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Season 4

30 Aug. 2003
Nightcrawler tries to revive his mother Mystique who is still trapped in stone, much to the dismay of Rogue.
6 Sep. 2003
No Good Deed
The Brotherhood stage accidents in order to make themselves look like heroes and use their new found fame to make the X-men look bad.
13 Sep. 2003
Target X
Wolverine and his clone, X-23, team up to take on Hydra.
20 Sep. 2003
Sins of the Son
Charles Xavier's son David has been seemingly abducted.
27 Sep. 2003
During a wave of anti-mutant violence, Spyke returns, having further mutated as a vigilante and protector of the sewer-dwelling Morlocks.
4 Oct. 2003
Cajun Spice
Gambit, the card playing Cajun mutant abducts Rogue to help him find his kidnapped father.
11 Oct. 2003
Ghost of a Chance
Kitty befriends Danielle Moonstar, a young mutant girl, but does she really exist?
18 Oct. 2003
Ascension: Part 1
Apocalypse plans to turn all humans with the dormant X-gene into mutants.
25 Oct. 2003
Ascension: Part 2
In order to prevent all of humankind from being turned into mutants, the X-Men, the Brotherhood, S.H.I.E.L.D., The Acolytes, Angel, Spyke, Havok, and the New Mutants all join forces to save humanity from the ambitions of Apocalypse.

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