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Cashmere Not Such An Innocent Time
cbarfield24 April 2002
Michael Ninn has exchanged his dark futuristic visions to take us back to bright luscious yesteryear where everything is pure and perfect.

The film is narrated by Ninn as he is reminiscing over his first crush , an early 60's songbird played by a effervescent Kylie Ireland named Penny Lane ('is in my ears and in my eyes' ..and every other orifice for that matter),as she belts out her hit singles. Despite all the go-go boots , bouffant hair styles and chevy's , scratch at its plastic veneer and its true colors emerge , when Kylie is forced to watch her boyfriend be seduced by nuns (Anna Malle and Jeanna Fine) before being ...baptized herself.

The musical numbers are great and certainly have captured the sound of the times , Kylie look absolutely stunning and handles the lead role with ease. She starts the film going when she gets more than just 'Lipstick On Your Collar' while enjoying a duet with Brick Majors Shayla Laveaux is a cheerleader and while twisting at the local diner Colt Steele comes over and slips a dime in her jukebox and Jill Kelly looking more like a 'Earth Angel' dreams of a top of the hit parade crooner Billy Fab played by Eric Price.

The production is amazing and Ninn has shown true versatility in his subject matter by bringing to life a very different world from his Sex and Latex movies.The dialogue is cut down to a bare minimum , which personally is a little too concise , but this is it's only short coming from a film that will have you humming the tunes for days afterwards.

The DVD has a couple of trailers and a excellent commentary by Kylie and Michael
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