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Plenty of killings abound, nevertheless the film is a masterful -- albeit warped -- love-story-cum-road-movie that revolves around three of the most invigorating performances of the year.
Miami Herald
Surprisingly enjoyable.
Philadelphia Inquirer
This violently comic caper has some spunky charm going for it -- but has a lot of self-consciously hip, studied wackiness going against it.
Apparently intended as a larky, character-driven adventure with dark underpinnings, this attenuated road movie was originally envisioned as a vehicle for relative unknowns, and might have worked better that way.
Superstars usually avoid movies this spiritless, and it's tough to believe anyone could read this script and fail to realize the movie wouldn't end up going anywhere.
Chicago Tribune
Plays like a drawn-out outline of a better movie; no one got around to fleshing out the details or providing some soul.
L.A. Weekly
Undisciplined and overstuffed with enough surplus plot twists to make your neck ache, The Mexican affects the tousled look of a self-conscious indie.
Dallas Observer
A dismaying dearth of romantic chemistry -- during their brief scenes together, the two (Pitt, Roberts) actually seem afraid to touch each other -- and we end up with a Frankenstein's monster of a movie: lots of interesting pieces cobbled together with all the stitches showing.
Washington Post
Feels patently inauthentic.
Has even less directorial initiative than it has romantic spark.

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