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(2000– )

Episode List


Season 16

1 Apr. 2014
The Inheritance
Daniel sees a young man who believes he's inherited his late dad's suicide tendencies. His protective mother is not helping either. Karen & Rob are all excited after sleeping together. Emma is still worried about Chris.
2 Apr. 2014
Finding Alfie
A patient of Zara's spots Kevin as the guy she's been chatting to on a dating site. It's a fake account, though as she's hot, Kevin shows an interest in her. Mr Abbott discovers that his son, who has Aspergers, is gay.
3 Apr. 2014
The Face in the Mirror
Zara sees two women who both think that she's the mistress, and the other woman is married to her man. Karen has a mirror exercise at her therapists, & Jimmi deals with two guys arrested for fighting - one of them being Chris.
4 Apr. 2014
Angelo's Ashes
Mrs Tembe goes to the gym with a recently bereaved lady friend, only they'll only be let in if her cremated husband comes too. Emma has a go at Jimmi in order to protect Chris, but ultimately, Chris tells all to him.
7 Apr. 2014
Golden Girl
Al's night at the student bar gets ruined when a girl who's been injecting herself with the fake tan her sexy friend has been selling has a serious reaction. Karen baby sits for Zara and Daniel.
8 Apr. 2014
The Good Neighbour
Roy pays his new neighbours a visit. He's an ex cop & is worried when he sees Rob and the police see them into their new place. Howard upsets a breast feeding patient, & Chris is determined to tell all to the cops.
9 Apr. 2014
Two Roads
Chris announces he's moving to Australia - on Friday. Daniel meets up with an old professor and ex gambling buddy, and Howard's insulted breast feeding mum turns up, and brings her demo mates with her.
10 Apr. 2014
Banana Bite
Howard gets a shock when the breast feeding demo makes the front page of the local rag. Chris & Daniel see a man who might have a spider bite on his neck, with the deadly spider loose. Emma decides to sell her house.
11 Apr. 2014
Al, Kevin & Mandy, with Barry's help, organise a going away party for Chris on his last day. Mandy sees new mum Rachel, who thinks she's inadequate because she's having problems breast feeding.
28 Apr. 2014
Sometimes It Snows in April
Kevin helps Michael after some ice falls from a plane onto his car. His marriage is falling apart, only his wife is pregnant. Zara sees Rachel again over her breast feeding problems, and Emma is missing Chris.
29 Apr. 2014
The Crazy World of Vegetables
Marilyn, an old friend of Howards, asks his advice for her son who left the Army to look after her when she was ill. Zara has a barney at Mandy over the advice she gave to Rachel, & then at Emma after she solves her breast feeding problem.
30 Apr. 2014
Less Than Meets the Eye
Mrs Tembe has a shock when she discovers the truth about Emma's Luscious Lace party. Karen has a Zara/red knicker flashback. Jimmi deals with a sexually confused girl who's been beaten up, and Josh gets released on license.
1 May 2014
Land of Sunshine
Mrs Tembe is so upset over the lingerie party that she goes to Church. There, she bumps into Josh. Rob & Emma deal with a frightened woman with cuts on her feet who's been arrested for stealing. There are interviews for a new Doctor.
2 May 2014
Mrs Tembe and Josh get closer in Church, but soon runs away scared when she discovers his history of rape. Karen dresses up all sexy with the intention of having sex with Rob, only does his back in.
6 May 2014
Mandy helps a young girl deal with her boyfriend. He won't wear a condom, takes drugs, and has filmed them having sex and put in on the Web. Rob hires a classic car & takes Karen on a picnic. Josh tells Mrs Tembe all about his raping.
7 May 2014
Hitting Home
New Dr. Niamh joins the practice, much to the dismay of Al, who fancied the other candidate. Rob & Emma deal with an angry mother, fighting the system, and for her son. Kevin tries to get out of the breast feeding training.
8 May 2014
A Blind Eye
Zara and a reluctant Kevin go to the breast feeding training day. Daniel deals with an African man with worsening eye problems. He also has violent flashbacks and keeps seeing cockroaches. Al and Niamh open up in the Icon Bar.
9 May 2014
Reliable Witness
Al deals with an elderly man and his mouthy care worker. He claims he buried to body of his wife in the foundations of their old house. Mrs Tembe & Josh go to an art gallery together, and Rob & Karen go clay pigeon shooting.
12 May 2014
Old Scores
Kevin goes to a school careers talk, only gets in the middle of two ex pupils. Adam, a lawyer, seems to want to settle an old score. Heston returns from his travels, and Emma tries to organize a night out.
13 May 2014
The Larry Wrigglesworth Affair
When on patrol, SC Howard stumbles on a break in at the local art gallery. Niamh and Emma go to a nightclub, where it's student night. Rob and Karen go to a posh French restaurant.
14 May 2014
Just Deserts
Emma gets a shock when she wakes up next to a man she picked up at the student nightclub, who then tries to sell her a hot tub. Heston meets up with Angelica, an old friend, who asks for his help. Mrs Tembe & Josh visit a toy exhibition.
15 May 2014
Electric Dreams
Emma has a doctors only dinner party to welcome Niamh. It all starts off a bit awkwardly, though Niamh soon livens it up. Mrs Tembe invites Karen around, and shows her her old record collection.
16 May 2014
The Call of Duty
Kevin discovers a double attempted suicide, and has to deal with the affects on the couple's son. Zara deals with a mouthy pregnant girl, who has asthma and smokes. Karen has an appointment with her therapist.
19 May 2014
Mandy consoles middle-aged Ruby and Ivan Slade whose only child has recently died but is surprised when Ruby announces a desire to get pregnant again, using her 'snow babies', embryos stored at the IVF clinic. In fact another pregnancy could seriously endanger her life and Ivan has the embryos destroyed. Meanwhile Mrs Tembe deeply offends Josh by asking his reasons for being a rapist and Zara persuades Jade and her friends to attend a one day event on breast feeding.
20 May 2014
The Apprentice
Niamh goes to Al for help when she doesn't know how to deal with an elderly patient. A gas engineer & his girl apprentice arrive to fix the Mill boiler. Karen tells Rob that her therapist wants to see them both.
21 May 2014
Dorian Blue
Dorian sees Niamh at the health clinic. He thinks he has woman's breasts & a lump. His girlfriend though, thinks he's gay. Zara seeks Mandy's advice on her upcoming breast feeding seminar, & Rob goes to his 1st therapy session with Karen.
22 May 2014
A Rock and a Hard Place
Kevin sees a drop dead gorgeous personal trainer. She says she fell and damaged her back when visiting her sick mother at the care home, but is she sicker that she realizes, and what's her boyfriend up to?
23 May 2014
Modern Family
Connor thinks his pregnant girlfriend isn't taking their relationship too seriously. Zara has her breast feeding seminar and ends up revealing all to a shocked audience. Emma books a yoga retreat.
27 May 2014
To Catch a Thief
Rob and Jimmi deal with a 12 year old girl who has stolen a woman's bag and has bruises on her arms. Emma has a fun first day at the yoga retreat. Josh explains to Mrs Tembe why he used to rape women, but it's all too much for her.
28 May 2014
Lonely Hearts
Mandy sees Mary and her lodger Tony. Mary is taking him to Africa, but Mandy is worried about her need for more Statins. Emma gets to know her yoga instructor Adam, and Jimmi gets concerned when he sees Mrs Tembe & Josh together.
29 May 2014
Cold Fusion
Al is approached by a guy wanting his help in contacting aliens to get the secret of Cold Fusion. It seems though that he's escaped from a mental health facility and the police are after him on the grounds of terrorism.
30 May 2014
The Kiss
An old friend of Zara's turns up. They'd once had a fling only now he wants her help and a load of money to save his son from gangsters. Without telling anyone, Karen visits Jack, to talk about 'The Kiss'.
2 Jun. 2014
After identifying the body of her friend Edwin, Zara tracks down his drug addled son, but gets in deeper trouble than she bargained for. The Hollins' re-unite in a bid to help Karen, and Mrs Tembe introduces Josh to the Reverend.
3 Jun. 2014
A Thousand Words
Niamh deals with a lad whose online Video Blog campaigning for his worsening cancer proves to be a lie. Immie creates a piece of artwork to try and deal with her mother's situation.
4 Jun. 2014
Responsible Adult
Niamh spends way too long at her 1st call on her 1st official home visit. Daniel sees a stressed lady who's having trouble with her neighbours. Jack, Immie & Karen have a lazy Rebond day, leaving Rob to clean up after them.
5 Jun. 2014
A Day in the Life
Niamh discovers that two of her teenage patients are linked by a suicide quotation and a locked Internet group. She gets Al to hack into the group. The Hollins' go bowling.
5 Jun. 2014
And So to Bed
Mrs Tembe helps a friend hunt for his mother's old mattress. It's been thrown out and taken away, but contains all her money and jewelry - £50000. Karen tries to cook a traditional Sunday roast on the family's last day together.
9 Jun. 2014
Judge and Jury
Al is accused by a patient of sexually molesting her, though he is determined to get to the bottom of why. Mrs Tembe goes to Josh's for lunch, Emma & Adam go to a Vegan restaurant, and Howard creates a profile on a dating agency website.
10 Jun. 2014
Breaking the Silence
Daniel deals with a student who's just had an operation for a permanent hearing aid after being deaf for years. Howard is requested by Annie Harris to investigate her break in, and Heston's going a bit weird.
11 Jun. 2014
Not Coming Out
Kevin's cousin asks him to find out if her son is gay. She thinks he is. Howard and Annie go to a Greek restaurant, Emma goes to Adam's for a meal, and Mrs Tembe goes to Josh's to teach him to cook.
12 Jun. 2014
Try a Little Tenderness
Barry arrives for a security check at the Campus Surgery but gets a shock when a foreign lap dancer turns up claiming that he's the father of her unborn child. Emma wishes Adam would fight back more.
13 Jun. 2014
Baby Chain
Niamh deals with a mother and daughter, the mother of whom is 8 months pregnant with her daughter's baby. Arguments follow when the mother decides she wants to keep it. Heston seems to be losing his mind.
16 Jun. 2014
Boiling Point
Carer Lauren is attacked and raped in the street whilst getting fish and chips for her Alzheimer's patient. Jimmi and Rob are on hand to help. Josh goes to Mrs Tembe's to learn to cook, but they end up arguing.
17 Jun. 2014
In the Blood
Emma sees a girl who's pregnant and has been taking antidepressants, though gets even more upset when she discovers the truth about her Grandmother's time in a Nazi Death Camp. Josh gets a visit from the police.
18 Jun. 2014
Small Deaths
Heston deals with a young mother who's awoken on her sofa with her baby dead in her arms. She doesn't even remember him being there when she fell asleep. Howard & Annie go Geo-Cashing in the Lickey Hills, & Karen has something to tell Rob.
19 Jun. 2014
Better Off Alone
Mandy finds out that's she's got more in common than she thinks with a female patient. She takes her home then gets involved when her dodgy ex takes her son. Howard, Annie, Emma and Adam find themselves at a posh restaurant together.
20 Jun. 2014
The Wicca Man
Zara deals with Jade's mother and a dodgy midwife as a pregnant Jade is rushed to St Phil's. Kevin sorts out two warring neighbours, whilst Niamh tries to get Howard and Emma together now that they're both single again.
7 Jul. 2014
Niamh starts panicking when Heston suggests a role play session. Zara tries to help Jade with her breast feeding. Jimmi insists on seeing Josh when he books an appointment, and gives him a stern warning.
8 Jul. 2014
Author, Author
An Emily Bronte fan is fed up with the lack of interest in her manuscript. She keeps talking to Emily, but a mole on her face & a phone call make her go to see her hero Dr Granger. Zara goes to see Jade & Niamh tries to get Al's attention.
9 Jul. 2014
Just the Ticket
Noel is worried that an ex con who is doing Community Service for his Aunt, is taking advantage of her dementia. Jimmi is concerned over the amount of pills she seems to be taking. Mrs Tembe makes Josh an offer.
10 Jul. 2014
What Lies Beneath
Howard deals with an over eager Portable Ultrasound rep. Al opens up to Jimmi about the Niamh/cakes debacle. A nervous Josh has an interview at the Church café, and Niamh, Karen and Emma go to a Karaoke bar.
11 Jul. 2014
Turn in the Road
Rob deals with a girl who was taking her driving test using a false identity and a hire car. Karen wants to keep things exciting now that she's moved in with Rob, and Daniel thinks he and Zara need a new challenge together.
14 Jul. 2014
When elderly charity collector Elsie Potter collapses her grandson Ben calls in Zara and innocently gives her one of Elsie's home-made buns, unaware that they are hash cakes Elsie has made to help her arthritis. As a result Daniel needs to rescue a stoned Zara. Heston consults clairvoyant Celeste Baptiste over noises he hears in his house and though she believes there is nothing wrong the noise start again after she has left. Meanwhile Mandy and Niamh suspect that Mrs Tembe and Josh are more than friends.
15 Jul. 2014
The Good Doctor
Al bumps into a cancer patient who claims he's been cured. Al says he's been ripped off and is determined to expose the doctor and his claims as a fake. Howard announces that Emma has broken her ankle and they need to get a Lo-cum.