Invader ZIM (TV Series 2001–2006) Poster


Rodger Bumpass: Professor Membrane, Actor Dib, Animatronic Horrors, Crowd Choir, Deep-Voiced Man, Ghost, Kids on Bus, Man in Crowd, Nightmare Bitters, Nightmare Membrane...


  • Professor Membrane : What's your brother doing this time? He's not trying to raise the dead again, is he? Always with the dead, that boy!

    Gaz : ...He's talking...

    Professor Membrane : Oh, is that all? Daughter, some people like to talk. Your brother likes to talk about insane things! Maybe he'd become less insane if you listened!

    Gaz : But his voice fills me with a terrible rage!

    Professor Membrane : [chuckles]  I know it does, honey. I know it does.

  • Professor Membrane : Kids I'm home!

    [sees Gaz, but not Dib] 

    Professor Membrane : Where's your brother?

    Gaz : He's out. Let's go!

    Professor Membrane : No, no! It's family night, that means everyone! If he doesn't get back soon we'll have to put it off till next year!

    Gaz : What about the rest of this year?

    Professor Membrane : Well...

    [contacts his co-worker, Simmons] 

    Professor Membrane : Simmons, how does my schedule look for the rest of this year?

    Simmons : Busy Sir! Very busy! Wait! Something just opened up in September! Oh, scratch that it just filled up!

    [hangs up] 

    Professor Membrane : No good honey, it has to be today! And I've got a cure to discover at 9:30, so if he doesn't get back soon we'll have to cancel the whole thing!

  • Professor Membrane : Where's your brother?

    Gaz : He's in a pig filled netherworld cleaning out toilets with his head.

    Professor Membrane : [thinks Gaz is joking]  Ah! You're my funny child!

  • Professor Membrane : [shakes head]  My poor insane son.

  • [Gaz grabs a baseball bat and proceeds to go to the mall to get a Game Slave 2] 

    Professor Membrane : Wait, where do you think you're going?

    Gaz : To the mall. Game Slave 2 goes on sale at midnight! I need one!

    Professor Membrane : Oh, alright then, have fun! Just one thing take your brother with you, it can be dangerous out there!

    Gaz : That's what the bats for.

    [a robotic claw takes the bat away from Gaz] 

    Gaz : Awww

    Dib : [getting ready to watch his favorite show]  I've been waiting all night to see this, she can wait to get her stupid game!

    Professor Membrane : Son, video games development hand eye coordination and make kids into better human beings!

    Dib : Oh ok, but only after the show is over.

    Gaz : [growls in anger] 

  • [Dib contacts Professor Membrane] 

    Professor Membrane : Not now son! I'm right in the middle of...

    Dib : But dad, it's Santa! He's evil and he wants to annihilate all mankind!

    Professor Membrane : I knew this day would come! Son, I'm giving you full access to the anti-Santa arsenal I made when I was a child. Good luck destroying Santa! And Merry Christmas.

  • Dib : Dad, this is Zim. You know, the alien.

    Professor Membrane : And what country is the little green boy from?

  • Professor Membrane : Good morning son, your little foreign friend is here to see you.

    [gestures at Zim] 

    Dib : Dad that's the alien! THE ALIEN!

    Professor Membrane : [chuckles]  Of course he is! You two have fun!

    [leaves the room] 

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