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  • "Duke Nukem 64" is basically a port of the PC-shooter "Duke Nukem 3D". Still, the game is not a 1:1 port as one may guess: Many things like guns, enemies and textures have been reworked graphically, levels partly rebuilt, new levels and guns added and, because Nintendo requested it, content involving sex, drugs and religion were censored. Edit

  • The loud-mouthed macho-man had no easy times in Australia, too, though. Even though the game was released there, the amount of violence and the appearance of the famous dancing ladies started some discussions there, too. In the end, the "Adult Mode Off"-version was released there. This option was also available in all other versions and it was possible to password-protect it. The Australian version, though, did not allow players to deactivate this mode. Only later was a patch released for the Australian version, deactivating the restrictions. Edit



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