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Season 1

7 Jan. 1999
Fûin wa ima tokareta
After four high school students die mysteriously, a reporter is determined to find out the truth. Hearing rumors about a video tape they have watched 13 days before their death, he obtains the tape and watches it.
14 Jan. 1999
Bideo ni korosareru
Reporter Kazuyuki Asakawa asks the doubtful psychic Ryuji Takayama to help him. Some creepy clues come out after analyzing the tape.
21 Jan. 1999
Dareka ga miteiru...
Before being arrested for a supposed murder, Takayama shares with Asakawa his belief that the tape is cursed using telekinetic powers.
28 Jan. 1999
Chinmoku no uirusu
After his son accidentally watches the tape, Asakawa bails out Takayama in order to get more info about the author of the curse.

 Season 1 

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