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sharptongue28 July 2002
Warning : this film may cause you to at least look sideways at your doctor during your next checkup.

Several things puzzle me about this film. For one, what on earth all these women see in this guy ? He's a grade-A creep. For two, how could he get away with so many murders ? I don't think the Japanese police are quite as dimwitted as they appear here.

These concerns aside, this is pretty good and involving journey into the psyche of a highly corrupted character. Nearly everyone in this story is of dodgy character, therefore this movie could fairly be called film noir. The story is, of course, pretty racy, with women disrobing and getting into bed with Doc Toya all over the place. The unraveling of his corrupt character takes up the long second half, and is pretty harrowing.

Overall, not a classic, but worth watching.
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