Exit Wounds (2001) Poster


David Vadim: Matt Montini


  • [Orin Boyd arrests Matt Montini, who sees his Dodge Ram with the front grill ripped off] 

    Matt Montini : Oh, I guess the grill was optional.

  • Latrell Walker : I want to know why you're pressing me.

    Matt Montini : Who's pressing you?

    Latrell Walker : You got a cop on my ass. Same guy from the other night. He's like a fucking Neanderthal. He keeps popping up all over the place.

    Matt Montini : He's not one of ours, alright. I'm gonna take care of him. But you, what the fuck were you thinking, showing up here? I should just shoot you, in case... Look, if I wanted to bust you, man, I would have brought you in a long time ago, you hear me? This is business. I just scraped together a shit load of product for our next deal. Forget it.

    Latrell Walker : How much?

    Matt Montini : Around five million.

    Latrell Walker : Yeah, right.

    Matt Montini : You wanted seven figures, that's what I brought you right? If not, then we do have a big problem.

  • Matt Montini : So what happened here?

    Orin Boyd : Property vault was hit. Fifty kilos of heroin stolen.

    Matt Montini : Shit, someone's having a big party tonight.

  • Matt Montini : We'll call you when you're ready. You just have the money together.

    Latrell Walker : Done.

  • Matt Montini : [to Latrell]  You come with me.

    [to T.K] 

    Matt Montini : Be back in an hour.

  • Useldinger : Come on! There he is.

    Matt Montini : Pop him. Pop him now!

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