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Appearances could be deceiving
pv6124 September 2011
Elena's mother lived only to make her daughter's life miserable. Now that she's gone, Elena (Maricruz Olivier) finds out she had a little treasure hidden and now is all hers. Since she always lived a simple life, her friend Clara (Sonia Furio) is trying to convince her to take a trip, go see the world, improve the old house... but Elena is not sure... she is not used to be alone and asks Clara to move in with her.

Clara is happy with the news, because, in the most intimate part of her being, she feels something special about Elena... So special that they both sleep in the same bed! Elena finally takes that trip and goes to visit a relative, where she meets Victor (Guillermo Murray), a handsome and charming man and before coming back home, marries him. When she sees them arriving, Clara is frozen with disbelief. Now Elena shows not only a new flashy wardrobe and hairdo, but a handsome husband to match! That is not good, she doesn't trust him and start seeing things Elena supposedly don't see, blinded by the passionate relationship.

Suspicion gets in Elena's head trough some anonymous notes she receive, and since she is not sure where they're coming from, she starts taking precautions. Some little accidents around the house and the signature for a Life Insurance, makes Elena decide Victor is really something very different from what he say he is. Besides, Victor is a twice widower, and her former wives died in strange circumstances... is it right to doubt? Clara moves out and Elena start seeing things in another way, soon she will find out who's right and who's wrong, hopefully not too late!

This is a very interesting movie with the ''Taboada'' touch of mystery and suspense.
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