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Wrestling may be fake...
Krakker_Jakk5 January 2003
I haven't watch wrestling for years. I've grown out of it, but even today when I hear others say, "Why do you watch wrestling? It's fake!" to others, it still urks me. Being fake is no reason not to watch it. YES IT IS FAKE! But so are sitcoms, soup operas, and just about every other TV (with the exception of those "reality tv" shows, but even some of them are actually fake). Only watch it to enjoy it. Don't let the fact that its fake sway the way you feel about it. It's like not listening to a certain singer because they are gay and letting that be the determining factor, even though they make good music. So who cares if its fake? If a kid wants to believe its real, then just let them. Why spoil the fun for someone?
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Underrated, this is the ''A'' show with wrestlers that can actually WRESTLE & ENTERTAIN!!!
Cinema_Love29 April 2005
Unlike Monday nights, Smackdown brings the wrestling in their program. In the past, they got all the greatest wrestlers, legends, stars of tomorrow such as Randy Orton, Batista, Rey Mysterio, Lashley, Kid Kash, Mexicools, Paul London, Matt Hardy, Hardcore Holly, JBL, Booker T., Chris Benoit, and sometimes The Undertaker PLUS the future of this sport in The Boogeyman (strange dude), Stacy Keibler, Orlando Jordan, MNM, Sylvan... but even now, the roster is brilliant !

I can't get enough of 2 hours, 2 hours is not enough for such a good show. I am a wrestling fan and it's the reason why I love so much Smackdown and dislike RAW since 2002 because all the entertaining, wrestling and interesting story lines are.

Smackdown is the total package, sometimes it have his ups & downs but right now since Wrestlemania, the show is back at what it always was, a top WRESTLING show... plus you have very good entertaining... Edge is the greatest heel of all times, MVP funny and charismatic as usual, Jeff Hardy a human highlight reel... Undertaker is the deadman and nobody can stop him, Mr.Kennedy is really entertaining and cut decent promos, Festus & Jesse are really over and talented, the champ Triple H is something... Well you have all you want in this show plus cute chicks like Michelle McCool, Victoria & Maria to make this show, really complete!
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Great! I Love It!
the_kiss_army_4528 December 2005
This is a great wrestling show! Great Talent and everything. I don't know if it is as great as Monday Night Raw but it is Second if not tied at first. Like Raw it has lots of great new guys and lots of great old ones. They have new guys such as Randy Orton, Batista , MNM and Older guys such as Bob Orton and Animal. I tune in when I can to watch Smackdown! but sometimes I work on Thursday's. I asked my work to try not to book me Monday nights for obvious reasons. But I recommend this show to any wrestling fan who is in for a good watch of some great professional wrestling.

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A good Friday night entertainer
ervin-jarvlepp1 January 2006
Friday Night Smackdown - it's a wrestling TV-show that is shown every week on TV. It is not some kind of boring field of sport where everything is made up. It's the other way round - wrestlers have incredible matches and there are huge rivalries between them. You can see unbelievable fights, wrestlers being sued, famous people visiting the show and much more. When even Mike Tyson, Arnold Scwarznegger and Ben Stiffler have visited it, why shouldn't You like it. The number of different match types is huge, that makes the show last for ever, e.g. "You can't see me" match (1 wrestler is blindfolded, the other one is not), "Chairs and Tables" (these are used as weapons), different types of cage matches, "Ambulance match", "Buried Alive Match", and many matches with women, e.g. "Bra & Panties Match", "Evening Gown Match", and much more. When you see it, you can't quit it.
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You smell..... what the Rock is cookin'?!
coverme613 June 2000
The World Wrestling Federation has never been this popular or this action-packed. With younger guys, wrestling became faster and a hell of a lot tougher. The most popular wrestlers of this generation, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock, and Triple H, are definitely boosting up the TV ratings with their bad attitudes and bone crushing moves. A guaranteed winner for the Nielson ratings, "WWF Smackdown" can literally jolt some adrenaline
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The better of the two brands.
Gary Ballance2 February 2004
Ever since the brand extension in April 2002 it's been fairly obvious that Smackdown is the stronger show. And while WWE seek to flush all of the SD! talent to help boost the floundering Raw show, SD continues to provide better wrestling on a week-to-week basis.

That said, Smackdown is not without its own flaws. I'll go into those in a moment.

But, first the good elements of the show.

1) a fresh and entertaining commentary team. Tazz and Michael Cole are no J.R. and The King- and they're much better for it! While Raw's announce team had to hop into the ring in September 2003 to make a change, Cole & Tazz don't need that kind of gimmicky crap. They focus on the action (not harp on about puppies or put Triple H over) and have respect for the wrestlers in the ring. [One of the things I hate about Heat is the fact that Marc Lloyd and Jonathan Coachman just cannot call a match, instead waffling on about what's happened on Raw. It's a lack of respect for the wrestlers- no wonder Heat is regarded as a relegation!] Tazz is one of the best colour analysts I've heard (and adds some comedic value- particularly crooning along to The Cat's theme tune 'Somebody Call My Mama'!) and Michael Cole has really come on as a commentator in his own right. A good commentary team is essential for a wrestling show and Smackdown are lucky to have such a good team.

2) A great roster of superstars. While Smackdown has lost a lot of its stars from the original draft pick (Jericho, Matt Hardy, Randy Orton, etc) it still has a great array of superstars- Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, Eddy Guerrero, John Cena, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas and even The Undertaker has his moments! The roster- particularly the use made of it is also one of my pet peeves about the show.

3) Better solo-PPVs than the Raw show. Compare Bad Blood and Unforgiven to Vengeance and No Mercy and it's obvious that Smackdown can put together a superior PPV.

4) PPV-like matches often on the show. While Raw are happy to churn out lacklustre matches w/ Mark Henry every week, Smackdown! has, on numerous occasions, held PPV-quality matches. Examples: TLC 3, the Edge-Guerrero ladder match, the 60 min Lesnar-Angle Ironman match, a Royal Rumble, 2 battle royals and one of the matches of 2003- Undertaker vs Kurt Angle in a one-on-one match for #1 contendership. Even recently, the Rey Mysterio-Jamie Noble match on Smackdown was BETTER than their match at the Royal Rumble. Smackdown provides frequently.

and finally 5) Smackdown is, for the most part, a younger show giving time to non-established stars. (At least it was originally.) Cena, Orton, Edge, Mysterio, Lesnar all flourished on Smackdown. Compared to Raw, which has a decrepid Ric Flair, a worn-out and downright poor Triple H, Kane and Mark Henry, Smackdown has a fresher feel to it.

As I said though, Smackdown is not without its faults. There are a few:

1) McMahon overload. 2003 was quite simply pure and utter hell for me. Action speaks louder than words, but Smackdown was barely audible last year w/ Vince and Stephanie hogging the limelight. Every week would start w/ Vince and another promo. It was a joke. Stephanie was a joke as a GM and Paul Heyman is doing an absolutely fantastic job as the current GM at the moment. Vince and Stephanie even booked themselves into matches on the SD-only PPVs- Steph vs Sable, Vince vs Zach Gowen, Vince vs Steph- it was abominable. Vince and Stephanie were ruining their own show for the most part of 2003 and I hope such an occurrence never happens again. I don't take kindly to promo time taking away from match time or non-wrestlers getting matches where other actual wrestlers suffer on Velocity or dark matches. Hopefully SD will continue along the road it's on now without the McMahons interfering.

2) Stupid storylines. Mr.America. Dawn Marie and Al Wilson. The Undertaker's "affair". I'm saying no more except these were embarassing and unnecessary.

3) Misuse of the roster. In particular here, I mean misuse of the entire Cruiserweight division- since when has the division been 3 guys (Mysterio, Tajiri and Noble)? Shannon Moore, Paul London & Billy Kidman are fantastic talents yet WWE lets them sit on the shelf and passes at the opportunity to expand the division. It's ridiculous. And the loss of Brian 'Spanky' Kendrick was in my opinion a huge blow. Tons of charisma and a brilliant wrestler. They didn't know what they had. It looks like Ultimo Dragon will go the same way- what an embarassment for this well-renowned Cruiserweight.

Benoit and Guerrero were also criminally misused in 2003- the former wrestling A-Train or the F.B.I frequently, the latter in a feud with the Big Show! Things are looking up for these two though, thankfully.

4)Misuse of the roster II. Ignoring the Cruiserweights and pushing overweight slobs or "legends" (read: geriatrics who can't string a move set together.) How A-Train, Nathan Jones, Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Big Show, Matt Morgan, Rikishi, Chuck Palumbo and Bradshaw got unlimited TV time in 2003 while the above superstars (Cruiserweights) got relegated to Velocity shocks me. Hogan and Piper put on the worst match of the year at Judgment Day and Hogan is an overrated embarassment who can't wrestle worth a damn. His Mr America feud w/ Vince was pathetic.

The problem is- if WWE decide they need to cut the roster, no prizes for guessing from which list they'll choose from.

5) Main events limited. Angle and Lesnar has been overdone a bit. They need to put a few new faces up for title contendership- NOT Undertaker. Good to see Eddy Guerrero get a shot and I hope it's the start of things to come.

Weighing up the pros and cons SD is a much more watchable show than Raw. While its use of its star power is highly questionable, at least the action is generally very good.

Could be better though. I'm begging for an expanded Cruiserweight division. Hopefully 2004 will be a good year for it.

Unless a drastic loss of superstars to Raw occurs, I don't think SD should worry- it has a better GM, better commentary team and all-round better matches. I don't see this changing anytime soon.
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So much better than Raw
babysweetie11113 August 2003
Smackdown! is real. There's a lot more action than on Raw. That whole Kane thing is so ridiculous. I mean give me a freaking break. Raw is trash. Smackdown! has better wrestlers and by far more superior than Raw. If you enjoy watch good wrestling, Smackdown! is where it's at.
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Started to become dull
sashank_kini-121 September 2007
As a child, I used to love WWE. Especially Smackdown. But as I have become a teen, I feel that it is losing its charm.

1) Horrible storyline: The G.M's marriage, the dead man risen from the DEAD, the three to four feet dwarf becoming a champion, all these make WWE a waste of time to watch.

2) Khali wrestlers like a pumpkin. He's so boring to watch and his so called ' monster' title is so stupid. Umaga is so much better.

3) Same matches are seen every time I turn on to this show. THe main even would surely include one or two of them: 1) Batista 2) Finley 3) Khali. I mean, get new wrestlers with superb talent.

4) Finley with his Shirlene or something like that is so bugging.

The only thing good about this show that it is a complete time pass. 5 out of 10.
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This is great
garethwynwilliams16 February 2000
Smackdown! is intended as the follow-up to Monday Night Raw . Smackdown! has more actual Wrestling , and less segments and interviews . This is a better show for fans of old-style WWF , because it resembles the good old days of 'Saturday Night's Main Event' and 'Prime Time Wrestling' when there were less pyrotechnics , and more wrestling . This is a truly excellent show , and better than raw if you're new to pro Wrestling .
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Amazing Show!!! P.S. Wrestling is NOT Fake!!
The-Flaming-Pig13 August 2002
This has got to be the best show on wrestling and best sports show ever. Instead of stupid hockey or football which is like 1 match every show, we get like about 6-8 matches, STORYLINES, Humor, Drama and Fun! There is no feeling like Watching Kane Chokeslam (Grab there neck with one hand, lift them up over your head and slamming them on the ground) some Heel (Bad Guy) Right though a table, or Watching Undertaker smack a Chair on Kurt Angle's head and hearing the "SMACK!" echo throughout the arena, or Watching the Rock Give someone the "SMACKDOWN", DDT, ROCK BOTTOM Or People's Elbow or His Famous Spinebuster and Sharpshooter! Watching Matt Hardy Twist someone's neck (Twist of fate) and watch his Brother, Jeff Hardy, Stand on the Corner Step and Give him a Swantom Bomb! Don't miss this show, or the Rock Shall Layeth The Smacketh Down Upon Your Candy-A$#! My Rating: 10/10
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Never quite as good as Raw, but a top notch show regardless, in my opinion, however it was kind of dull, the final couple of years
callanvass29 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This was never quite as good as Raw, but a top notch show regardless, in my opinion, however it was kind of dull the final couple of years. It had many of my favorites, Stone Cold, The Rock, John Cena, but as I said until it changed to Friday nights, I really lost interest in Smackdown, as there was hardly anybody who interested me except Cena, I never enjoyed JBL as champion, and while Eddie and Angle were both great champions, when JBL got it got a little boring. Cena was a very good champion on Smackdown for a short while, before he got shipped to Raw in the draft, and of course it also had "The Game" Tripple H! plus it had so many other great champions as well. Until recently though, this was always the inferior show to most people, including me, however I always felt it was underrated, plus One of the coolest moments of all time is when Stone Cold helped Vince Mcmahon win the WWE title. It's also famous for Arnie showing up on Smackdown, and it lots of other memorable moments as well, plus Stone Cold created many brilliant moments of course!. This was never quite as good as Raw, but a top notch show regardless, in my opinion, however it was kind of dull the final couple of years, still it was a wonderful show!. ***** out of 5

P.S It looks to be getting back to where it was, now that it has a lot of great young talent!.
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An Entertaining and Excellent Show!!!
movies2u24 December 2001
WWF Smackdown is a great and entertaining show that includes the world's favorite wrestlers: Stone Cold and The Rock, with MANY more. WWF is a really fun show to watch and keeps you entertained while watching them wrestle. I give WWF Smackdown a 10 out of 10 tv show!!! The Rock is tight!!!
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Excellent show!
dootuss2 February 2002
Forget all that "Must see T.V." jazz, because this is what steals the show every Thursday night every single week! The WWF has another great weekly show that features the coolest wrestlers in the biz. Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock.. You can't get any better than this! LONG LIVE WWF!!!!!
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You Simply Can't Get Enough Of Wrestling Action
Big Movie Fan5 January 2003
Back in 1999 when WWF Smackdown made it's debut, I had my reservations. How could another top WWF show be a success without cutting into it's own audience who also watched WWF Raw Is War (now Raw) on Mondays (Smackdown is a Thursday programme).

However, Smackdown has been a great success. It owes it's existence to Raw which was a revolutionary programme for the WWF (and in turn owes it's existence to Prime Time Wrestling which aired from 1986-1992). In no way can it be considered the little brother of Raw;twin brother is more of an apt description.

Just like Raw, Smackdown has always featured PPV caliber matches featuring the top stars such as The Rock and Triple H. Smackdown is a great idea in hindsight because it complements Raw very well.

It got even better in 2002. In 2002, the WWE split it's roster in two and sent some stars to Raw and some stars to Smackdown. So now, Raw and Smackdown are two very different programmes. You can be assured that any stars you see on Raw on Monday are not going to show up on Smackdown on Thursday which is good news because you can have too much of a good thing. This is also good because it has given more screen time to the talented mid-card wrestlers. Smackdown in 2002 has featured some truly great matches and I see no sign of it slowing down in 2003.
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soda_pop4121 January 2000
It's a show and everyone know it. Fully-dressed creepy guys fake-wrestling? They are all fake. The dialogs are fake. Everything is fake.

We-ell, there ARE some funny parts, though. My mom cracked up when the grandmas were wrestling. My b-friend likes to watch that show. HE used to like Stephanie, I don't have a clue why.
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An excellent show
ab-27 January 2000
This has got to be the best wrestling show on network television. I mean look what we get on this show. We get the Undertaker, Kane, Steve Austin, Rock,. etc. I mean even woman wrestle on this show a lot! I mean if you are WWf fan watch this show and you'll believe me.
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SmackDown! is a good show, but it could be better.
sezril-123 May 2003
WWE SmackDown! may not feature the best of wrestling. You aren't going to see Dynamite Kid fighting Tiger Mask, or Misawa duking it out with Kobashi, but it's good, nonetheless. It has some of the American favorites, such as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (retired), and Kurt Angle.

I think they could improve SmackDown! by pushing Chris Benoit some more. He's among the greatest the WWE has to offer. He bypasses almost everyone, save Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero, as far as in wrestling skill. He should at least get a good title run. He's been working very hard all of his career, dating back to the Super J Cup in 1994, going up against greats like Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger, and The Great Sasuke.

I think SmackDown! is better than RAW at the moment. RAW is just pushing one 'roided up man (HHH) and one old, slow, feeble waste (Kevin Nash).
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Raw Is Better.
jts040526 December 2005
Smackdown is a great show. It has the matches and entertainment in it. But Raw is still my favorite brand. I like Smackdown a lot, but still I think Raw is better by ever way. Smackdown every week is getting a new person on the roster. Raw sticks with the same people and gets a new person every once and a while. JBL sucks, Orlando Jordan sucks, The Dicks suck, Paul London sucks, Rey Mysterio is OK, Batista is OK, Matt Hardy sucks, I completely get sick of Holla Holla Player from Teddy Long. He is just to damn annoying. Palmer Canon isn't the real name of that fake network guy. His name really isn't Palmer Canon. He just does that on the show. Since when has it been called Friday Night Smackdown instead of Smackdown. I really like Smackdown it is a very entertaining show, but Raw is just still better.
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Quality has gone down big time
man-myth-legend30 December 2002
<<This comment is based on WWE Smackdown as of December 30,2002>>

I have to say that WWE Smackdown has really lost alot of its edge. Big stars that were featured on the program are missing(Rock, Hogan, Undertaker mainly)

and that has really hurt the star quality. There are some decent matches here and there(one involved a ladder match between Edge and Eddie Guerrero that

was phenomenal) but the show really has taken a turn for the worse. Lousy

backstage drama(who cares that Dawn Marie is going to wed Al Wilson, Torrie

Wilson's father?) Such drama has nothing to do with wrestling. I find it annoying, to be frank. Another element that irritates me to no end is the lousy

commentating job by Michael Cole. He is absolutely terrible. He also makes

shameful plugs for the Smackdown show during matches, spouting things off

like: "Where else are you going to see action like this? Smackdown is the best wrestling show on television!" and other similar things. He needs to go. The

show does not have the electricity that its RAW cousin has. WWE, please, put

some excitement back into Smackdown!!
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Best WWE Show Ever
markealeswhite30 August 2002
This is my fave WWE show ever it has the best superstars like The Rock Brock Angle Ray Jr Maven Cena Randy Orton And it looks as it has The Undertaker now as well it's got the Sexy Gm Steph Who is very good at her job.
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One of the best wrestling shows ever!
CmHowell9929 July 2002
My grandfather watches this show every Thursday Night On UPN I saw this series once Once I heard a saying called I oughta take all those gold medals and shove them down your throat. And these guys gold medals got thrown in the water at the end of the series. As you all know wrestling is a very fake sport. My grandfather loves wrestling. He tapes it or watches it whenever it comes on.
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Smackdown rules!
louisemcmahon20 April 2002
WWF Smackdown has really picked up lately now that Vince has total control over it. Smackdown has the better wrestlers now with the likes of The Rock and Hogan. The only thing i'm complaining about is how Shane isn't on it anymore! He needs to come back soon!
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the best
steph_hhh839 August 2001
This is my favorite show, i never miss it, and if i have to i tape it. I love this show. WWF is #1. My favorites are - Undertaker,Kane,Y2J,Chyna,HardyBoyz,Lita, and Mick Foley. I love this show soooooo much. I recommend this one over WCW/ECW.
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Piece of trash
tomarharshit-282478 May 2019
This is also a garbage Baseless storylines and no creativity and turning the show into PG ERA.
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Good but not as great as it used to be!
DomNickson8434 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Looking back, it's funny to think that this show was once the bright light of my childhood growing up. I collected action figures, shirts, magazines, and even photographs of each individual wrestler. My favorites were Rey Mysterio, Batista, Undertaker, Chris Benoit, Sho Funaki, Scotty Too Hotty, and even The Boogeyman. However a lot of these wrestlers are no longer part of the roster it kills me to think about it. I have to say this show did have an interesting roster from 1999 till about 2007. Ever since I realized these wrestlers were being underused and even misused I decided to turn my back on it and haven't watched a full match in almost 10 years. Luckily, I still have the videos games and can always remember these wrestlers from them. Anyway, I noticed though when I did see a newer set of matches the moves and acting have become a lot sloppier I just can't bear watching it anymore.

Overall is this Show good? Yeah, from 1999-2007. Was it worth watching? Yeah, I really miss older wrestlers. Who would you recommend it to? Anybody who likes non-realistic but interesting battles. Rating: 6 out of 10.
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