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definitely funny
didi-59 February 2005
The strength of Eurotrash isn't in its showcase of weirdness, tackiness and porno happenings within Europe, but in the English regional accents dubbed on to the subjects of its short films - many provided by talented voice artist Kate Robbins. There's something very funny indeed about hearing a Yorkshire accent coming from a voluptuous Danish blonde who clearly thinks she's being featured seriously. Has she ever seen the show? It mercilessly sends up whatever it features (while giving it lots of screen time, of course).

In the first four years, Antoine de Caunes and Jean-Paul Gaultier presented together. Their dual approach and the la-la tune proved a winning combination and the show quickly became a staple of late night UK telly and an unmissable weekly event.

Guests such as the odd Mr Penguin (an old bloke who dressed as a penguin) and the ill-fated Lolo Ferrari (she of the enormous boobs) added to the odd feel of the show. After the departure of Gaultier I felt the programme began to sag, although de Caunes has continued to soldier on with the same old blend of cover girls, Eurovision failures, and transvestites that were always the staple of 'Eurotrash'.
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Why is Sister Bendy not credited, she was the best character
bbrowton8 May 2006
Why is Sister Bendy not credited? She was the best character on Eurotrash. Yes, I think that Sister Bendy, the art-critic nun cycling to major European cities to meet weird and peculiar artists was the best character in Eurotrash and yet there seem to be no credits for such great character? Do you remember her? She was very funny and the audience loved her. It would be cool to see her again. Eurotrash will never be the same without her! The least vulgar and the most charming, genuine and witty persona I can recall from that otherwise deeply trashy programme. She had many fans and people still remember her I am sure... "Hello viewers, I've cycled all the way from London to meet a very interesting website called IMDb!"
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Bizarre, yet strangely compelling..
Aia21 November 2001
A rather bizarre 30 minute showcase of soft core pornography and other bizarre acts from all over Europe. Antoine de Caunes is the perfect choice of host for this show, he's handsome and charming, yet with a tiny smidgen of sleaze about him, just how we English girls like our European men! Lolo Ferrari's segments are just.. well.. what you'd expect, her jumping on a trampoline, being in a paddling pool, very strange, but when you've got 56JJ boobs, I don't suppose you can miss them, rest in peace! Very good watching though :)
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jboothmillard25 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This does have some humour in it, and there are only a few interesting things in the show. But I mainly just watch it for the sex or nudity. Antoine De Caunes is the host of this programme showing all the foreign trash of Europe, e.g. people that call themselves famous or celebrities, artists with new ideas, chocolate makers and many other things. Maria McErlane is a good narrator, she brings some humour, good opinion and interest to some of the topics. Lolo Ferrari with her huge tits used to be quite interesting as well before she died from a heart-attack. Obviously not male nudity, but the nudity content is quite good in this show. Especially from breasts to bottoms. The Christmas edition was number 78 on The 100 Greatest Christmas Moments. Good!
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Naked Germans
jim_skreech18 May 2019
The 22:30-midnight slot on Friday/Saturday evenings on British TV was reserved in the 90s for what was popularly called 'after the pub TV'. It's doubful that anyone who'd been out at the pub that evening would already be back home to watch any TV, but for those that stayed in home, especially those too young for the pub, it was the slot where TV got rowdy. Ideally watched with a group of friends over with a few drinks and smokes. Shows broadcast during this slot were The Word (reviled, but worth watching for the music), The Girly Show (like The Word, but without any music), and Eurotrash - even more lowbrow, but loved equally by fans and critics. Eurotrash premise was to present the subjects by telling the viewers 'just look at those decadent shameless foreigners!' whilst French presenters Antoine de Caunes and Jean Paul Gaultier mocked the British viewers back for their weather, their food, their early closing times, and that they were watching mainly for the naked people, about the only chance they'd get to see any on terrestrial TV. And there was indeed nudity, loads of it, but it was more hilarious than erotic, thanks to the voice translations, read out in regional English. Cue the German naturists or the Italian sex actress dubbed with a broad Lancashire or Brummie accent. But there was also the really weird stuff, the penguin man, Lolo Ferrari, the Romeo Cleaners, Eddy Wally, the latex twins and countless others that left a long imprint on the memory. There was also the chance to glimpse the fabulous continental cities that prompted me to buy an Interrail ticket once I was a little older. Friday evenings in the 90s could be a stay-in night due to the unmissable comedy on TV - Father Ted, The Fast Show, Alan Partridge, and whilst Eurotrash tends not to appear on the same list of the aforementioned programmes, it was just as reliable for big laughs.
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