Treasure Island (1998) Poster

Kevin Zegers: Jim Hawkins



  • Long John Silver : [Jim is being tattooed]  Och, that's a fine tattoo, Jim. It's a sign you're now truly a gentleman of fortune like the rest of us, eh?

    Jim Hawkins : Gentleman of fortune? Doesn't that mean a pirate?

    Long John Silver : Ah, pirate, Jim... now the word's a tricky one. For instance, here, who'd be the pirates? The men who worked their way across this treasure cruise and simply wanted their... their fair share of it or men like the Squire and the Captain who stole a treasure chart from a lad who was given it and then betrayed him out of his share of it? Now mayn't they be the ones that should be called pirates?

  • Jim Hawkins : [he's helping Silver to stand up when one of the Captain's men threatens to shoot him]  Fine, then! Shoot me! If someone can't help a man in need, then shoot me!

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