary Knowles]  Come on sleeping beauty, time to go to work.

    Mary Knowles : [half asleep]  Sleeping.

    Denise Willis : Rise and shine.

    Mary Knowles : [groggy]  No please, let me sit this one out.

    Denise Willis : [removing the blanket]  Let's go. You're the one who wanted to be a photographer.

    Mary Knowles : I resign.

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