Without Motive Poster

(2000– )

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Season 1

2 Oct. 2000
A Family Man
Bristol D.C. Jack Mowbray is a good cop and an even better family man. He is on the case of a brutally murdered woman that is soon connected to two murders further south in Wales. When it's clear the Bristol police have a serial killer on their hands, the D.C. and his fellow officers are hard pressed to make up for lost time and keep the public reassured.
9 Oct. 2000
Memories of Laura
The murder investigation ratchets up another notch with a fourth murder -- one that comes perilously close to home for the Mowbrays. Fear is starting to spread among the population just as frustration is building in the police team as the perpetrator continues to stay out of their reach.
15 Oct. 2000
Out of Context
The latest victim of the serial killer, Laura, has brought the heart of the investigation straight into the heart of the Mowbray family. Tensions run high as Sally's fear takes an ever increasing hold on her. Meanwhile, the investigation suffers from incompetence on an upper level.
22 Oct. 2000
Fit the Picture
Investigators continue to pore over what seems like an infinite number of data in search of the culprit responsible for the horrific murders. Jack Mowbray has narrowed it down to one suspect bringing him in for questioning. His boss, DCS Henderson, tells him to cut him loose leaving them both open to repercussions later on.
29 Oct. 2000
Decision Time
The killer is still at large and still active. Morale among the M4 team is at its nadir. Jack and Sally's marriage is strained leading Jack to make questionable choices. It's become a very messy business with very little hope on the horizon. But no one has any intention of giving up.
5 Nov. 2000
A Rattled Man
Mowbray takes himself off the case, goes on leave, and tries to patch things up with Sally and the kids. While he's gone, the police make an arrest. DCS Henderson believes he has his man but needs a confession to be sure.

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