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Tremendously funny
Quinoa19849 May 2000
Chris Rock is the best black-comic genius (besides Eddie Murphy) who really brings some great thought and laughter to the public at large. And I found myself laughing hysterically at it. This time, Rock takes a poke at the Columbine kids, Clinton, Mommy and daddy, the black mall, insurance and women. His takes on all of those things, plus a few other surprises, make this a highly entertaining and funny time to watch (this material though, like his 1997 Bring the Pain, is also controversial so don't think Rock is now pop). A+
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Better medicine than Robitussin
MrMuscleHead4 January 2008
The Doug E. Fresh intro perfectly sets the mood for the frantic and energetic Chris Rock. Bigger & Blacker is an HBO production filmed in the Apollo Theater and is brilliant satire from the perspective of an African-American.

Rock lays the smack down on topics such as school violence, gun control, irresponsible parents, neglected fathers, infidelity, bigotry, and the poor state of health care. His assertions are blunt, bold, and are fired from point-blank: "A man is only as faithful as his options", "Men lie but women are much bigger liars", "Blacks and whites have little to complain about, consider the state of Native Americans".

All of Rock's material is solid and most of it is intelligent and thought-provoking. He slips into crudeness only briefly as he suggests that the blind be assigned to midgets instead of seeing-eye dogs and when he mentions his contempt for women that don't provide oral servicing. Also, he picks on white people a little, but it is not really funny like when Richard Pryor teased white people. These minor flaws are certainly not deal breakers. Rock is providing a solid hour of comedy here. He has a superb rapport with his audience and his delivery is very good overall with only a couple instances of repeating himself or otherwise stalling as he gathers his thoughts. This is an adult show and profanity is used liberally, but not quite what I would consider gratuitously. Overall this is a very good show that all fans of stand-up comedy, should consider viewing. Chris Rock deserves to go home to the big piece of chicken (inside joke-watch the show).
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Funniest standup I've ever seen!!!!
MyDarkStar24 December 2002
The summary says it all : This is literally the funniest standup I've ever seen (or heard) in my life, hands down.

I could give snippets of his performance, but that wouldn't do it justice. Just watch it.
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Chris Rock for President!
dazda30 March 2003
Chris Rock is the funniest man I have ever known. He is ON POINT, in everything he says. He brings up political, health, and social issues, from gun control to race, that really makes you think and laugh because it's so true. His speech on gun control can be seen in Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine." Rock is intelligent and funny, and we see this in this HBO special.

There is a scene in his current film, "Head of State" that shows the views of Chris Rock that we find in "Bigger and Blacker." I also recommend "The Best of Chris Rock."

"There isn't any money in the cure, the money is in the medicine. That's how a drug dealer makes his money, on the cutbacks. . . They got metal on the space shuttle that can go around the moon that can withstand temp. of 25,000 degrees; you mean to tell me they can't make an El Dorado that bumper don't fall off?" (on finding the cure for AIDS)

Rock writes and performs with pure genius and clarity. He says things that everyone has thought about but couldn't put into words. For those who didn't have HBO, RENT IT!! I give this 10/10!
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Rock is the best stand-up comedian in the world right now. See this movie for physical evidence.
abyoussef17 January 2004
by Dane Youssef

This is one of the funniest and perhaps greatest stand-up bits ever made. And I have seen more than my fair share.

I had seen Rock mostly from bit comedic parts. Films like "Beverly Hills Cop II" and "Beverly Hills Ninja." Not to mention "Boomerang." But I was unaware to this man genius with a mike for the longest time (too long, in my opinion).

Rock is mostly known as "The angry, loud little black guy bitching how the white man is trying to personally keep him down." But he's so much more. He speaks with such insight and eloquence about humanity and the races and the sexes, I think of him as a superman or some prodigy.

His theories here: Women who want to raise kids without a man's help, respect and appreciation for Daddy, fat black women, people's obsession with the OJ trial and how white people bitch about their current financial status. But given the choice... they wouldn't trade places with a black man. Not even him.

"And I'm rich!" he exclaims.

Not even the poor white trash. Or the one-legged busboy busing the concert. "That's how GOOD it is to be white!"

Maybe he's right.

"When you're white, the sky's the limit! When you're black, the limit's the sky!"

He goes into other stuff. Where guys hide their porno. What women are truly thinking. Perhaps he's the only man who truly knows. He also has some great childhood stuff about being the only black kid at his school at how Robitussin was an all-purpose medicine at his house. Like people use to think leeches were.

This is a gem on film. The man created gold when he's given a microphone and a stage. I bought the tape a year later and a lot of Rock's others. I'm serious. It's so incredible, funny and true to life and painfully on target that at times we flinch when he aims directly at us. It's almost scary.

May Chris Rock be forever immortalized in the same status as Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy and Bill Hicks. Every generation (just once) every generation... a creature as divine as this is born into this pitiful mortal world... and changes it forever.

Now the black Def Jam comics who have made their own showcase vehicles, "The Original Kings of Comedy" and "The Queens of Comedy." They are very talented and amazing. Like I even need to say so. I'm preaching to the choir, aren't I? But even they're not in Chris Rock's league.

Rock is up there (as far as I'm concerned) with those who redefined comedy and now the modern comics incorporate it into their act, without even knowing where the hell it first came from. Who was the innovator. Who started it all.

Here is a man who deserves the success Seinfeld has had. Maybe if he had a revolutionary sit-com with his own brand of comedy. Who knows?

The sky's the limit for Rock.

I hope he makes another stand-up concert film. I liked his stand-up concert bits in "Head of State." Let's hope he does more.

This concert film is more than a gem, but a treasure. Look for any of his others. One of the best stand-up concert films ever made, if not actually THE best. Worthy of being put-up on par with "Richard Pryor Live On The Sunset Strip" and "Eddie Murphy Raw," this one richly deserves a 10 out of 10.

Enough said.

--For The Rock That Rocks... Hard, Dane Youssef
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Funnier than I expected
MovieAddict20166 November 2005
I'm not a fan of Chris Rock in general - I never really thought he was that special; on "Saturday Night Live" he annoyed me and his films so far have been pretty pathetic. His racist remarks around last year's Oscar ceremony really p!ssed me off, too - more so than anything else he had done or said in the past.

So I approached this live comedy performance with skepticism. As bad as he may be in films, one of my friends told me he's "great at standup" - so I gave it a shot late last night at three o'clock in the morning on Comedy Central's uncut & unedited "Vault" program.

I was surprised because it was actually pretty funny. It's not brilliant, and certainly not on the same level as Richard Pryor, but it's promising - and shows that Rock is FAR more suited for standup than, say, acting or sketch shows.

If you aren't familiar with Rock's work, check this out. If you hate Rock and haven't seen this, check it out, too. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Be warned, however, that the language is very strong.
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A Brilliant Man
DanielClausen28 December 2004
I've always looked at stand-up comedians kinda like philosophers ... Cause that's what they do, right? They reflect on life ...

Chris Rock certainly have some MAJOR points in this show... First of all, the whole "Daddy Don't Get Nothing"-thing is brilliant... Not be a chauvinist, I know that real good daddies are becoming more and more of a rarity, but the once that ARE good fathers should be treated as such...

Also the AIDS-thing is a bit conspiracy theory-alike, and well thought of ... I know others have said it before, but maybe a comedian just makes people think more about it than some stuffed up professor at a university no ordinary would want to go to anyways...

But the biggest WOWA from me is when he talks about them kids shooting at school ... The way he just simplifies everything into one word - crazy... Could he ever be more right? Ask yourselves if those kids wouldn't have been just as crazy growing up seeing Facts of Life ?? I sure think so ...

A great philosopher, a great comedian - a brilliant man ...
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Greatest Modern Stand-Up, Hands Down!
vinzclortho23 August 2019
Rapid fire delivery, exuberant confidence and pitch perfect timing shine bright in Rock's finest hour. I consider this the best stand-up special of the modern era.
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I couldn't watch it
Olympus959515 December 2006
One of the worst decisions was to buy the DVD of this. Chris Rock is the worst stand up comedian I have ever listened to. People complain if white folks say that nword yet Chris Rock emits much more racism. About every joke that is on Bigger and Blacker has to do with sex or race. There are much more enjoyable stand up comedians, Chris Rock is not one of them. I simply couldn't not finish the DVD, fortunately I had the oppourtunity to return it. In conclusion I believe that Chris Rock gives African-Americans a bad name. He simply complains about how much the white folk are holding everyone down when he in turn is painting an image of sex and violence to the black race. He is a hypocrite and needs to learn about how the world runs and leave the race jokes out of his lineup. There are many many other African-American stand up comedians that are simply more enjoyable to watch then Chris Rock.
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Best Stand-Up I've Seen
cariboo_kit25 October 2004
Chris Rock really brings it in Bigger & Blacker. He has his moments in this HBO special. Some parts drag along a bit but then he gets going and it by far makes up for it. He covers many topics such as marriage, politics, gun control, and other social issues. However i wouldn't recommend this show to anyone that can't stand some cursing. Okay a lot of cursing. Only other thing you might have to worry about is busting a gut from laughing so hard. This show was hilarious. I found it much better than "Never Scared". I wish there were more stand-ups like this out there. Rock puts many comics to shame.

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The Best
Treeman197927 January 2003
I am a character so my friends call me and I've seen alot of stand-up shows everyone from Richard Pryor to George Carlin and I have to say that Chris Rock's Bigger & Blacker is the funniest show I've ever seen Because it touches on all subjects we can relate to. Race really isn't an issue, he talks the truth that is why it is so funny. Bottom Line Bigger and Blacker the greatest comedy show ever recorded....

P.S. Untouchable!!!!!
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Chris ROCKS the house
MrJingles5216 October 2002
This is the way comedy should be made. If you're sick and tired of Seinfeld's silly comedy about insignificant things in life, or Robin Williams' clown theathrics, then Chris Rock is guaranteed to make you laugh. Chris talks about the late 90s biggest issues... (Racism, Sex, Columbine High School, Clinton, etc). Bigger and Blacker will make your stomach hurt will laughter.
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Absolutely Hilarious
saiyahog8428 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of Chris Rock's best shows. He hits everything spot on and is very smart. My two favorite bits are the one about the uncles (mainly for the molester uncle routine) and old black men being the most racist people in the world ("I hate those cracker ass crackers...except for Susie!"). Some other funny stuff were the comments about how Hilary Clinton should have been sucking Bill's dick, the Indians at the Thanksgiving Parades, and blind people. Some people will probably accuse him of racism, but it's mainly the white people that Chris was joking about that complaining because they're "Losing the country." Definitely worth viewing. You'll laugh from start to finish. A+
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One of the best stand-up's I've ever seen
Luis_ct12 July 2005
Chris Rock will probably be remembered in the future as one of the greatest comedians of the 90's. This stand-up is my second all-time favorite after Dave Chapelle's "Killin'me Softly" . Its amazing how both of these comedians have the ability to connect with thousands of people in a personal level. How they can speak and joke about every-day normal situations that most people would be too embarrassed to even mention. This stand-up, is a great example of what I'm saying. Chris Rock makes jokes from subjects such as bullet control, to the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal, to relationships between married couples, that make you laugh until you cry. This is truly a must-see comedy stand-up
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This Stand-up performance is the best I've ever seen.
chiponmashoulda1 January 2004
I saw this about one month ago on HBO. Than I saw it 3 more times. Than I finally saw it again yesterday. It is the funniest performance I have ever seen. Like the joke about not banning guns but making bullets worth $5000 a piece. How he said that is you got shot they would have been like, "He must have done something." I was literally laughing-my-ass-off. It's a great stand-up-performance. The best that I've seen, and I'd like more people to recognize it.
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very funny
mein418218 July 2002
man this show was great. i saw it on hbo. and i give it 10/10. the jokes were funny and chris rock is very hilarious. if you hate foul language, then this show is not for you. but if you can take the foul language then watch it. you'll be crying from laughter.
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under the language is brilliance
Andy-4223 February 2000
I was not old enough to know or appreciate Lenny Bruce. The comics I grew up with used foul language for the sake of foul language. On the surface, one might make this assessment of Chris Rock. That would be a tragedy. This guy is one of the smartest, most insightful, challenging entertainers to be found today. To watch this video, you have to tolerate the language, but if you can, the content is fantastic. The first 14 minutes are a strangely Dr.-Laura like tirade on parenting, gender relations, and responsibility. But delivered by Chris Rock, it's a whole different experience. Other topics include Clinton's escapades, racial relations in America (with surprising atypical conclusions) and sexual relations between couples. As the video goes on, the content gets raunchier, so if you want great social commentary, but aren't interested in his theories on the three ways women relate to oral sex, then skip the last 15 minutes. All in all, though, I found myself laughing myself silly, and thinking seriously about the subject matter. And I am a white, rural clergyman. Go figure.
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One of the most unfunny stand-up routines of all-time
mariposa-910 January 2001
Chris Rock has been funny in the past, but in "Bigger And Blacker" all Rock seems to know how to do is curse. And with that shrill voice of his constantly spouting expletives, it's akin to repeatedly getting hit over the head with a baseball bat. Also, Rock had this disturbing habit of pacing back and forth THE MAN COULD NOT STAND STILL; which, told me that he's very nervous and has little confidence in his routine. But, for some reason, the audience was howling with laughter! I could only conclude that they must of been paid for I could only manage a few forced chuckles -- and I was in the mood to laugh!

Now, I love Eddie Murphy. Eddie doesn't rely on just curse words or vulgarity to get a laugh like Rock or, the equally unfunny Andrew dice Clay. Thus, if you like that kind of humor, then maybe this is for you, but if you want real laughs, rent "Eddie Murphy Delirious."
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Tougher don't mean better
tributarystu8 February 2005
After seeing Rock's latest comedy show, I simply had to check out his previous work. "Bigger and Blacker" is the first thing I saw, simply because it fell most conveniently into my hands and, based on my previous Rock experience, I have to say there's quite a difference.

Obviously, I'd seen a bit of this in Bowling for Columbine, not knowing what really was behind it all at that time. In it's wholeness, "Bigger and Blacker" is a harsher, more unpolished, but in the same time more direct experience than "Never Scared". The jokes seem aggressive, the thematic of which feeling even more familiar than I'd have expected.

But, strangely enough, I didn't laugh as much as during "Never Scared". In a way I felt some of the jokes had an awkward kind of touch, maybe even insulting at some points, and they simply didn't criticize with the same style, with the same subtlety. Theory of evolution proves itself right, in the end, or at least so I presume.
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real dirty, but twice as funny
JrmMovie9 September 2002
If you can tolerate the language this is so funny. The material is insightful but Rock does it in a comedic way. The material is aimed for blacks but white people can enjoy it to. It takes a while for him to get into it but once he starts cursing he is on.
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Bigger unfortunately not better
MassDistraction25 March 2014
Chris Rock returns to the stage a legitimate superstar, and for his venue he's chosen none other than Harlem's Apollo Theater. Everything is bigger and more elaborate this time around: the building, the set, the outfit, and the outrage. But it rarely translates to more laughs. It also doesn't help, looking back a few years later, how archaic a lot of the attitudes expressed by Rock are. His views on parenting and relationships are so outdated (and, it should be noted, were outdated at the time) that it sounds like you're listening to your dad cracking wise. This is only furthered when he begins to weigh in on the Bill Clinton impeachment, which he lays right on Hilary Clinton's doorstep. Rock has always had a way of keeping the ladies onside while making some really questionable observations about them, but I wonder if this particular set tested that infatuation. It sure doesn't help that he again spends the last act of this special criticizing women and being generally negative towards them. Sadly, when he does say something positive, like showing his opposition to homophobia, he uses it more as a transition and never takes the time to sell the idea to the audience, which would have been a brave thing to do in that time and place. It certainly would have set this apart from the other comics who predominantly use their charisma to sell a joke. Still, he does have a unique take on gun control that comes at the issue from a different direction and his prediction of how the A.I.D.S epidemic would develop is almost prophetic. It speaks to what the potential was for this set, and is every time out for Rock. A step down from a legendary feature debut.
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Slighty amusing but not his best performance
shadowman12310 April 2006
I've seen Chris Rock in quite a few movies now. And I have to say that his acting ability is can be questioned . However as a stand-up comic he is very good . I saw Chris Rock : never scared a while back ago and I was impressed with the his material , I mean the fact that these are social problems that he has highlighted and makes everyone fall out of their seats . Whether it be AIDS , High School shooting , wild mothers , Chris Rocks takes the subject on , NO HOLD BARRED . The thing about Bigger and Blacker was that as it was certainly a good show but I could not help feeling the missing edge that we saw on Never Scared so to me this felt one of his weaker performances . However I would still recommend this to fans of Rock and check it out if its on TV , in my opinion he probably is the next best thing to Richord Pryor and besides even this show had its moments that made you laugh.

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Best stand-up I've seen
aurelie_ledoyen4 November 2004
I don't have too much reference in stand-up, because I've never seen Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryor (I realize I am missing out and intend to see those VHS or DVD's next). But I can tell you that Bigger and Blacker is the funniest thing I have ever seen. PERIOD.

I've seen "Bring On the Pain", this one, and the new one where he wears a burgundy suit, and this one is definitely the best by far.

Chris Rock isn't silly. He's hilarious because he isn't silly, but smart, spot-on, pointing out all the f*ed up situations in the world. The only thing that dates it is his reference to Ricky Martin's "La Vida Loca" but that was a really big song back in the day.

His insight on women is uncanny, almost as much as it is hilarious. I couldn't believe someone put into words so well how we want our men to ask us the correct questions that will allow us to run our %$@ mouths. He also said how women always say they need to talk as a couple, but "oh, NO, they don't want YOU to talk. They want you to LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN!!"

As someone else previously posted, he talks about the $$ being in the medicine not the cure, a sad truth.

I guess with any stand-up, it's about the delivery. There's this one part when he talks about how The Jerry Lewis Telethon is the same dismal atmosphere every year and the kids still look miserable. I couldn't stop laughing at the way he said. "Do SOMETHIN'! Prop a stick under the kid. LIE TO ME, JERRY!! LIE!" And then talks about how all the $ must go to keeping his hair black, because "Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Dean, Dean Martin, all dead, and Jerry Lewis has a full head of black hair!" LOLOL I can't rave any more about this, because you have to see it to really laugh!
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droogiedim777 February 2003
I'm a big fan of stand-up comedy, and this has to be one of the funniest I've ever seen. I must have seen this 50 times. And that is no exaggeration. Every time, I still laugh my ass. It's a toss-up, but I'd say that this is funnier than his first stand-up special, Bring the Pain. Please, Chris, do more stand-up.
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