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Sex & Nudity

  • Main characters Sora and Kari wears sleeveless tops.
  • Digimon Angewomon and LadyDevimon wear suggestive clothes.
  • There are references of romance between several characters.

Violence & Gore

  • Most episodes of the show involve fights between Digimon which can be violent but action-packed. No blood is spilt and most end with characters being defeated without any physical wounds. In the second half of the show, fights do become more violent and several characters are killed.
  • Characters who are killed during the series, or at least in the Digital World, are later resurrected. Those in the human world are killed permanently.
  • Izzy's parents are revealed to actually be his distant relatives, his real parents previously dying in a car crash.
  • Tai and Matt get into scuffles multiple times. In one episode, they punch each other but the actual blows are not seen. In the same episode, their Digimon also physically fight.
  • Most fights are physical but also various attacks are used as well.
  • Ikkakumon, who resembles a walrus, can fire missiles from the horn on his head.
  • Items called Black Gears imbed themselves in several Digimon, brainwashing them and turning them evil.
  • A villain Devimon is run through with a laser blast fired by good guy Angemon, both dying in the process although Angemon's alternate form Patamon is revived several episodes on.
  • The vampire-like villain Myotismon plans to kill Kari who is an eight-year old throughout the series. He is later impaled by an arrow and dies.
  • Myotismon kills two of his own minions although this is altered that they were sent back to the Digital World.
  • Wizardmon is murdered by Myotismon, his dead shown onscreen.
  • Myotismon returns as a stronger form named VenonMyotismon, has a secondary monster in his stomach area, and is killed by two laser attacks, shattering to pieces onscreen.
  • One Digimon, Chuumon, is stabbed with a knife and dies.
  • Another Digimon, Whamon, is blasted through the body with a laser attack and dies.
  • One villain MetalSeadramon has his body drilled through and ripped apart by one good Digimon.
  • Villain Puppetmon kills several of his own minions and wields a large sledgehammer as a weapon.
  • A large number of Digimon are killed by Machinedramon.
  • Two female Digimon get involved in a violent cat fight.


  • There is no swear words used in the show, although they are numerous insults used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Matt and TK's father is shown to smoke.
  • Alcahol is censored out of the show, although one villain gets drunk/hyper on soda.
  • DemiDevimon's attack takes the form of syringes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some of the violence and fights may be distressing to younger viewers.
  • Several scenes featuring the heroes breaking down in tears (e.g. Tai reveals he nearly got his sister Kari killed; Izzy's revelation that his parents are not his biological ones; Sora lamenting on broken relationship with her mother.)
  • Wizardmon's death in Episode 37 is onscreen and may traumatise young children.
  • Leomon's death in Episode 47 is onscreen and traumatic.
  • Other characters die onscreen, many of which are good guys - Chuumon, Sukamon, Piximon, Whamon, Leomon, an army of Numemon, and ShogunGekomon.
  • Gotsumon and Pumpkinmon are killed by Myotismon but their deaths are censored.
  • Villain Puppetmon is incinerated onscreen by hero MetalGarurumon and is shown burnt and dies onscreen.
  • Several of the villains may scare younger viewers such as Devimon and Myotismon in particular.
  • In Episode 53, the children and their Digimon are disintegrated by a villain but survive and return to defeat him.

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