Cheats (2002) Poster


Trevor Fehrman: Handsome



  • Handsome : Bullshit is in the details.

  • Handsome : Crippled elves do dance around a devil covered by blue dress, dairy causes diarrhea, chunky, creamy, butter cheese,

    All : Bad Billy does dope, bitches and brews but can't even build a cigarette boat,

    Victor : All a bang booze every day above a bridge behind a cave,

    All : carpet crawler can't eat eagle, before chicken during day!

  • Handsome : The greatest hoax in the history of institutionalized education is the myth of the permanent record.

  • Handsome : It wasn't just me who won that award, it was for Sammy for winning that spelling bee, and it was for Applebee for writing crazy small, and it was for Victor, for knowing how to deal with adopted kids. You see cheating is what made the four of us famous, the most famous cheaters in north point history.

    Horny : Everything is bullshit.

    Greedy : It is what it is.

  • Victor : I don't get it, none of the girls will give their notes. It's like they all of a sudden have self-esteem.

    Handsome : That's impossible.

  • Handsome : Teddy wasn't an idiot, she was a genius, and you killed her.

  • Handsome : I'll take it right now!

  • [Handsome, Sammy and Victor are pulled out of class in regards to cheating] 

    Mr. Harkin : You punks... must think I'm some kind of idiot.

    Handsome : What the hell are you talking about?

    Mr. Harkin : What am I talking about? What am I - I got a classroom full a kids in there, and the highest mark that anybody got was 55. Sammy you got 81, Handsome you got 84 and Victor you got 100 percen. Congratulations, Victor! Can anybody explain to me the root of this freak occurrence?

    [a beat of silence] 

    Handsome : What the hell am I doing out here?

    [Handsome throws his pencil, takes off his shirt and starts hitting lockers] 

    Mr. Harkin : Handsome, calm down!

    Handsome : You think I cheated? Give me the test right now, Mr. Harkin! Right now!

    Mr. Harkin : Alright, I-I- I'll give you the test next period.

    Handsome : No! Not next period! Right now! Right now! I'll take it right now!

    [Handsome drops to the ground in a Zen-like pose] 

    Handsome : I'm ready for the test.

    Mr. Harkin : Handsome... put your shirt back on and go back to class. I'm sorry I accused you.

  • Handsome : Sammy and I may have hated school, but Victor - Victor hated everything. His motto was "I hate everything."

  • Marty the Janitor : Jimmy Carter!

    Handsome : [pause]  No, thank you.

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