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Rest in Peace, solider...
wolfofmoonandsun2 September 2004
What can you say about Invader Zim? If I could, I'd just call it abso-friggin-lutley-fan-bloody-tastic and leave it at that. But I obviously can't do that or my review would be much too short.

The show was about an alien from Irk, a military planet bent on conquering the galaxy. They did this by sending out invaders to study the planets' weaknesses, softening them up for the Irken armada. Enter Zim, who single-handedly ruined the first attempt at galactic conquest by accidentally attacking the planet. He's also very short and since height determines status on Irk, this is bad for him. He "quits being banished" when he hears about Operation Impending Doom II and begs the Almighty Tallest (leaders of the planet--remember the height thing)? for a second chance. They finally send him to a "secret planet," expecting him to die and thus be out of their way for good. Zim doesn't die, but arrives on Earth, where he makes himself a very crude disguise and house. He joins the skool (I'm not kidding, that's the way it's spelled all throughout the show) hoping to learn more about the planet, and that's where he meets Dib. Dib loves paranormal things and is the only one who sees through the disguise...but of course no one believes him. From that point on, Zim tries to destroy the earth and Dib tries to capture/expose him for what he really is. This isn't a pathetic "Ash and Team Rocket" rivalry either. These guys think nothing of killing each other, especially in Zim's case. Look to episodes like "Dark Harvest," "Room with a Moose," and "Nanozim" for proof. It can get pretty dark, though still pretty appropriate for kids. My 9 year old cousin likes it fine.

There are so many good things about this show I don't know where to begin. The animation is what you'd expect from Jhonen Vasquez, and puts other cartoons I've seen to shame (*coughWildThornberriescough*). The music matches the mood of the show, from the pulsing theme to the surreal disco of the Mexico scene in "Walk of Doom." Flawless voice acting-especially with Richard Horvitz, who can turn Zim from evil to adorable in seconds, and Rikki Simons who masters Zim's idiotic robot slave, GIR. There's a lot of background behind the plot and characters. If you care to look, you can find information on the Irken's history, biology, and economy-it's really a smart show! The secondary characters are amazing too. Miss Bitters is the creepy teacher with some of the funniest lines in the show ("The lesson here is that dreams inevitably lead to hideous implosions"). Gaz is Dib's Gothic sister who plays video games nonstop. Even the people standing in the background can give you a laugh (and be sure to look for the many cameos!)

And to think that all this was canceled, probably to make room for more Spongebob and Jimmy Neutron. The way Nick slowly killed the show through budget cuts and censorship proved they don't want to entertain older viewers like they did in the old days, so in a way the whole channel died with the show.

Good-bye Zim. Thank you for the gift of laughter we can never repay.
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Utter insanity...I LOVE IT!
rdatsun6 January 2005
Like most, I was shocked and extremely disappointed with Nick when they pulled the plug on this show. Not that I have anything against them, they're an alright company (though I loathe Rugrats, they seriously overplay that toon). But you think that a network that wants as many good shows as it can get would hang on to something this unique. Alas they wanted save face and keep their kiddie image. So when they went to the creator to tone down its...aggressive nature. He refused on most accounts and well, you know the rest. Still in its aftermath, the show has gained a tons of fans, merchandise and a huge effort to get it back on the air (though i doubt its possible due to the creator's statement about never working in animation again...quitter :P).

I've been with the show ever since its premiere and its taken awhile to grow on me but thats mainly due to extreme craziness this show belts out. Common sense is just thrown out the window in IZ though you can still make out the stories between the screaming and mayhem. And what a bunch of stories, I've never seen such creativeness crammed into thirty minutes. The writers take such simple concepts and really go nuts with them. Your always expecting one thing then something just jump out of nowhere to really make you head spin. And with characters as wired as Zim or as annoying as Dib, why wouldn't it. And the humor, oh it just got to be seen to believed. A perfect blend of sci-fi and dark humor. All I can tell you is by the time the credits roll, you be grasping for air due to all the laughing (considering you have a taste in this type of stuff). I can kinda see why Nick was a little uneasy with most of the content. Its not vulgar but it is a little disturbing now and then.

Artwise, its an very unique style. Cute yet creepy with a nice blend of colors and shading. The CGI parts aren't bad neither especially with its use of camera on action scenes. The only flaw I noticed about it is that the lips can't keep up with the words half the time. But that a usual problem most cartoons have, so it can be overlooked.

Music, well done with dramatic beats that really enhance the craziness of the situations. Ditto on the voice acting as they match up to the characters really well. Even the background characters are worth listening too.

Overall, it was a fine series while it lasted and was unfairly canned due to the network not having it way (and mean seriously Nick, "buget problems". If you can't admit you had personal problems with the show. Then your not the network I watched as a kid). I doubt we'll ever get a show like this again but at least fans can enjoy it on the rightly deserved DVDs. VICTORY! VICTORY FOR THE ZIM FANS!
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Invader Zim: Original, Funny, and Unparalleled
mattbowyer_8430 April 2005
In 2001, children television network Nickelodeon released a cartoon called Invader Zim, created by comic book writer Jhonen Vasquez. It had a brief two season run, and developed a cult following before Nick canceled it in 2003. It involves the adventures of an outcast Irken alien named Zim (Voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz), who "quit being banished" when he heard about Operation Impending Doom II (Impending Doom I was ruined when Zim destroyed the Irken home world). His leaders, The Tallest, send Zim to a "secret planet", hoping that Zim will be lost forever and meet his death, thereby no longer being a pain in the Tallest's butts. He's also given an insane robot named Gir("What does the G stand for?").

Well, Zim doesn't get lost or die. Instead, he finds Earth (Our planet, in case you don't know), and sets up a base of operations, and disguises himself as a human school boy, and Gir receives a dog get-up that is both ridiculous and cute in a weird way. He goes to "Skool" (That's how it's spelled), to gain knowledge on humanity, and nobody even suspects that he's an alien. Everyone, that is, except Dib (Voice by Andy Berman), a self-proclaimed "Paranormal investigator", who develops a heated rivalry with Zim, the two even trying to kill one another on several occasions.

Now that I've got the show's premise out of the way, here is my opinion. When the show premiered in 2001, I was instantly hooked. With original plots, some that seem to be pulled from classic 50's sci-fi, memorable characters, and an effective mix of cell-shading, CGI, and traditional animation techniques, Invader Zim was an instant classic. I'd tune in every week to see what Zim and his dysfunctional robot Gir would get into, whether it was exterminating germs or Gir merging himself with the house.

The voice actors deserve credit where credit is due. Richard Steven Horvitz turns in a spectacular performance as Zim. Horvitz can make Zim from the nicest guy to the biggest a-hole. Andy Berman is right on the money as Dib. He has just the right kind of voice for a Mulder-wannabe. But those two take a back seat to Rosearik Rikki Simons, who brilliantly voices the robot Gir. He is very effective at making Gir such a hilarious and unforgettable character.

Like many fans, I was shocked and angry when I learned that Invader Zim had been canceled. By that point, a lot of Nickelodeon's best cartoons (Like Rocko's Modern Life and Angry Beavers), had been taken off the air, and replaced by all the Jimmy Newtron and Spongebob crap. Invader Zim wasn't spared either.

Overall, Invader Zim excelled in it's sick (Though toned down for kids) humor, and outrageous plots, even though it was short-lived. Never before was there a cartoon quite like it, and there probably never will be.

The Final Verdict: 10/10: The last of the great Nickelodeon cartoons, and one of the funniest, most creative shows ever conceived. In Zim's words...IT'S GENIUS!!!
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Dark, Funny and well Animated, the last great American Animated TV Show
Darth_Homer5 June 2003
Sometimes, there comes along a animated show which will be remembered for all time, now with all the anime we see on today's screens, we start to think, what happened to all the truly great American cartoons, well, this is the response to all that.

Invader ZIM is the story of a one alien trying to dominate Earth, along with his robot sidekick GIR, he tries but we all know he will fail, such is the story which is Invader ZIM.

Now that I've got that down, let me just say that this show's concept is good, the jokes funny and the animation slick and surreal.

I really don't fell like saying anymore, is it'll all be praise, but I tell you, if this show is ever on, stop what you are doing and watch, like myself and millions around the world, you will be hooked.
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Best show ever to be on Nick and now look.........
Tricer144726 October 2002
Nickelodeon what were you dudes on? Canceling this show? DUH! Nothing you have ever had can compete with this twisted, hilarius and witty masterpiece. Okay a small idiot alien (who I love) tries to take over the Earth with his even more idiolice robot sidekick (who I also love) and a paranormal phenomon (which I am very interested in) freak (who I think is okay) clashing in their quests for dominance. SO original so rich in quality, AND NOW LOOK! I have nothing agaisnt the Wild Throneberries or the Fairly Oddparents but Im too old for them and everyone hates your network now. The Chalk Zone, Rocket Power, Rugrats and that Butt-Ugy martians show along with the sumo wrestler show are not popular but Zimmy is so if I were you guys I'd put this show back on. It's the only nicktoon teens watch.
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I'm going to sing The Doom Song now!
amcornelius7429 August 2001
What a brilliant risk for Nickelodeon to take. And if you familiar with any of creator Jhonen Vasquez's other works, you'll know what I mean.

Jhonen has been called one of the most impressive young comic artists in recent years, despite his debut comic, "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac", being anything but "uplifting" material. That depends, of course, on who you talk to, though. Jhonen has a twisted demented style all his own that is at the same time disturbing and beautiful with just a touch of black comedy for taste. "Invader Zim", although mellowed out enough for youth viewing, is a perfect, less violent example of his work.

Zim is a tiny alien sent by the tall leaders of his planet, where status is judged by how tall you are, to "conquer" a mysterious planet just to get him out of their hair. He is accompanied by a robot named Gir, who was quickly manufactured by Zim's leaders and given a paper clip for a brain. Gir is barely an aid in Zim's efforts, since Gir is much more interested in singing the Doom Song, eating tacos, and watching TV. When Zim arrives at the "mysterious" planet, which is Earth, he disguises himself as a "perfectly normal human worm baby" with the aid of contact lenses and a wig. His green skin remains, which he calls a "condition" and apparently, almost everyone buys it. Gir's disguise consists of a green dog costume with a zipper up the front and this combined with his Tom-foolery makes him an adorable character to the cast. Zim's enemy no. 1 is a schoolboy who goes by Dib, is a bizarre cross between Fox Mulder and Jhonen's very own Johnny C. He easily sees right through Zim's attempts to blend in with the humans and has a desire to make a alien dissection movie out of him. Rounding out this cast is Dib's gothy sister Gaz and their school teacher Ms. Bitters, who is almost a direct duplicate of the teacher in another one of Jhonen's comics "Squee".

Any fan of Jhonen's work knows the detail he puts into his art and "Invader Zim" is no exception. The gigantic robots that sometime come to play in the episodes are done in smooth CGI that is absolute perfection. The animation is far from "cookie cutter" and the character and background designs hold very true to Jhonen's style. There is enough "black humour" to go around and entertain young and old alike. No programme has dared to push the envelope in such a way since "Ren and Stimpy" and it's a refreshing relief to see a cartoon for kids that has such cerebral depth and original artwork.
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Best TV show since MST3K!
Hancock_the_Superb9 July 2002
Jhonen Vasquez - "Johnny The Homicidal Maniac", "I Feel Sick", et al - creates a superbly twisted, hilarious show that, though toned down for kids, still elicts the feel of Vasquez's comics.

I suppose you want the plot. Zim (voiced by the superb Richard Horvitz, of "Angry Beavers" and "Grim and Evil" fame) is an annoying, short Irken (an alien race) who was banished to work as a fry cook on Foodcourtia after destroying Irk in Operation Impending Doom 1. When the Almighty Tallest ("Kids In The Hall" alumni Kevin McDonald and veteran voice actor Wally Wingert) prepare for Operation Impending Doom 2 - in which the Irkens will conquer the universe - Zim comes, despite the orders of his superiors. ("You quit being banished!?!" screams one of the Tallest) They attempt to put Zim down lightly, but Zim's determined, so the Tallest send him on a "secret mission" to an unknown planet, giving him a trash-brained robot named GIR (fellow comic book artist Rosearik Rikki Simmons, who worked on "Squee!" with Vasquez, as well as "Sushi Girl" and "Reality Check"). A few months later, Zim just happens to reach Earth, where he tries to blend in as a human (wearing a pompador and contact lenses). The ignorant skool (that's how it's spelled) children fail to notice this, nor does teacher Ms. Bitters (Lucille Bliss), a vampiric, serpantine ghoul who is exceedingly cynical and angry. However, self-proclaimed paranormal investigator Dib (Andy Berman of "The Wonder Years" fame), son of the world's greatest scientist, Prof. Membrane (Roger Bumpass, who plays Squidward on "Spongebob Squarepants"), realizes that Zim's an alien, and the two develop a rivalry.

Other members of the supporting cast are just as good: Danny Cooksey ("Pepper Ann", "Tiny Toon Adventures"), Antoinette Spolar, and Vasquez himself (as "Mr. Scolex") appear as various skool children. Dib's cynical Gothic sister Gaz is brilliantly voiced by Melissa Fahn ("Digimon"). Mo Collins and McDonald, again, appear as Zim's roboparents.

Besides the superb cast and voicework, the great score and animation (beautiful cel animation mixed with equally good CGI) also make this show extremely entertaining.

Numerous others actors/actresses appear in cameos, most notably Olivia D'Abo as fellow Irken Tak in "TAK, the Hideous New Girl".

What else is there to say that hasn't already been said? Vasquez has rounded up a bunch of great cult comic book writers (him, Simmons, and Roman Dirge), a cast of veteran actors, and superb music (courtesy of Kevin Manthei), under the direction of veteran animation director Steve Ressel, make a superb combo. Oh, and don't miss the cameos of Vasquez, Ressel, Dirge, and numerous other crew members throughout.

Personal favorite episodes: "Door To Door", "TAK: The Hideous New Girl", "Mysterious Mysteries", "Bestest Friends", "The Nightmare Begins", "Battle of the Planets", and "Rise of the Zitboy". Enough said.

Ten stars.
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The best show on Nick
Op_Prime12 June 2001
This has to be one of the smartest and funniest animated shows ever. I rarely watched Nick before this show came on after seeing how badly they screwed up their line up. Now I'm tuning in every Friday to watch this show. It has excellent writing. I have honestly never laughed so hard by watching a Nick show in so long. All the characters are a riot. The show has great animation and also a spooky style to match. Invader ZIM is the best show on Nick by far. None of the other Nick shows come close. Invader ZIM is a winner and I hope it continues.
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great show!
secrective6 August 2001
whoo, i like this one a lot! the music is GREAT, the charecters and story are amazing!! the animation quality is good and the CG effects blend well. i hope nickolodeon allows this one to go on for a long time...

This cartoon is about an alien who is trying to take over the earth, of course, first he must learn about the humans... anyways, go see it if its on, its cool.

if you like this show, i reccomend "the head" it was on mtv and you can buy/rent it in stores.
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CCR-714 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The dark humor of this show makes it more adult oriented, and the DVDs even have a parental warning sticker on them in some stores. It's kind of weird, seeing how this show was originally on Nick. The show's humor is usually focused around dark plots, or strange background happenings. The plots always have some form of sick humor, seeing how the creator is also the writer of "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" and "Bad Art Collection (A sick comic focused around not-funny happenings made funny by crude drawings). A lot of humor is only funny in the world it is in, such as humans falling for a giant whale as a disguise, or a child in the background of a scene eating a fly. The art style is dark and sick, humans are usually seen with large, nasty boils, and closed eyes, because of an overlapping forehead. The humor also comes from the character's mental state, most side characters are crazy and will scream things like 'The pigs are coming, meat lord is not pleased!" All in all, this may have been longer lived if it were on a different network, but it is the funniest and strangest show I have ever seen.
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This cartoon was awesome!
patricklewisjr-455-5635743 September 2012
This show is about a alien name Zim who was sent to rule the earth and has a sidekick named GIR who is a robot. As they live in earth they disguise there selves Zim as a human and Gir as a dog. And Dib is Zims enemy, Dib try's to prove everyone that Zim is a alien but people thinks he's crazy, His sister Gaz is Dibs emo sister who hates everyone (She's just like Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)She likes to eat pizza and play videogames you would never want to mess with Gaz.

This show was great 1. The plot was funny 2. The characters were weird in a funny way 3. Everybody's (including me)favorite character is GIR, I like GIR he's hilarious (TACO'S)

This cartoon was better than SpongeBob.

I give this show a 10/10
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We require m0ar!
max-k-hansen20 November 2012
We require more Zim. And Gir. Let us not forget the Gir.

(Should be all upper case, but it wont let me, also, this site is very P.C., obviously, and it's kind of annoying).

Apparently I am shouting in my review, so I'll write more. This show is great it if funny as all hell. I personally love it. Makes fun of many things, including the rising obesity epidemic (which is somewhat close to me). No only that, but it has much darker humor than many 'kids' shows and I love the randomness. Plus, all the characters seem to be pretty well developed, but I may be talking out my butt (can I swear on this site? Seems to be very P.C. oriented). Anywho, good show. Funny, and all that stuff.

There. Is that long enough for you? Is it enough for you snobs to realize that Gir is all powerful, and that the mighty Zim is the greatest, and should be re-aired.
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One of the BEST Nickelodeon Shows EVER!
amberlese15 August 2012
One of the funniest, 'Juiciest' kids cartoons EVER! This reminds me of when Nickelodeon used to be kinda cool. Invader Zim is so Awesome, Hilarious & Interesting. I LOVE this show, I can never get tired of this show, ever! It's SOO Funny, I can't turn from the screen when It's on, it's so funny my chest hurts from the laughing!(THE MADNESS!!!) Three of the greatest Nickelodeon shows ever: Ren & Stimpy, Avatar & Invader Zim (their might be a couple more I'm forgetting to include). Invader Zim's the type of show that I can watch reruns to, over & over again, without getting sick of it. I've never met anyone who could resist this show.
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Invader Zim
ViernesTresAM5 January 2012
This is one of the, if not THE best cartoon shows I've ever watched, and I've certainly watched a lot. I actually don't understand how is it that this show ever made it to TV. It's depiction of society as completely stupid, useless and disgusting is so controversial, but so true! Everything in this show is reality, ironically heightened to ridiculous extremes! It's incredibly funny, specially when you get older and watch it again, and understand everything you couldn't as a child, and discover all the innuendos. The situations are hilarious too, but I think the best thing about this show are the little details and hidden mocks. It's also kind of dark, and the animation is really cool. So if you're into all those weird 90's cartoons which are kind of gross but funny as hell, this is definitely for you! 10/10
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You rock, Zim!
doglover_0826 May 2012
I only started watching this in mid-September 2011 and I've realized how funny this show actually is. I've downloaded all the episodes and I can't stop watching this. Richard Horvitz voices Zim so amazingly well & Rikki Simons is the perfect person to voice GIR. Even though GIR may be the funniest character on the show, my favourite character would definitely have to be Zim. He's very awesome as well and he knows that his rival, Dib, will never get to prove to anyone that Zim is actually an alien with a very cool disguise. I don't like Dib as much as what Zim does, but one day, Zim WILL destroy Dib and then he won't have to put up with Dib anymore. Doom to Dib and hooray for Zim! I haven't forgotten about GIR. He's Zim's crazy, silly, but funny robot servant, even when he's in his dog disguise and singing the Doom Song. GIR even says some of the most random, but funny things in a lot of the episodes. I know Zim can't stand GIR sometimes, but GIR can be quite helpful when he's helping Zim defeat Dib. I would keep watching 'Invader Zim' episodes every day, even when I get older and to finish off this review, episodes with only just Dib and Gaz aren't as funny as the episodes with Zim and GIR, which is true. Like the title says, 'You rock, Zim!'
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Invader Zim
themonkeyman71718 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the best Television shows that Nickelodeon ever did. It's a shame that the show did not last for very long. It is 100x better than most of the new garbage shows that are out now a days. This is funny for kids of all ages and there is sometimes even some adult humor thrown in. From the first episode to the last, this show will be sure to give you thousands of laughs, while maintaining a very interesting and well written story line throughout the entire series. The Dib and Zim rivalry from the moment they meet keeps everyone's attention as well all the zany and odd characters that are met along the way. Gr really keeps the funny aspect alive in the show with all of the antics that the little robot pulls that interfere with all of Zim's plans. This show is definitely worth a shot if you not already seen it, and if you have, go back and relive the memories.
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Goodbye Zim. You had a good run.
jcbitsas1 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
What can I say about Invader Zim? It was a show that I always got up to watch on Saturday afternoons. It always left me rolling on the floor laughing. It just made me happy. What happened to this show you ask? It got canceled due to poor advertising techniques and poor ratings. Well the people at Nick didn't know crap! Here's how the show went.

It starts out on the planet Conventia (the convention hall planet) where the Great Assignment is being held. There many great soldiers from the planet Irk will get an assigned planet and become an invader for Operation Impending Doom II. But someone comes in to crash the party. It is none other than Zim, an ex-invader from Operation Impending doom I (where Zim accidentally destroys his own planet). So in order to get rid of him once and for all, the Allmighty Tallest (the leaders of Irk) send him on a "secret mission" to an unknown planet, thinking he'd die in the process. But Zim makes it there alive and the planet he lands on is Earth. So he and is dopey robot slave Gir try to take over the planet, all while avoiding Dib,a smart (if not somewhat creepy)10 year old "paranormal investigator," from exposing him for what he really is.

Zim was a very good show filled with laughter, suspense, and all that jazz. With very talented voice actors such as Richard Horvitz and Melissa Fahn you'll always be laughing. Nick did did harm to a huge fan-base by canceling the show. Well, bye Zim. We will all miss you.
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Great Show But Episodes Get Old Fast
emplordxiii18 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"Invader Zim" is so far one of the greatest shows of this century. With great characters in a even greater stories, this show is highly recommended to everyone. Sadly, there is one problem with the show, it gets old fast.

Most episodes get old after seeing them in the first time because the story is not fully develop, manly it gives out obvious hints to viewers on the actions characters make that lead to their downfall. For example in the "NanoZim" short, Dib takes a photograph of Zim's alien form and plans to send it to Mysterious Mysteries to prove Zim is an alien, unfortunately, Dib waits until the next day to send it, which gives Zim enough time to enter Dib's body to erase Dib's memory on where he left the photograph then proceeds to destroy Dib's brain. This could have been made to two different shorts, one where Zim chases Dib to get the photograph before Dibs gives it to Mysterious Mysteries and Zim entering Dib's body to destroy his brain to get rid of Dib once and for all.

The second best cartoon created by Nickelodeon, behind "Spongebob Squarepants." With many episodes getting old fast, people can see why it received low ratings, which led to the show's cancellation.
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Destruction is nice!!!!
kinetsmac16 July 2007
When I first saw an episode of Invader Zim as a kid, I honestly thought it was horrible. It was so different from anything else I had seen on Nickelodean, with a madcap pacing and a somewhat disturbing aesthetic, that I simply wrote it off as lame and ignored it.

Fast foreword to present day, into the magical land of the internet. On a whim, I watched an episode on TV links, just for kicks.

Wow. I don't think I've ever laughed this hard at a kids show.

While I can't vouch the same support for all of the rest of creator Jhonen Vasquez's creations (JTHM is honestly the most spiritually disturbing comic book I've ever seen) it seems that the odd catalyst of children's programming has allowed Vasquez's dark sense of humor to be portrayed to a wider and more digestible age range. Every thing about this show, from the characters to the design to the dialog, is both fascinating and ferociously funny.

The storyline somehow takes the concept of a viscous, xenocidal race of alien conquerers (Zims species, known as the Irken) and makes it utterly hilarious. The zany and bizarre dialog for the character is so comically perfect that one can't help but laugh. Voice actor Richard Steven Horvitz's portrayal of the loony little would be conquerer Zim fits the character like a glove, crazily spewing out lines that will remain in the funny center of your brain for all time:

"Soon the name of Invader Zim will be synonymous with DOOKIE!!!"

"Enjoy your Meaty fate!"

"GIR!!! Stay away from that power amplifier! Your leaking deadly waves of pure stupidity everywhere!"

And speaking of Gir...good LORD, what a brilliantly insane character! With the a voice that sounds like a Furby on a deadly overdose of cocaine and helium, Zim's pint sized robot helper almost steals the show from his maniacal master, to the point that you'll laugh until you truly do cry.

I can understand why Nickelodean canceled this show, it really does have a greater appeal to pre-teen audiences and up more than the Rugrats viewers the company so readily draws in, but it's a complete shame non the less. Dig up this dusty gem if you can, and prepare yourself to be filled with GOO!!

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Provided you are a severely twisted individual, then this series is for you!
MartinHafer16 November 2006
I have a super-high tolerance for the weird and often seek out strange movies and TV shows, so my liking INVADER ZIM isn't a surprise. But what is surprising is that so many of the kids at the high school where I teach love this show! This probably means that Nickelodeon pulled the plug on this series way too quick AND I teach at a school for so pretty weird and twisted kids!!! After all, "normal" folks probably won't like this show as it's just so gosh-darn strange and makes no effort to appeal to the masses! The phrase "this isn't your daddy's cartoon" strongly comes to mind!

Zim is an incredibly dim creature from the Irken Empire--sent to Earth to conquer us stupid "meat puppets" (humans). The humans in the series are almost all universally stupid and oblivious to the fact that a hostile alien is living among them! In fact, the only one who recognizes this is the ultra-bizarre boy, Dib. He notices that the new kid at school has green skin and antennae, but everyone else hates Dib for being so insensitive to Zim's "skin condition". In episode after episode, Zim tries very unsuccessfully to either conquer the planet or at least beat his arch-nemesis, Dib. Fortunately, Zim is so brain-dead that the likelihood of his succeeding is nil--especially since his helper is the strangest and coolest robot ever invented, Gir.

The show has good production values, excellent and over-the-top voice acting and generally good writing (though a few episodes are a bit flat--it's just very hard to be so weird and so entertaining again and again). My personal favorite episode,...? Hmm, would be the one where all the main characters are on a TV show investigating the paranormal. I just LOVED Gir's rendition of what REALLY occurred!! So, if you are weird or want to become weird, then this show is for you. All others, watch it at your own risk---and don't say I didn't warn you!
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It was great, but don't watch after 'Backseat drivers...'
Jozxyqk4 November 2005
I loved Invader Zim back when I only saw the first lot of episodes. Practically anything Gir said was a riot, as well as Zim's computer and Professor Frink too.

The visual style was like an even more warped version of 'Nightmare before Christmas' (especially the Halloween episode), and the humour at times very surreal.

Unfortunately, like most shows, it really went downhill after a while. I'm not sure what category you would put it in at, but the first really bad episode was 'Zim Eats Waffles', and from that point on they just got worse.

A lot of people are complaining about how this was canceled before it's time, but I'm glad. Some series should've been axed when they were in their prime so we remember them better.

I'm not badmouthing the whole series just because of those last few episodes, I'm just saying watch the show up until and including 'Backseat drivers from Beyond the Stars'.
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Zim: The greatest concept of all time.
lordfarmington5 October 2019
Bow down before The Almighty Tallest, filthy Human stink meat. This show is deranged, scientifically flawed, and a hilarious and dark animated comedy. When this show first aired on Nickelodeon, it hit me where modern comedies failed to touch, and left me as part of a still growing cult, rallied around an outcast alien invader, and his outrageous adventures and inventions.

The characters themselves are brilliantly written, voiced and have a feel to them that is entirely their own. The side characters stick out to remain memorable long after the show is done, and the mains are consistent with their behaviour and echoe the world perfectly in which they exist. To alter one element would change it entirely and ruin the artist's creation. This show is not for everyone, but give it a try, you might be surprised.
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The greatest show ever made on Nickelodeon
dussaultjulien19 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
In my humble opinion, this show was absolutely the greatest animated series I have ever seen. There was never an episode that was not funny, and all the original episodes are rewatchable and still funny even after all of these years.

The writing, animation and insanity were way ahead of its time for the show and I think that's why it got canceled. Luckily enough, if the movie that's good we might be getting a reboot of the series.
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This show is god damn amazing.
hollylew2 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This show is basically about a little alien banished from his home planet, Irk, because he almost destroyed it in Mission Impending Doom. So, he gets banished to planet Foodcourtia to spend his days as a fry cook, but "quits being banished" when he hears that the Almighty Tallest (the leaders of Irk) are assigning Irken soldiers to observe various planets. Zim begs them, and they assign him to a mysterious planet called Earth. There, Zim tries to fit in with all the other humans at Skool (literally, that's how they spell it.) He has a robot dog named Gir, which is an idiot, but he fits in well with the plot.

Anyways, no one suspects that Zim is an alien, except for a large-headed kid named Dib. Dib is the lunatic in the show, as his classmates make him seem, but in reality, he's the only sane one. He sees through Zim's terrible disguise, and starts to follow him around everywhere (he's a paranormal investigator). Dib has a scary sister named Gaz that is really into video games, rubber pigs, and pizza. She tries to not care too much about anything else.

Now for the review!

Well, I watched this show when I was younger, back in 2003-2006. (I was 6 years old when I last saw this on TV.) Anyways, I always thought something was strange about this show. I didn't know if it was the red skies, or how creepy Ms. Bitters was, or the harvesting of organs in one of the episodes, but this show just seemed very odd.

I watched it again (now I'm 15, almost 16) and in my opinion, I find it kinda enjoyable to watch. There's a bunch of dark humor mixed in with violence and stupidness. It's a show that's hard to resist, despite your age. Zim overreacts to most situations, which is hilarious, knowing that he's on a completely different planet, and doesn't know what to expect.

So, as I was saying, "dark humor." Some of the episodes could get pretty disturbing, such as "Dark Harvest," or "Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy." People either die or suffer. Yet, this show was on Nickelodeon. Teehee.

IZ has incredible voice actors such as Richard Horvitz (Zim), who could make Zim seem adorable to evil in a split second. Zim's evil laugh is amazing too.

Overall, I enjoyed this show when I was younger, and I still enjoy it today. I have no idea how I remembered this show from when I was 5 years old, but whatever! I love it! I'd recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind a little dark humor.
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This is a Great show but it was too Dark for Nickelodeon.
Hello Again and Today I'm going to write a review on Invader ZIM a Show that was great but Too dark for Nickelodeon. This show was about an Invader named ZIM who comes to conquer earth with a boy named Dib who is trying to convince people the he is alien from the planet Irk. There is also GIR who is ZIM's crazy robot who loves pigs. Then there Dib's sister GAZ who is very angry when Dib bother her and she gets very cynical with Dib when he is trying to tell her that ZIM is alien. Then there is Mrs. Bitters Who ZIM's and Dib's teacher. This show weird but funny at times. BOTTOM LINE this was great but too dark for Nickelodeon but It was a great show in my opinion. I'm giving this show a 10 out 10 stars. See You Later.
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