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24 Jan. 1956
The Gimmick
A pilot struggles to qualify for carrier landings. His flight captain tries to show him a little gimmick, but against all common sense he refuses to listen. Finally in desperation the flight captain tries something different.
31 Jan. 1956
Demos the Grik
A recent Greek Immigrant joins the navy and struggles to come to grips with life on board ship. When the cruiser he is on is suddenly dispatch to Greece he worries something has gone wrong and Greece is in some kind of war.
7 Feb. 1956
Little More Than a Brother
While on a bombing run over Korea, a pilot is blinded and unable to eject from his plane. Other pilots come to his aid, and using old naval traditions keep him conscious for the long flight home.
3 Apr. 1956
Men from Mars
A typical Trip from Alameda NAS (SF Bay) to Honolul Hawaii, in the Largest flying boat in the world. Hauling a load of cargo and passengers om an average flight of 14-15 hr. During the flight a daisy chain, including an ADM is formed to add oil to one of four engines.
17 Oct. 1956
The Death of Dillinger-San
Tells the story of the decision to go after and attack Admiral Yamamoto while he was an inspection tour of Japanese forces in the Pacific.
21 Nov. 1956
Man Alone
Lt. Hugh Barr Miller's survival on Arundel Island after his ship, the USS Strong, was sunk by a Japanese submarine in the Battle of Kula Gulf July 5, 1943.
5 Dec. 1956
Incident at Formosa
A routine air patrol during the Korean War takes a dramatic turn when strange RADAR returns begin to appear. The flight needs to investigate but a whole new war could be at stake if they fail.
12 Dec. 1956
Peril on the Sea
A tense situation develops after a flight of aircraft get caught in fog and don't appear to be able to make it back to their carriers. A series of extremely improbable events occur that may give the pilots the chance they need.

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