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New Us sci-fi, fantasy and horror shows for 2015

Superheroes, time travellers, aliens and zombies. Here’s our pick of forthcoming Us geek TV for 2015…

Following on from our list of brand new UK geek-skewed TV shows to keep an eye out for next year is this gaggle of Us counterparts. There are film adaptations from 12 Monkeys to Scream, comic book adaptations including Daredevil and Dark Matter, and a host of original projects.

All of the ones listed below are as certain as certain gets in the world of Us TV commissioning, and as a bonus, there’s a wee list of sci-fi and fantasy pilots to look forward to should they be picked up by their respective networks.

12 Monkeys

You’ll find this one among our running total of movies currently being turned into TV shows, for obvious reasons.

A Syfy production that’s expected to arrive in January 2015, 12 Monkeys is based on the 1995 Terry Gilliam film (itself
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I Told You I Was A Sucker For A Vampire Story!

  • The Entertainment Zone
Kyle Schmid is 24 going on 25 at the end of this month, and he sure has worked a lot as an actor! He began doing commercials and modeling at a young age and soon turned that into acting roles. As he is from Canada, his career started there with roles in Alley Cats Strike, The Sandy Bottom Orchestra and I Was A Sixth Grade Alien. American audiences might know him from The Pacifier, A History of Violence or The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. But I know him from the 2007 Lifetime show Blood Ties based on Tanya Huff’s Blood book series where he played vampire Henry Fitzroy, bastard son of Henry VIII. I told you I was a sucker for a vampire story! Blood Ties’ tag line was “a crime series with bite,” and it certainly had me sucked in by the first episode! Lifetime’s description of the show
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