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New Times (L.A.)
It's war porn, a movie that revels in the carnage.
Portland Oregonian
It's a Ritalin-deprived sensibility, but it keeps you skating over the dull spots, in which the film unfortunately is rich.
A crowd-pleasing blockbuster if ever there was one, features as its centerpiece a jaw-droppingly vivid re-creation of the Japanese attack on the U.S.'s fabled (and extremely vulnerable, as it turned out) Pacific fleet.
"Pearl Harbor" is exactly the kind of prestige project you'd expect from a director like Bay, hitting all its targets with plodding precision and never once achieving surprise.
Clearly, neither screenwriter Randall Wallace nor director Michael Bay ever met a cliche he didn't embrace.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
For all its agonizing true-life trappings, has the staying power of a grand-scale video game. Manhattan's sushi bars are in no danger of going dark.
Chicago Reader
If you decide to hit the concessions stand (where you're bound to have lots of company), I'd suggest going out for popcorn during either the first hour or the third, because the second features some pretty good big-screen effects involving planes, ships, and explosions.
Village Voice
The chaos is convincing, but, less ruthless than Steven Spielberg, Bay eschews D-day panic and mutilation.
Christian Science Monitor
Fiction and fantasy to evade reflection on the world we actually live in.
Baltimore Sun
A brain-dead buddy-movie tearjerker with semi-tasteful romance and tasteful gore mixed in with the derring-do.

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