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Interview: Jeff Garlin Gives Advice on ‘Dealin’ with Idiots’

Chicago – Jeff Garlin is what he is. He wants to emphasize that characteristic over any in the formation and development of his many characters – most famously as Jeff Greene on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and The Captain in the animated classic film “Wall-e.” Garlin also co-wrote and directed his latest film, “Dealin’ with Idiots.”

The film is a treatise on kid’s sports, in this case Little League baseball. Garlin portrays Max Morris, a “top twenty” comedian who simply wants his son to have fun playing the game. The other parents, the coaches and the rules conspire against that notion, and the Max character constantly fights against that system throughout the story. The film is off-beat and funny, using the same set-up and techniques as “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” with the actors improvising scenes based on an outline.

Jeff Garlin is Off Base in ‘Dealin’ with Idiots’

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Silence Of The Lambs Will Be Preserved

Silence Of The Lambs Will Be Preserved
Hannibal Lecter will be opening a celebratory bottle of Chianti and finding someone to have for dinner at the news that Jonathan Demme’s 1991 thriller The Silence Of The Lambs is part of the National Film Registry’s typically eclectic list of films to be Preserved For All Time.*Announced by the Library of Congress across the pond, the list is always made public around this time of year and movies make the cut because, according to Librarian of Congress James H Billington, they are “selected because of their enduring significance to American culture. Our film heritage must be protected because these cinematic treasures document our history and culture and reflect our hopes and dreams."So what other “treasures” are on there besides the psychopathic slitherings of Doctor Lecter? Robert Zemeckis’ still-divisive, Oscar-scooping Forrest Gump for one, and Charlie Chaplin’s 1921 classic The Kid for another.Also on the list?
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