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Season 15

2 Apr. 2013
Begins at Home
Jimmi sees Jo who is struggling with money, has no food in the house, and is stealing to feed her young boy. Mrs Tembe thinks she can help. Howard tries to placate Chris by suggesting he move on!
3 Apr. 2013
Two men go rare bird watching outside the Mill, in a localised blizzard, much to Karen's annoyance. Mrs Tembe goes to offer Jo some Christian charity and advice. Chris tries to fix his dad's bike.
4 Apr. 2013
Al sees a dying man who is seeking forgiveness for his sins. Howard goes on a search for the missing Mill toilet rolls, and it's the day of the Coroner's verdict on Sam's death.
5 Apr. 2013
Motherly Love
Rob finds an abandoned baby in the snow of Letherbridge park, only two women claim it's theirs. Zara and Daniel have a quick one in the Mill store cupboard, unaware of Howard's secret camera.
8 Apr. 2013
One Got Away
On their wedding anniversary, Trishna takes grumpy Shiva to see Kevin about his arm, but is he having an affair? Whilst looking for a place for their food bank, Mrs Tembe and Gordon get stuck in the snow when their car breaks down.
9 Apr. 2013
The Punch & Judy Man
Chris and Emma retrace one of Sam's favorite cycle routes. Jas helps a woman and her puppeteer husband - he doesn't think their baby's his. Zara falls over in high heels and snow, and breaks her ankle.
10 Apr. 2013
The Hider in the House
On crutches, Zara hires a new nanny, only she's blonde and sexy. Then Daniel turns up to help and Zara's not a good patient! Kate drags her loved up and coughing mum to see Jimmi. Howard struggles as Chris and Emma get closer.
11 Apr. 2013
All's Fair
Daniel manages to convince Zara to move back in to his house while she needs looking after. Howard deals with two aging army guys whose battles with each other are getting out of hand. Mrs Tembe is worried about having sex with Gordon.
12 Apr. 2013
Turn Back Time
In the early 1980s, Emma and Sam meet for the first time, and soon develop a growing relationship. In 2013 meanwhile, Chris meets Uncle Spike, who tells him a few dark tales of what his dad was really like.
15 Apr. 2013
Truth and Reconcilliation
Kevin leaves Jas to attend a dead tutor's funeral on her own, where she uncovers a history of serial rape. Zara is in a bad mood on her first day back at the Mill.
16 Apr. 2013
Cassie's parents, and Al, try to get her to go to an anorexia clinic. The drive to the clinic proves eventful though. The prospect of sex with Mrs Tembe makes Gordon go and see Jimmi, as he's worried about his 'performance'.
17 Apr. 2013
Young Love
Mandy gives a sexual health lesson at a local school, and helps a young relief teacher who has been spotted dating a pupil. Kevin tries to prove he's still young, so goes out with Chris and his mates.
18 Apr. 2013
The Lean
Daniel tries to re-connect with a struggling Zara, and starts by painting her toe nails. Chris deals with two students, both of whom fancy Yasmin - the new girl. Mrs Tembe finally stays the night at Gordons.
19 Apr. 2013
Friday's Feelings
Kevin and Jas help a local DJ with her on air asthma attack, and end up broadcasting themselves! Mrs Tembe and Gordon go to the Hollins' for dinner, and Al gets chatted up by a local barmaid.
22 Apr. 2013
Person of Interest
Rob brings down the wrath of the new female DI, and her boss DCS Blake, whom Rob has a history with, when he jeopardizes an undercover operation by arresting the undercover officer.
23 Apr. 2013
Potato Head
Mandy sees Pearl who's about to have an operation. Her elderly husband is suffering from Altzheimers and is going into respite care. Emma has a go at Howard when he lightens her load.
24 Apr. 2013
Emma's at the police station, where she meets an old friend and helps with a case of domestic violence. Howard asks Jas and Kevin to formulate a medical based radio show.
25 Apr. 2013
Talented Kid
Gordon and Mrs Tembe prepare for the opening of their food bank, while Jas and Kevin prepare for their first radio broadcast. Daniel deals with two brothers trying to sort out their late father's affairs, but where has all the money gone?
26 Apr. 2013
Light My Fire
Rob continues to be bullied by DI O'Neil as they investigate a local arson. Karen is intrigued by Thomas, who hangs around all day waiting for Mrs Tembe.
29 Apr. 2013
The Liars of Letherbridge
Gary's attempts to impress the sexy Welsh student upstairs get complicated when she mistakes him for a virtuoso Spanish guitarist. Mrs Tembe meets up with Thomas, only it goes really badly.
30 Apr. 2013
The Gift Next Door
Al gets into trouble with his neighbours and the police when he is accused of stealing an expensive delivery of wine. Mrs Tembe tries to explain to an upset Gordon, but makes things much worse.
1 May 2013
Last of the Romantics
Mandy visits her recently bereaved Auntie Rose, where she discovers hidden secrets, including a lost love. Mrs Tembe visits Thomas and tries to make amends.
2 May 2013
The Grapevine
Kevin gets nominated for Young GP of the Year. Mrs Tembe tries to get people to condemn her for her past behaviour. Jimmi goes to see DI O'Neil when she doesn't turn up for work, and is shocked when she accuses DS Cartwright of rape.
3 May 2013
Where the Truth Lies
Heston deals with a young Muslim man who is nervous and stressed out. Rob arrests Cartwright for the alleged rape of O'Neil, and both are interviewed. Mrs Tembe bumps into Gordon at the food bank, but he has some bad news for her.
7 May 2013
A Most Unusual Item
Karen has to get an elderly salesman to the hospital for his first course in dialysis. He's worried about his wife though, as she's just moved into a care home and is suffering from dementia.
8 May 2013
The Final Bell
When Howard's car breaks down, he stumbles across an illegal fight at a traveler's camp. He helps the injured man who he thinks was in the army. Checking him out, he discovers that he's a deserter.
9 May 2013
Fox on the Run
Kevin sees Owen who has escaped from a Young Offenders unit and needs money and Meths. Daniel tries to convince Zara that they see a counselor. O'Neil finds out about Emma and Dave's past relationship.
10 May 2013
Daniel and Zara start their therapy. Antagonistic and dismissive at first, Zara finally comes around to the day's merits and agrees to start 'dating' Daniel again.
13 May 2013
Chris FM
Jas persuades a student patient who's had her stomach pumped, to go on Chris' 1st radio show to talk about it. The show hasn't been going well though. Emma visits DS Cartwright, with startling results.
14 May 2013
The Sucker List
Rob gets a letter telling him he's been put on a list as a victim of fraud. Emma speaks to Jimmi and goes to see O'Neil after Cartwright's attempted rape of her. Daniel and Zara go on a dinner date.
15 May 2013
Sweet Sixteen
After constant arguing with her daughter and mother, Gina wakes up on the anniversary of her father's death thinking she's 16 again, and promptly gets arrested. Zara and Daniel join Heston and Howard for a partner's dinner.
16 May 2013
Where R U?
Zara & the staff get a surprise when Howard quickly puts her 360 Feedback idea into operation. Karen helps a young pregnant girl deal with her long lost dad. Zara tries out her really high heels, but then needs a foot & leg message.
17 May 2013
Crash Barrier
Chris helps a mother and son who have been suffering 8 months of persecution over a car accident and death. Howard and Al discover a problem with the patent for Al's Blood Pressure Monitor.
20 May 2013
By the Pricking of My Thumbs
Jas suggests to Al that he collaborates with the South Korean firm over his lost patent design. Emma sees Stuart, and his ex, both suffering from SDIs and a dodgy tattoo. Mrs Land tries to get Mrs Tembe to return to Church.
21 May 2013
Nowhere to Go
Two brothers re-unite 5 years after an accident which left one in the hospital, now that their mother has died. One of them though has stolen Jas' purse and is ill himself. The Mill staff are not happy with the 360 feedback comments.
22 May 2013
Home Truth
Al has some bad news about his Aunty Sheila - she's died. Kevin deals with an older woman who may be getting dementia. She's arguing with her son and wants to go into a home.
23 May 2013
Break in News
Local news reporter Marnie is desperate to get a good story, but gets in Rob's way when investigating a series of robberies. Heston gets told off by his doctor as his Cholesterol is too high.
24 May 2013
Santa Ranter
Mandy 's patient Keith Rooney is suffering from stress induced by his annoying neighbour Derek Chatterton's insistence on keeping ostentatious Christmas decorations on his roof all year round - which is preventing Keith from selling his house. Keith's efforts to sabotage the inflatables lead to an accident though at least it enables Mandy to sit the two old men down and resolve the problem. Kevin accompanies Howard to the hospital to see an echo-cardiogram machine in action and is smitten by its operator,Hannah. He invites her to lunch with Jas and Al,who are ...
28 May 2013
Mrs Tembe deals with Terry, his dying mother, and her cactus. The partners try to convince Heston about the benefits of the Echo machine, and Kevin's love-life forces Jas to look for a new place to live.
29 May 2013
Older Then
Karen sees a man who wants to go sky diving, only his blood pressure is a bit high. Liam, Heston's new bursary student arrives. Heston is still against the echo-cardiac machine, and Jas moves into her new house.
30 May 2013
A Fair Exchange
Mrs Tembe has ordered way too many supplies, and Barry isn't too happy with the number of boxes or the big van parked outside. Howard has lunch at a charity owner's house, though gets concerned when he meets his young Oriental wife.
31 May 2013
Dangerous Liaison
Zara & Daniel's repeated attempts to have sex, now that their 3 week sabbatical is over, are constantly thwarted. Zara sees a 17 year old girl who has sold her virginity to a stranger online. The girl's mother isn't best happy though.
3 Jun. 2013
Past Imperfect
Mandy sees OAP Mr Lester, who has finally got a job. Something in his past scuppers it though and drives him to despair. Heston takes Mrs Tembe to the Planetarium. Howard has to pitch for the echo-cardiac machine.
4 Jun. 2013
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Kevin sees a man who dresses up in silver as the Tin Man and performs as a street statue. He has a severe case of anxiety though. Jimmi thinks that Karen has fleas, and Liam thinks he's got a brain tumor.
5 Jun. 2013
20 Million Miles to Letherbridge
Chris' mate gets him to go camping under false pretenses - he's after aliens! Heston and Mrs Tembe go stargazing, though it soon goes horribly wrong. Zara tries to get Daniel and Jimmi speaking again.
6 Jun. 2013
That Feeling of Falling
Al wakes up in bed next to Jas. Have all his dreams come true? They then bump into a tramp, unconscious on the road. He has tales that working at a chemical plant has made him ill, with leaks into the water supply there. Al investigates.
7 Jun. 2013
Give and Take
Emma sees a police officer who's been attacked, and his attacker, tho the lad is claiming police brutality. Karen takes Rob to look for meteorites, though they end up at a Dogging site! Al is getting obsessed with Jas.
10 Jun. 2013
Jimmi helps the bride of an Indian wedding - she's pregnant, and it's not the groom's. Heston gets Mrs Tembe to stop at his while she has her kitchen decorated, though they soon get two very unwelcome guests.
11 Jun. 2013
Tree Hug
Though his wife Sammy Jo is tolerant Colin Rinsler cannot abide the persistent visits by their house's former owner,elderly Mrs Merriam. The old lady is especially perturbed when Colin declares his intention to chop down a tree in the back garden and chains herself to a radiator in protest though ultimately she ends up saving the tree and the marriage. On the Hollins' last night with Heston hostilities intensify between Mrs Tembe and Karen,who gets personal during the Name Game and has to apologize whilst Al,still obsessed with Jas,lies to her about his imaginary ...
12 Jun. 2013
All Things Change
Looking after her friend's dog, Jas bumps into Alan, a schizophrenic. He's not taking his Meds, and is causing trouble with his and his mother's neighbours. Karen gets upset when Rob refuses to have breakfast with her.
13 Jun. 2013
Someone Else's Shoes
Due to a mix-up in deliveries Jimmi and Branwen Howell receive each other's shoes and meet in a restaurant to exchange them. Branwen is planning to trek through South America and Jimmi is enchanted by her free spirit. After spending the afternoon together he is disappointed to learn that she is flying out that evening but takes on board her message to be more carefree. Zara and Daniel spend a day shopping for Joe's first pair of shoes and,after a fractious start,end up feeling like a real family whilst Howard is perturbed when Mrs Tembe announces that she is enrolling...
14 Jun. 2013
Run for Your Life
Maureen Oldgate is a tireless campaigner in her efforts to raise funds for Letherbridge hospice but Chris fears that she is putting her charity work above the needs of her son Darren,himself a cancer sufferer. When Darren has an accident whilst his partner Sue is out and his mother has failed to visit Maureen has to put things in a new perspective. Heston chides Liam for behaving irresponsibly by staging a political protest outside the surgery but has to back-track when Kevin finds an old photo of Heston himself in his student protest days. Rob takes Howard fishing ...
17 Jun. 2013
The Loner
Al witnesses a knife attack in the news agents & recognizes the young girl accomplice, but is she really a bad sort? Jas has a rose left on her car, and the new echo-cardiogram machine arrives. It's Liam's first day at the Mill.
18 Jun. 2013
Freya's Friends
On the anniversary of Freya's death, Mandy & Kevin complete a 'Walk for Lupus' that she'd planned, meeting not only two followers of her 'Friends of Freya' Blog along the way, but also a nasty Troll. Liam gets introduced to the drug Quack.