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6 Feb. 1999
Obsession in August
"...The two enduring English folk-heroes are Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest and King Arthur of Camelot. We know Sherwood Forest existed - it's still there. But where was Camelot? ... A hundred years ago three brilliant men were prepared to risk their sanity - and their lives - to prove they knew its exact location ... " Our story opens in Victorian England. Vicky (14) and Aidan (11) Tudor are wildly excited about the imminent return of their mother and father after three years traveling abroad. However, the carriage that finally rumbles up the driveway contains not ...
13 Feb. 1999
A Crack in Time
The Johnsons live in a small country town. Their dairy farm has been in the family for three generations, and although in recent years they have been struggling, Mike - the father of David (13) and Katie (10) - is not about to let it go without a fight. David has his own worries - he is being bullied at school by Wayne Brogan (14), the son of a rich neighboring farmer. Wayne is particularly scornful of David's push-bike, which is no match for Wayne's own all-singing, all-dancing version. On the day our story begins, Wayne chases David home from school, knocking him ...
20 Feb. 1999
The Anchoress
Cindy (13) and Jonathan (10) Copeland live happily in a small seaside village with their fisherman father, Bob. Since the mysterious disappearance of their mother when Jonathan was still a baby, they have been cared for by their gruff but kind Aunt Moya. The only cloud on the horizon is the recent downturn of business: with the waters around the port close to being fished out, Bob is having a hard time earning a living. All that looks set to change one day when he brings in a very special catch - the merman... Aunt Moya is horrified when Bob has the merman preserved ...
27 Feb. 1999
Louise Adams (14) is new to Cranford - and she doesn't like it. Cranford is a place where people either fit in or move on, and Louise knows which of her options she'd prefer. She and her mother Kath have moved to this old mining town after the disastrous break-up of the Adams' marriage. Despite her very good relationship with Kath, Louise is so bitter about the circumstances of the divorce, and in particular her father's new partner, that she is determined not to make any effort in her new school or her new life - in short, not to trust anyone, ever again. Her only ...
6 Mar. 1999
The Duellists
Beneath the spreading shade of an ancient, solitary oak, two young men, Tobias Jones and Samuel Crittenden, melt into our vision. They are dressed in late eighteenth-century costume - breeches and shirts - and face each other aggressively, swords in hand. From some distance we hear a woman crying their names - the beautiful Ariadne Blake, running desperately to where the rivals stand. As if her voice was the catalyst the men needed, they begin to duel... Two hundred years ago Tobias and Samuel both lost their lives in a bid to win the hand of Ariadne - who loved ...
13 Mar. 1999
In 1928, Bertie Milton won the Godolphin Cup on a horse trained by his grandfather, Sir Jasper - the only amateur jockey ever to win the race. The victory was celebrated at the famous annual Milton House Fancy Dress Ball: but the consequences of this particular party could not have been foreseen by anyone... A tragic accident leaves Bertie a reluctant ghost - a ghost who can't bring himself to scare the living, and one who has yet to master the simplest skills of the afterlife - dematerialization, for instance, or how to walk through walls. Unfortunately for Bertie, ...
20 Mar. 1999
The Magician
Emily Watson (12) and her widower father Sam are show people, and along with their faithful dog Pepper make a living moving through the small towns of 1950's North America giving performances and selling "Dr. Watson's Magical Elixir" - Sam's own herbal remedy for just about anything. Although Emily of course still grieves for her mother, she is happy with her unconventional life and upbringing. However, the Watsons' lives change forever when they rescue the beautiful and mysterious Grizelda. Grizelda is a newcomer in what appears to be just a run-of- the-mill New ...
27 Mar. 1999
A Ghost of Our Own
Laura Bradley and her two daughters Jenny (10) and Alison (13) are traveling in great excitement to their new home - the mysterious Bradley House, an unexpected inheritance from a great-uncle they never met. But their taxi driver, the surly Alfie Noakes, is rather less than welcoming: he tells them Bradley House is well-known in the neighborhood as haunted - and that nobody ever stays there long... Jenny loves Bradley House from the moment she sees it: she has a curious sense of being in her rightful home there. Alison just thinks it's spooky; Laura thinks the house ...
3 Apr. 1999
Jessica's Diary
Being thirteen is difficult enough at the best of times - and Jessica is not having the best of times. Her mother, Rose, has recently become bedridden with a mysterious illness. Despite a battery of tests, none of the doctors know what Rose is suffering from, and when, or indeed if, she will get better. In this time of great stress for the family, Jessica's relationship with her stepfather Mike has deteriorated sharply. The only pleasant thing in Jessica's life is her new friendship with the boy who is working on the farm for the summer, the level-headed and practical...
10 Apr. 1999
The Pirate
The Craig family have always taken their annual holidays at the beach, in their quaint, much-loved Seaview Cottage. But this year things are poised to change for Sarah (11) and her brothers Peter (14) and Jack (16). Their father has lost his business, and unless the children can come up with a solution, they will lose the second home that has always meant so much to them. Peter and Jack have long grown out of digging for buried treasure, which is the only plan Sarah can come up with for restoring the family fortunes. Sarah is used to being the butt of her older ...
The Skeleton in the Cupboard
Cherry Painter (12) comes from a fascinating family. For three generations they have made their living as magicians - but with her father the tendency seems to be dying out. He and his funny, astute sister Linda, a great favorite and confidante of Cherry's, seem - unaccountably, in Cherry's eyes - to want nothing more than to lead ordinary lives. Cherry has the gift - she wants to be the first world-class female magician, and she cannot understand the others being seemingly more than content to leave show biz for menial jobs. But then, the very mention of her ...
Between Life and Death
Jamie Irving (12) loves and admires his father - but the two of them are worlds apart. Rick - tough, smart, perfectionist, and very determined - has a glamorous and dangerous job as an investigator working for Customs; he is the quintessential man of action, and does not understand how to deal with his gentle, intellectual son. Jamie feels misunderstood and constantly put down by Rick; when he cannot handle effectively the bullying a timid boy of his age is often subjected to, he feels his father despises him. But Rick is about to find out that there are times when ...
1 May 1999
Darkness Visible
Groby Temporal, clock-maker, bon vivant and black wizard, has lived alone on his own private beach for longer than anyone can remember. He claims the land was given to his father in perpetuity - but the local town council can prove otherwise. They are determined to erect budget holiday chalets for city families on just a hundred yards of the land Groby is accustomed to calling his own. Twenty adults and perhaps sixty children staying within spitting distance?! - It is at this point that the councilors start mysteriously disappearing, one by one ... Three penniless ...
8 May 1999
The Green Dress
Being the new girl is often rather frightening, even at a conventional school, so for Rosa Martinelli (13) to have been accepted into the School of the Performing Arts is something of a mixed blessing. It came at a topsy-turvy time in her life anyway: her father Nick and mother Brigid have just separated, and Brigid and Rosa are trying to figure out their new life on their own. Rosa's pleased to have delighted Brigid so much in taking the first step toward the dream of stardom - but is it Brigid's dream, or Rosa's own? Although Rosa's voice is pleasant, it is nothing ...
15 May 1999
A Matter of Time
David Morgan (12) is a natural scientist. He is already obsessed with what is destined to become his lifework: the design and construction of a time travel machine, what David affectionately refers to as the "Tasmo" - Time and Space Modulator. But the path of a boy genius in a small and conventional town can be thorny. David's father, Alan, would rather see him out on the playing field with a baseball than in the annals of history; to add insult to injury David is failing all his subjects except science, and even his teacher, the bookish spinster Miss Jameson, is ...

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